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I Loved The Wrong Guy – Episode 5

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Episode 5


By 6pm Flora was already gone and Ben had promised he’d take me shopping if I kept his little secret. Mom came home to see him and was surprised,I supported Ben telling Mom he came back to take some stuffs and he’d be leaving maybe tomorrow as he had told me to say and Ben supported me. Mom asked about school and everything and was satisfied with the answers we gave her so she left the issue. Ben gave me a high five for a job well done and I reminded him the shopping was going to be tomorrow which he opposed as he had to leave tomorrow so he just gave me 15 thousand dollars and I thanked him anyways, I’d use it to buy some toiletries and a new hoodie.


The next morning he left even before us so I was completely certain he won’t


come back till the semester was over,I was going to miss him a lot. I joined mom


in the car on our way to school. She was playing a music by Chris Brown* indigo*


Green rolled up in leaves


Yellow mood rings


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Purple light like a beam


I dream in indigo


Baby what you gonna do tonight…..


Mom reduced the volume and said to me ,”young lady I’d like to have a discussion with you”.


“Okay mom,sure” I replied innocently.


You still remember the woman I told you helped my mom become successful right? Yeah her name’s Mrs Sasha Alberto.


Mom continued,”Sasha’s returning from Canada with her son Williams and is throwing a home coming party so she wants us to be there”. “Woooooo!!!” I screamed


I was happy because that meant a new dress so I told my mom,” that means I’ll be


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getting a new dress right?”


“Hmmmm, I’ll see about that”


“Please mom!!!!!!”


“One more thing, I’d like you to get close to Williams her son,he came down to New York cause he’s working on a project and needs a woman or a wife too so…” I interrupted her,” mom! What are you trying to say? I’m going to get married to Williams?”


No, that’s not what I meant, he’s a rich guy and he’s good. Am sure you both will make a performance pair”.


I replied,” but mom, this is 21st century,you can’t be choosing a husband for me and I don’t even Know this guy or like him so why would I want to get close to him?”


Mom said,” I owe Sasha a lot for making me who I am today and I’d like to continue our friendship so you need to know Williams”.


“But mom……”


This conversation is postponed till further notice Steph”.


“Urghhhh!!!” I said in anger.


She got to our school Royalties high and I alighted from the car without waving at her, yeah! I was angry but she left anyways as I heard her car zoom off. I got inside the class angry and of course my best friend noticed it,


“What’s up babe? Why’s your face gloomy? What’s wrong?” She asked me.


I replied,”it’s my mom Jessie, she’s made this awkward plan of getting me married to some dude,the son of Mrs Sasha Alberto”


“Wait, what!? Why would she,have you told Ben about it?” She asked I replied,” no, he’s gone back to college and for real this time”. “Fine then we’ll go with plan B” Jessica said.


“And what’s plan B I asked?”


“You’re going to have to piss him off so he hates you and gets away from you”. “Oh wow! That’s a great idea” thanks a lot Jessie i love you”


“Of course you do baby” she replied mischievously. Just then Adrian walked up to us looking exhausted. “Where’ve you been?”


Jessie asked?


“In the toilet” he replied


“Doing what?” I asked.


“Doing what a normal person would do in a toilet” he answered.


Jessica and I burst into laughter, luckily there was no teacher in the class,it was a free period and the last before recess.


We asked him what he had for breakfast and he replied,” hot beans and tea with lots of milk”


We laughed so hard again and went out for recess. I told him, ” you should really sign up as a stand up comedian”


He replied,” for you ladies, I gladly will”


As we were entering the class after recess I said, “Lesson 2, never eat hot beans and tea with loads of milk”


“And what’s lesson one?” Jessie asked


“Two heads are better than one” I replied


When did you learn that,she asked.


You gave me an advise, idiot. I replied


“You called me an idiot?”



so you remember that!”


We just laughed over it.


Jessica accompanied me to the mall as I got some toiletries and few things for her too. I told her about wanting her at the party too and she was excited about it but asked me to tell her mom first which I agreed to.


She went to her house while I went to mine promising to come over soon.


I got home freshened up and tested out the dress mom got me, it was perfect with the stilettos Ben got me on my birthday. I overheard mom talking with Mrs Sasha on the phone referring to her as*soon to be in-law* I just scoffed and left for Jessie’s house.


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