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My Boyfriend Is A Psychopath – Episode 5

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” Wha…. what do you mean?” I stuttered


“You are the killer” Jake repeated and smiled


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” You’ve been the killer all along, no one would have suspected you”


“This is outrageous” I placed a hand over my chest ” how can you accuse me?”


You know I’m not accusing you, stop with the pretense because either way, you’re going to court. I have all evidence against you”


From the corner of my eyes, I saw Sean stand up.


“How can you say she’s the killer Jake? Some weeks ago, you said someone is setting them up!” Sean stood up for me.


Trust me Sean, I know what I’m saying” Jake replied and signalled to two cops


Arrest her” he ordered.

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They sprang to action, coming my way.

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I can’t just go without accomplishing what I came here for.


Then I remembered I have a pocket knife in my pocket.


I brought it out and threw it in the air, aimed at Kyle.


I watched it implale through the air, going with a purpose.


Everyone stood in shock and even time seemed to stop.


Just as the knife was about to pierce what’s probably his heart, the cops blocked my sight of view and hand cuffed me, pushing me to the police van.


But I heard satisfactorily, a grunt.


The knife hit its target!


I almost jumped with joy, that would teach him not to mess with any girl.



I smiled at myself for job weldone. I’m so good at aiming.


I heard Jake barking out orders and the wail of a ambulance in a far distance.


He would lose too much blood and possibly die before the ambulance gets there.


I laughed out loud happily, sounding like a maniac.


The cops beside me looked at me and shook their head.


“She’s indeed a psychopath, no one would have suspected her because she looks so innocent, even now” I heard one say


Everything went according to plan. So perfect. I should probably take a Job in assassination as soon as I get out of this one.


I wonder how many years I’ll spend in prison, well it’s worth it.


I was rough handled out of the car and they were also rough handling me to the station.


“Watch it guys!” I stopped and snapped at them “I’m going to walk in to the station with my head high, I’m going to walk regally. You get it?” I glared at them each


They left me and I walked into the station with joy.


“I accomplished my mission!! I did it! You did it! We did it!” My brain kept screaming making me grin widely showing my set it teeth.


I was led to the questioning room where I sat patiently for Jake to come in.


I put a leg over the other and smiled at memories.


The thrill I get when I kill a living being makes me yearn for more.



When I had my first kill, my mind didn’t prosecute me all, it wasn’t guilty instead all it asked for was more.


Travelling down here for the kills wasn’t a problem as I had the money to do anything.


I always book a flight to the nearest state and then travel by road to wherever I was making my kill.


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The feeling is just unexplainable, watching them squirm and beg for life is the best thing then watching them die, life slowly ebbing out of them makes me want to kill more and more.


In their next life, it would teach them not to trust strangers, especially those with a very innocent look.


I’m the mastermind of myself after all and Jake seems to be very good at what he does, no wonder he always ask to follow me to wherever I was going.


He’s lucky I didn’t kill his wife and children as more threat to the police when I asked them to stop the investigation by sending a SMS to the inspector.


All this wouldn’t have happened if Kyle had been submissive from the very beginning.


Jake entered the questioning room with Sean and sat opposite me.


“Start with the real story” Jake said and turned on the recorder.


I smiled and unhooked my legs “what exactly do you want to know?”


“All you said about your life is a lie, yes?”


“Yes” I agreed “And I must admit, you’ve got brains”


“There wasn’t a letter right?” He asked







“Oh there was” I sat forward with all seriousness “only that I sent the later”


“Start with your true story”


“Fine” I muttered and looked directly into his eyes. “It all started this way, I was once an innocent girl with only one love who’s Kyle.”


“Kyle has been my boyfriend since college and one night, he suddenly told me he wasn’t interested in the relationship any longer. I begged and begged but he wouldn’t change his decision. He was the only one I trusted and loved so much. I went through a lot of sleepless night and eatless days because of him”


I wouldn’t take no for an answer and began stalking him. I found out that he left me for another girl. I fell into depression and recovered years after. And I decided to make him pay for leaving me”


Fortunately for him, he travelled out of the country, so my plan had to be put on hold. I decided to leave the country too and work for money.”


One bright day, I got news that Kyle was back to California. I resigned from work and began preparations to carry out my plans. I found his home address and began threatening him.”


“One day, after my daily activities, I sat down and wrote a letter to him via email” I paused and looked at Jake.


“What’s the content of the letter you sent?” He asked


I read out the letter from my brain,


“Dear Kyle,


Finally I caught up with you after several years of searching.


You left me all alone here and ran off to another country.


As a result, I’ve decided take drastic measures to get you back to me.


I want to see you


I want you back into my life and I’m afraid if you don’t, I’ll start killing till you come.

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I’m going to visit each town and kill five people, thereafter I’ll start killing your distant families and if you haven’t returned by then, I’ll move to killing your family.


Come home quickly to avoid the shedding of innocent blood.


Yours Forever




“If he had obeyed, I wouldn’t have discovered the potential I had in me. In other words, I’m glad he went on the run”


“What’s the potential you found in you?” Sean asked and grimaced


“I found out I had the potential to become an assassin” I smirked.


“Continue with your story” Jake said coldly.


A week after I sent the message, I began the deaths and travelled with different passports in order not to cause a trail”


“When I saw the news, Five murders in a week! I was so happy, I did it! I pulled it through. I killed five people in a week. I was getting popular but the foolish media named me a serial killer, couldn’t they give me a more cooler name?”


Then I travelled down here to make a report so as not to cause a suspicion because I knew Kyle would have reported my letter. The first night Sean stayed with me, I went out for a kill but lied to him I was going to the restaurant”


“How did you kill Kyle’s sister?” Jake asked


I stung her with poison when I hugged her. She’s his beloved sister so her death would make him come home from wherever he ran to”


“How do you kill others?” Sean asked


“I killed some with guns, knives, poison, it depends on my mood” I shrugged.


“That woman near your Godfather’s, why did you kill her?” Jake asked “I saw you running out through the back. That was when I started my investigation on you”


“I didn’t kill the woman, she died of shock when she saw me in my ninja outfit. Then, I was looking for Kyle because someone spotted him around. So that’s the end of my story”


Jake clicked the recorder and turned it off.


“You know I liked you same as Sean” Jake said, folding his hands.


“I liked you too that’s why I didn’t kill your wife and children to carry out my threat to the police” he looked shocked


“Do you know how many times I’ve watched them in a distance?” I continued ” But I couldn’t do it to you. That’s the only time my mind ever had conscience. I even gave your girl a big teddy bear”


His eyes widened as he remembered something ” you shouldn’t have embarked on this journey and kill many



I shrugged “I was hurt”


Not enough excuse for you” Sean snapped “Well what could I do?” I shrugged again.





Three days later,


I sat on the electric chair I was about to be electrocuted in.


The penalty for my sins is death.


That was my judgement and I’m ready for it.


Even as I sat in the chair, I felt no ounce of guilt.


My only regret is Kyle survived.


Jake and Sean stood far off and watched me with pity in their eyes.


I looked back at them defiantly.


The helmet was placed on my head.


I tried not to scream but it was inevitably.


Just before I died, I saw Kyle standing far off and laughing at me.


He stuck out his tongue and called me a loser.


The word kept ringing in my ears.


I knew it wasn’t Kyle because the real Kyle is still on the hospital bed.


My mind was playing tricks on me.


I was truly a loser.


I stop screaming and gave up.


My spirit came out of my body and I saw Sean crying while Jake kept on shaking his head.


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Those two never listen.


It’s sad I wouldn’t make use of my potential again, I won’t become a professional assassin.


The End………

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