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I Loved The Wrong Guy – Episode 9

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Episode 9


Susan Peters POV


I had to dress up already as it was 10am. The wedding was to begin probably by 11 or thereabout and Nuel has been calling me already telling me to get dressed. I wore a bright green dress like those worn by princesses in animated movies. I wore a make up and went to my daughter’s room to get my hair done,she was really good at styling hairs.




Stephanie’s POV


I was already awake but I was on phone with Williams, we’ve been talking for a while ever since the date. Then a knock came,it was my mom. It was just the two of us in that house so who else could it be. I ended the call promising to call back. ****************


“Wow! You’re looking very pretty mom! Except that’s a usual thing but you’re


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prettier today”. I teased


Mom and I laughed


“Oh Steph! Just help me style my hair before Nuel comes in here, she’s going to kill me if she finds out I’m not completely done,it’s almost 11″ She said adjusting her wrist watch.



Just then Mrs Nuel came in,” oh! Wow? You’re looking amazing Susan, remind me to steal this after the wedding”. She teased. They laughed and asked me to take a picture of them, they looked very lovely in it and then off they went.


I went up took a shower,had breakfast which mom prepared and left for Jessica’s.


I got there to find Nora watching TV alone in the sitting room.


“Hey Nora! Where’s Jessica?” I asked


“Have you forgotten the way to her room or you just feel like bothering me?” She replied not looking in my direction.

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Well this is going to end not so well, Jessica and I planned that while she went for her date with Fred, I’d babysit Nora but she’s a little sassy kid and we both couldn’t talk to each other for 10 secs straight without ending up in an argument.


I went up to Jessica’s room and was shocked when I opened the door. “Oh my God! Jessica! What’s all this?” I asked “I have nothing to wear Steph, nothing!”


Oh Steph! She had loads of clothes and bags but she wanted to look perfect for her baby. I helped her pick out an outfit,a white crop top which was long sleeved and a half torn pair of jeans with a nice slipper and a matching bag.


Oh yes! I was the perfect Fashionista! I told her and we both laughed.


Just then Free called and she was so excited she almost forgot to pick the call “Hey babe! What’s up?” He said


“I’m fine honey, don’t worry I’m all dressed and won’t be wasting your time” she said looking cute.


“Yeahhhhh,about that! I can’t do today honey. My dad’s back and wants me to come along as he go purchase some items for the launching of his event. I’m so sorry it had to happen today please forgive me honey”


Jessie was sad,it was clear in her voice but she understood him and after some time she hung up.


I tried making her feel better so I called Williams, hearing him talk sweetly to me got her acting funny.


She went around singing, Stephanie is in love, Stephanie is in love.


I had to move away from her so that he wouldn’t hear it.


*Fred’s POV*


I reached her gate and pressed the bell, she came out in a sleeveless top and some shorts well not too short but it didn’t reach her knees though.


She took me inside and offered me a seat,we talked for some minutes before she offered me some Food. It was very tasty and after eating she cleared the plates.



She put on some music and asked if I could dance,I told her I wasn’t good at that so she offered to dance for me.


She started wyning her waist and began twerking


Oh my God! She was good at that,I couldn’t hold my self back anymore and


before I knew it she was lap dancing on me. I got so hard and we made out. Finally


a dream of mine was accomplished.

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