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My Marriage Diary – Episode 6

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I just kept mute and later agreed not to give him but with the warning that anytime he raises his hand on me again, I will do that, But I made a serious mistake, I should have grabbed that opportunity…something later happened.


Seven months after we left the hospital, I was in the sitting reading a newspaper heavily pregnant with my second child which the scan had revealed to be twins, when I heard a knock on the door. Immediately I dropped the newspaper and went to the door but when I opened I saw a pregnant looking lady asking for my husband.


“Hello sister, hope there is no problem” I asked her.


“No problem, it was your husband that asked me to see him today at this address” She replied me.



I thought she was just the few ladies that he had shown help to but I was wrong, my instincts were not failing me, how can my husband ask a pregnant lady to wait for him inside our house while he did not mention anything to me about that, I was suspicious but I was in darkness.


“No problem, you can come in” I ushered her in and made her to sit down.

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“So please who are you to him” I asked her


“It is simple ma, it was your husband that gave me this pregnancy” She said to my face although she was facing ground probably she was thinking of how I will take the news.


I laughed at her saying she should stop the costly joke that it was too expensive and I was not buying that.


“You mean my husband impregnated you” I asked her again.


“There is nothing to hide about in this, it had been almost two years that we have been together, he told me that he was yet to marry and when I knew he had a wife, I was already pregnant. Although he suggested that I should abort it but I told him we don’t abort in my family, it is a taboo.” She explained to me.


It was as if my world was coming to an end, I could not get hold of myself, I was greatly taken aback.


“Ehmm, ehmmm, (I began to stammer) My friend, my lady,,ehmmm, sorry for how many months now” I asked her, I was no longer myself.


“I am in the six month ma” She said.

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It was then I knew that he was fully aware of this. I wanted to scream at the Lady but the way she was looking at me made me sit down and also for the fact that I was heavily pregnant with twin. I could not do anything.



“But didn’t you know that he was married” I questioned her looking at her with all hatred in my eye.


“I never knew that he was married, he lied to me that he was single and anytime he comes to me, I never for once see wedding ring in his hand. The house he always term to be his own was for his friend, and when I come visiting his friends would say that he went to work, I tried to find out but still I could” The lady said to me.


“But why don’t you request to see his parent” I said to her.


She said she asked of his parents but he kept on telling her that they were not in Nigeria and that they were abroad. I was confused, as I could not say anything, is it that I should be preparing for second wife or what.


We were just looking at ourselves when Jude in company with some of his family members walked in. I was not needed to be told that they were there because of the lady that had been impregnated.


“Our wife, you see your husband has toyed with your trust and had eaten forbidden fruits outside and that fruit had made him to have another woman outside” one of them said.


“I don’t seem to understand sir, Jude what is going on, I need an explanation please,” I said to him.


He was just staring down, he was looking speechless.


“Am talking to you now, what is this all about” I asked him again even though I was full aware.


“So you went out inspite of how I satisfy you with everything that I have. I sacrificed so many things on your behalf but all that I could in appreciation is you impregnating another woman. What is the problem of men.” I said to him standing up with my heavy stomach. I could hear some murmuring from his relative some were condemning him 0f his action while some supported him that there was nothing bad in having two wives.


“I don’t want to see her a


gain in this place or else, there would be trouble” I said with anger and all my strength that I began to breath heavily. My stomach was heavy I had to use my hand to support my back, it was aching serious. I made attempt to leave their presence in anger when I felt a sharp pain at my back. At first they thought I was not serious probably maybe I was faking the pain but when they saw some blood they became alerted, and rushed towards me,by then I had collapsed. I was rushed to the hospital where the doctor said I was about losing my babies and having premature delivery so they have to perform operation on me as he stated that stress, shock and straining of the nerve connected to my brain that made me almost loss the child. I was just lying there.


They performed the operation and I was happy that it was safe but there was something the doctor said to me.


‘Madame, if you know you want to live long, you must not stress your body, make sure you relax a lot and eat vitamins so that you will have strength or else you will lose your life,”The doctor said to me.


I wept on the hospital bed as I don’t know why I made the wrong choice, I had the chance to flee but I did not.

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I spent like two months in the hospital and when I was discharged with my babies, a boy and a girl, I met a shock as Jude was already married to the Lady, it was a tug of war and hard life for me, I lost respect in her eyes since she gave birth also, I was not value in his house. I continued to live like that till now that I am sending this story. Although I have been making plans to build my own house, but my parents are against divorce. Jude even threatens me that if I leave him he will make life unbearable for me, he accuse me of cheating which I didn’t do. Life has been unbearable leaving with him.


This is my story. Thanks for reading, I know many will insult me that I should divorce quickly instead of suffering. But the reason why I posted this story is that the ladies in the house should not be blinded by love, if you are into relationship, note that $3x can not keep a man, if you are in any abusive relationship either the male or female. Don’t manage because of Love that he will change, be watchful, a partner that molest your physically before marriage will do that when you are



married. So be careful. May we not marry our enemy and the spouse that will kill us. Although as for me, it is a regret on my part but I will scale through soon. My first Child is in the university while my twin are in secondary school.



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