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Marked By The Sky – Episode 19

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Episode 19


Leaving home


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Rick punched the window panes and the glass came shattering on the floor


He dived into the air and later rose up flying away.


Julie watch as Rick fly away…


She caress the wall and she disappeared.


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Fuya was badly wounded by the grenade and she is still feeling the pain.



Parish and his team surround her and dropped a net on her,a metallic net before connecting a shocker to it.


He raised the remote up to press the shock Parish:Go to hell baby alien


He pressed the button and electricity ran through Fuya’s body.


Rick landed on a building holding a ball of fire and then Julie appeared on the scene as well.


Julie appear in front of parish then she disappeared and appeared at his back and


she twp his shoulder.


Julie:Excuz’e moir

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Julie:Excuse me…. incoming


Parish turn back to look at where Julie is pointing at and a fire ball hit his face without him expecting it.


It threw him away and but his face to black.


People start shooting at them and Julie ran swiftly catching all the bullets in seconds.


Julie:guns makes you cool… to check my skill?


The police men start running to take cover while Julie keep throwing back the bullets eith bare hands and the speed is more than what’s released from a gun.


Rick went to Fuya and removed the shocking net from her.


Rick:Fuya… Are you okay?(in their language)


Fuya keep staring at him not sure who he is.


Rick notice her pain and he hold her hand..her giant palm which cause him to shape shift into Fuya’s body.


Rick hold her hands and ask her to close her eyes. Within seconds Fuya is feeling at ease and her pain is suppressing.


Fuya whispered a thank you” to him and she stood up running away from the city.


Rick tried to stop her but she faded away imediately…


Mr Bush called for backup and here they are with more crazy weapons.


They released poisonous gas everywhere and there is no one wandering around since it’s a matter of war now.


One of the gun men brought out his sword and face Julie.


He slice through her stomach but the sword went through her like she’s invisible.


Man:what the…


Julie:No ..what the ghost. You don’t kill what is dead


Julie cuddle up her fingers to make a fist she roll it twice and it became bigger she punched the sword man really bad and he went toothless.


Another man insert a into her body and it caught her


Man:You’re mercury made bitch


The man hit Julie with an object which threw her away.


He trued to follow her when Rick flew pass him slashing his throat with his metallic claw.


Julie crashed into a building and she tried to compose her stand when she sight Mr Bush.


Mr Bush was dead scared to see her,he start loading his gun but the bullets keeps falling and his hands are trembling.


Julie:Look who is here?hmmmm smells delicious Mr Bush:Are…aaaa are you gonna eat me?

Julie:No God forbid such…you will infected me with your dirty habit.


Julie changed to her human form but her eyebrows are whitish and her sharp claws are erected out.


Julie: You killed me a day to my wedding.


You killed my fiance emotionally


You killed my mom both physically and emotionally.


How should I kill you?


Julie removed an iron rod sticking out from a table and she hit his head with it.


Mr Bush wimps in pain since he’s bleeding from his nose and ears.


Julie remembered everything and she pounce on him using her claws on him scattering everything inside his skull.




The backups retreated after receiving order from the higher up officers.


Rick changed to his human form as well and he went looking for Julie.



He traced her scent to a building and saw her sitting down with her heads buried between her laps…blood dripping from her claws.


Rick look ahead of the room and saw a crushed body on the floor..more like it was minced there is no way to recognized the dead body. Rick hold her hand and they left the building.


Twistina Street


Rick sat beside Julie and gave her a cup of coffee. Julie start crying Julie:I don’t deserve to see




Rick:No you do Julie..


Julie:But report has it that I’m dead ..if I show myself now lots of questions will pop up how will I expose those DMC secret agents without proof or who will believe it…..also that I’m an alien.wil they accept me for who i am?


Rick:Go home.go to your mother they’re cleaning the city before they suspect anything.


I have to look for my girlfriend I don’t know what they would have done to her.


Rick mount a fence and he ran away with his full speed.


Inner DMC


Nora woke up but her eyes couldn’t adjust to the bright light of the operating theater so she close her eyes.


She noticed she’s moving like someone carrying her away.


And noises everywhere.Gun shots and liquid dripping on the floor.


It was Rick that went to save her but he had no idea what has been done to her already.


He took her home.



Somewhere in skull


A white creature emerge out from the lake beside the road. She came out and knelt beside it getting water to wash her face.


It was in form of fizzing projector


And then it stabilize and turn into Fuya she’s back to her normal self and she’s white not her colour anymore.


She reduced to her size and she disappeared.


Rick’s home


Rick was watching Nora in her sleep,she seems tired and exhausted Then he heard plates dropping in the kitchen. He went to check it out and it was Fuya.


Rick:Can I touch you?


Fuya:(In a deep voice) yes


Rick touch her and her body is cold


Rick:Why is your body cold?


Fuya:We don’t have blood running through our veins. Blood regulates temperature of living things not Aliens.


Rick embrace her and then Fuya disengaged from the hug


Fuya:You’ve helped us in making the predators go extinct but…war is coming from


the blue sun planet


Rick:Mars? But why?


Fuya:Humans have been such a threat looking for us everywhere so they’ve decided to visit planet Earth..more like an invasion


Rick:That can’t happen….no…


Fuya:If you follow me to my planet we can stop them from coming down to earth. Rick:Your planet?how will I survive there?


Fuya:You have the prince’s blood you’re marked by the Sky.


Rick:When can we leave?


Fuya: Tonight.. I’ll be waiting where Tutana first landed.


Fuya disappeared and Nora start crying,she’s been there all along.


Rick:Nora…I’m sorry I have..


Nora:I know’s for the world i can’t be selfish.


Rick:I’m sorry I’ve not been a good boyfriend lately.




Julie’s mother didn’t demand any explanation from her,she just keep looking at her happily and smiling and if she leave her sight she might die.


Julie:Mom….tell me the hospital’s address I need to see Troy


Mother: Tomorrow dear..people must not see you.


Then she received Rick’s message asking her to take care of Nora till he arrives. Midnight



Julie came in through the window and she changed to her human form right in front of Nora


Julie:Oh my God you scared me


Nora:Who should be scared? I’ve never seen your alien form…but you look cute Julie:Well thanks.


Julie and Nora start sleeping in the house since they don’t have anywhere to go.


The next morning,Julie prepared a meat sauce and served it.


Nora came to the dinning enjoying the aroma from the bathroom


Nora:Never know you’re a good cook.


Julie:Uh yeah! I do take cooking class for Troy…now it’s all useless Nora:It’s o..


Before she finished her statement,she retch


Julie:Are you okay?


Nora:Uhm’s just..


Then she vomited all over the table and she start feeling dizzy.


Julie got scared and she examined her with Rick’s instrument at home.


5 minutes later


Julie:Nora …what are we gonna do?I think you got a monster in your stomach!!!did you and Rick…????


Nora:No….oh no those DMC they operated me that day carrying out artificial


insemination on me.


Julie:Come back home Rick please…


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