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My Marriage Diary – Episode 1

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MY MARRIAGE DIARY – Episode one.


Note- This is based on true life event…pick your lessons. (names used her is not the real name of the writer)


My name is Rose, I have been married for about twenty years now. They always say marriage is sweet maybe when there is money, it is sweeter. I have all these; I have my husband and three children.. still am scared of my marriage…why? You want to know, then you have to pay proper attention to my story….

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It was cloudy that particular day, I was waiting earnestly in my room for him to call since it would be my birthday the following day. I was moving from one end of the room to another. Whenever, there is a call or my phone rings, I would jump up from where I sat, I was expecting his call but he was not the one it was one of my friends that called.


“Hello Rose, what is popping tomorrow, I hope all preparation has been put in place” Anita a close friend of mine called to check on me.


“Nothing much, I am expecting his call but it is not coming” I said to Anita.


“Ohh, dear, never mind, he will put a call through to you soon” She replied.


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Anita has been a close friend of mine since university days, we were like five and sic, we behave like twins that some people felt we might end up marrying the same man but it was a lie. It was through Anita that I met Jude. She introduced me to him after he declared his interest in me. Although by that time I was in my thirty.



Hmmm, you might be wondering what kept me this long, I am beautiful woman, I have money because I work in a company in Lagos and I am paid over 200,000 every month which I believe it is okay for a single lady. My parents are pastors and are financially stable, so there is nothing to spend more on like that. I was even been sent monthly stipends by my father who always refer to me as a small baby but it was just a show of love.


Immediately I hanged the call from Anita, Jude call came through just like she had said.


“Hello baby, what has delayed you in calling me and you know that tomorrow is my birthday” I asked him.


“You love to complain too much, at least I have called you, so lets save the stress of the questioning and answer” That was jude response to be.


“Okay, so where are we meeting for the celebration tomorrow” I asked him.


“Ohh, babe, you are always too fast, just relax, I will communicate the place for you.


You might have been noticing the kind of relationship, I and Jude keeps together. Although he complains that I always ask too many question but I thought he would adapt to my own style of doing things.

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Mind you before I dated him, I have dated several guys but is was not leading to anywhere, it was this that made my mum called me one day and advised me.


“Rose you are not getting younger again, when will you settle down, I am tired of seeing you in this your single life status” My mother always tells me anytime I visit her.


“I know mum but you see these guys are not committed” I would tell her.


“But out of them, try and make one committed to you” My mum will tell me.



And it was the truth, most of the guys I dated earlier, it is either they leave whenever I refuse to open my skirt up for them, but time was going age was not on my side. It was this issue of not having a stable boyfriend that made Anita connect me with Jude. I had barely known him for a long time, probably let me say a month. He had demanded for s3x from me. At first I rejected but after pressure and begging from Anita and himself, I yielded. Since then, I gave him my body voluntarily even without him asking for it. He was the only one that had stayed for a longer time now. We have dated for six months now and we are still together.


Hmm. But there are some secrets that I didn’t know about Jude, although some were later revealed in his actions but I can’t lose him again, this time I was thrity one and will be celebrating my 32th birthday the next day so I just have to hook up to him…


After the some minutes, Jude called again…”candy, that venue is at Eko hotel” He screamed it to my ears.

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“Wow, I shouted and kissed my phone to show


I really appreciate. Little did I know about what was going to happen tomorrow. I called Anita and told her, she told me she was happy for me.


Mind you, jude is a son of one of the business mogul in Lagos and he own his business too which was moving very fast and he makes a large sales from his company.


That night I could not sleep, I was the first person to wake up at my lekki apartment, I rushed to take my bath and moved to the location for my birthday. The atmosphere was serene and calm, I could hear some background music and everything in order. I saw HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSE written all over the place, I couldn’t imagine how much he must have spent on the decoration. I sat down watching those in the hall, my friends started arriving into the hall and there was sign of Joy…


I waited patiently for Jude to come since his number was not going through…but he came later after some hours and explained that he was delayed in the hold up in Lagos. I could not quarrel with him, nor ague as I was just happy seeing him. After everyone was seated and we were chit chatting, I saw some guitarist enter and



started playing singing this popular Tu face song “African queen”. My head began to swell like I was feeling myself. On that spot Jude held my hand and knelt down and said to me “ Rose, would you be my wife” That word was like, am I dreaming, I jumped with joy and answered him.


“Yesssssssssss, I will be your wife” I said with Joy and every present clapped and some even made video. That day, I was so happy that I was feeling on top of the world but little did I know.


After about one hour after he proposed, Jude took excuse that he wanted to see someone and he left but forgot to take his second phone. Barely five minutes, his phone beeped a message and what I saw scared the hell out of me.


It reads…….


Find out in the next episode..


Author Note – This story you are reading is a true life event, please follow with rapt attention and gain something…

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