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My Boyfriend Is A Psychopath – Episode 3

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Episode 3


The Police Department


“Something tells me that guy, that her boyfriend isn’t the one behind these deaths” Sean and the Inspector eyed me.


“I’m serious, I just have that feeling”


They both continue looking at me.


“Jake, are you sure you’re in your right state of mind?” Sean asked me.

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“I’m very sure, something keeps telling me”


“Didn’t you hear all she said about her so called boyfriend, what’s his name again” He paused for a few seconds “Yeah right, Kyle. He really sound like a psychopath to me. Ohmahgawd, I wonder how that poor little soul must be faring inside”


I narrowed my eyes at me “how did you know all these?” I asked “you were outside when she was talking to me”


“Ah….well” he stuttered “I…. I was indeed out… outside but just outside the door” he nodded as if to reassure himself


“I won’t pursue that one” I eyed him



“Well….. I


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a psychopath”



Inspector said


“Thank you Inspector” Sean grinned “We need to capture him, he has killed her dog”


“How do you know? She didn’t say anything like that to me” I asked


“Oops, sorry it just a guess” he replied looking down



“You sounded so sure Sean” I advanced on him “are you keep anything about the investigation from me?”


“Let’s conclude guys, we don’t have all the time in the world” Inspector shouted hitting his hands on his table.


I cleared my throat “Sir, from the investigation so far, I’m very sure Kyle was the one that came here to report the letter. It’s not some sort of coincidence. Someone sent a letter to him and that same person sent a letter to Della” I looked at him in the eyes “,Kyle is not behind the deaths”


“Then why’s he on the run?” Sean asked


Even though Sean is my Colleague and looks like a hard nut, he can be so dumb and childish at times.


“I’m not sure though, could be he kept receiving threatening messages from the person that sent him the letter”


“Why didn’t he present the letter before being on the run?” Inspector asked me


“That is what I’m trying to figure out, Della also forgot the letter in her apartment which is already in the trash bin. I just need to investigate further.”


“I know Kyle is the one behind the death and I’m going to prove it” Sean huffed so sure of himself


“I know he’s not, someone is behind this and I’m going to prove it too” I looked at him squarely.


“Now I declare”Inspector raised his hands to the air “you go on each on your assignment. I’ll treat the winner to Victoria’s Secret”


That got us laughing “we aren’t ladies” Sean said


“I’d love to pick a few underwears for my wife” I winked at the inspector.



“We’ll still work together right?” Sean asked as we left the Inspector office to Della’s suite


“Yeah Sure” I patted his back “only with a different course”


“Thanks” He smiled gratefully




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Della’s Suite


I was sure I’ve slept and woken up that afternoon almost six times.


I just wish I can go back to my apartment and now he has killed my dog.


I couldn’t bring myself to cry, I guess I was just tired of everything.


I stood up to the refrigerator and brought out a bottle of water and downed it at once.


I heard a knock on my door and seized my breath.


“Della it’s us” Sean shouted.


I let my breath out and dropped the empty bottle on the bedside table and went to open the door.


“Hi, welcome back? I’ve got good news” I smiled at them “Is it true your dog is dead?” Jake asked. My expression turned sour “yes” I answered.


“Sorry about that” Jake said


“So what’s the good news?” Sean asked smiling


“Yeah what’s it?” Jake added


“I’ve written down his families address, let’s say them a visit starting from his family house”


“Nice idea!” Seam exclaimed


What’s with him?


“Let’s go then” Jake said and led the way out.


I quickly rushed to the bathroom and washed away every trace of sleep on my face.


Today is going to be a long day…




We got to th


e family house after a long silent drive.


Jake rang the doorbell.


“Hello?” Kyle mother opened the door with a frown ” how may I help you?”


“We’re a friend of Kyle and wondering where he could be. It’s been long we heard of him”


Her face turned sad “we haven’t heard from him in a while now”


“Jane, why are you at door? Come and help me with the kids” a voice which I’m sure is Kyle’s dad said


“I’m coming dear” she replied him “please when you find him, contact me. I’m sure Della has my number and I know for sure that you’re a police” she slammed the door


“Well?” I asked



“That was pretty cool” Jake muttered


After visiting eight houses and getting negative responses, the last one gave us little hope.


“Kyle?” His sister said “I don’t know what he has been up to this days, he rarely comes home or visit. And I miss him so much” a lone tear appeared on her face.


I hugged her sympathetically “We’ll find him” I assured her


“He’s been receiving messages, he confided in me and also he’s on the run from loan sharks. I don’t if he has paid them or not”


“I’m sure he’s okay” I patted her awkwardly “I couldn’t bear her tears”


“Thanks Del”


I nodded and we left immediately.



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The instant we got into my suite and sat down, Jake’s phone rang



“Hello?” He said into the phone



“What??!” He shot up from his seat.


He turned to us with shock in his eyes.


“Remember the last person we saw?” He asked


Sean and I nod our heads


“Well she’s dead”


I was frozen in my seat


“More reason I think Kyle isn’t behind the deaths, he can kill his beloved sister”


My heart started beating fast “if it’s not Kyle, who’s behind this?”




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