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My Boyfriend Is A Psychopath – Episode 4

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Episode 4




My heart started beating fast “if it’s not Kyle, who’s behind this?”


“Is someone setting us up? What’s the person after?” I asked Jake


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“I’m as clueless as you are” Jake replied.


“A psychopath can do anything, beloved or not. I’m sure he’s behind it” Sean came to sit beside me “I’ll always be here for you okay?” He caressed my cheeks.


I was lost in his eyes and every other cease to exist. It’s been long I have this feeling though tiny it’s deceiving and I need to crush it immediately.


I shook my head to clear my thoughts and looked up to find Jake grinning.


“Can I take you out tomorrow?” Sean asked.


“No, I’m going to see my godfather tomorrow. I’ll probably use a day or two and it’s safe there”


“That’s good” Jake said and went out to receive a call.


“After this case, can I take you out for a date?” Sean asked


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I raised an eyebrow at him


He raised is two hands up in mock surrender “I’m not in love Della, it’s just to get to know you better. I’m not even crushing on you” he laughed


Gosh…….why does that hurt?


“Okay then” I agreed “Capture Kyle or whoever is behind this.”


“Sure ma’am”


Jake came back in with an incredulous look on his face.


“Inspector said the killer sent a threatening message to him.” He announced.


“Why does his face pop everywhere, I’m beginning to put your lives at risk” I cried.


“We’ll capture the culprit, don’t worry” Jake said assuredly.


Two days later,


I sat in my room in my Godfather’s House. The room has always been mine since I was born.


I’m getting tired of staying in the country and I don’t want to go to my parent’s.


Jake earlier called and informed me another two relative of Kyle and one of mine is dead excluding other citizens in just two days.


Something needs to be done and I’m going to act.


If I set my eyes on him, I’m going to kill him.


Since a death happened few miles away from here, he should be somewhere around.


I’m just going to sneak in to every house and search for him.


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I dressed in a black ninja outfit and set out, blending in with the dark..


I began my search.


As soon as I reached the ninth house and was about going out since I didn’t find anything interesting except for a room that was locked.


I heard the siren on the police. They’re just few yards away so I can’t go outside through the front door else I would be arrested for bulgary though I didn’t steal anything.


I found the back door easily and ran out. Thankfully, bushes surrounded the house.


I ran into the bush and continued my hunt.


The Police can’t stop me.




A woman called earlier and reported someone breaking in to her house.


Few minutes later, still on the phone, talking to the cops, her scream was heard.


That got us moving.


I cane to see a friend in the district and happened to hear the exchange.


The killer is in this town.


I got into my car and drove fast to the crime scene.


I got there first and found the front door opened.



If the killer is still around, he wouldn’t use the front door because the siren of a police vehicle could be heard so he’ll use the back door.


Though we were minutes late and the killer should have gone, I couldn’t help but hope.


Maybe he decided to have a drink in the woman’s house before going or prepare dinner or something but it’s highly impossible.


I got to the back door in time to see someone run into the bush, I caught a glimpse of her face and she looks exactly like Della.


“What’s she doing here?”


“Isn’t she supposed to be in her Godfather’s?”


I shook my head and went out front, deciding to put more effort into my investigation.




Days are gradually turning to weeks and two more of my family member is dead.


The only positive thing is the killing reduced.


It’s over three weeks I arrived and the killer hasn’t been apprehended.


Is the police here so dumb?


I came back to my suite after that night and I saw less and less of


Jake and Sean every day.


I wore a jean trousers and a hoodie to cover the weapon I was carrying in case I catch Kyle.



The Kyle I know has always been a weakling but I don’t know what to expect now if I see him.


I went out of my suite and head to a nearby supermarket.


I was on my way back to the hotel when I caught sight of someone that looks like Kyle.


I paused and shouted his name. “Kyle!!”


He turned and when he saw me, he began running.


I threw what I bought on the floor and ran after him in a hot pursuit.


I found him in a dark alley between two buildings, his back was turned to me and his phone in his hands.


Maybe he wants to call for help or has called for one.


Walked stealthily and crept up behind him. I raised my weapon high and stabbed him in the shoulder.


He screamed out on pain.


I brought out the knife and played with it.


“Hello dear, I finally caught you after so many deaths of the innocent.” “I haven’t killed any one” he said weakly.


I stabbed him again in the thigh.” I’m supposed to cause you lots of rain because of the innocent bloods but I’ll call the cops instead.”


Jake suddenly appeared in front of me.


” I found him Jake” I squealed



“Yeah, I can see. The cops would be here soon.” “I haven’t killed anyone please” Kyle pleaded. “Then why have you been on the run?” Jake asked


I was running from loan sharks and the killer” Kyle replied “I believe you” Jake said surprising me.


Kyle sighed in relief


“Jake??? You believe him?” I asked

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He nodded before answering “I do and I’ve found the killer” My heart raced from either fear or anticipation, I didn’t know. “Who’s it?” I asked


By then cops have surrounded us while Sean knelt down beside Kyle “The killer is YOU”



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