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I Loved The Wrong Guy – Episode 23

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Episode 23


*Jessica’s POV*


11:32 pm. I laid there on my bed when I heard screaming from downstairs. It wasn’t new, having dad around was the cause of everything. I rushed downstairs to see mom being beaten by dad like though she was a thief. They were broken pieces of glass everywhere.


“Dad! Please stop! You’re hurting mom” I begged


“Jes honey, please go to your room, I’ll be fine’ mom said trying to be calm but how could she be when there were bruises all over her body. No! I’m not leaving you mom! Dad please stop!!


“Get out of here Jessica or I’ll have to hurt you alongside!” Dad shouted “I’m not leaving here! You’re a monster dad! I hate you!”


Before I knew what was happening,a whip had landed on me giving me bruises. “No Sampson stop please you’re hurting our daughter!” Mom pleaded but he pushed her to the floor and she landed on those broken pieces of glass bleeding. For some reason he left and went upstairs,now he was satisfied. Nora stood there with her doll crying,”where’s mom,Jessie?”


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“Please tell her to go back upstairs,tell her I’m fine and please don’t let her know about this” mom begged crying


“Mom! She already knows she heard it all” I said sobbing.


“Mommy!” Nora shouted seeing mom bleeding. She hugged mom crying “Don’t worry my dear, I’ll be fine okay?”


“Mom please come sleep with us in my room. Please mom!” I said “Don’t worry dear,I can manage…” Mom said but I interrupted her “No mom, please!”


We went to bed in my room and then before you knew it,it was morning.


The time I had to act like the Jessica Sampson everyone knew. The happy type who had less or no problems.Well now you can see everyone has a battle to fight so please be kind to people.


Mom dressed up after having taken care of the wounds. In her red long gown she still looked majestic,so who would know she was in an abusive marriage,yeah! No one.


We had breakfast and she drove us to school and left for work.


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*At the Peters*


So how’s Annabel doing? Mom asked while sipping her orange juice.


I promised not to disclose this to anyone but I guess you’re an exception.


Mom Annabel’s pregnant.


“What!!!” Pregnant? Oh my good gracious. Now you see why I advise you against pre Marital sex?


Here’s the shockers mom,Fred is responsible. Wait! Fred? You mean Jessica’s boyfriend?! Yeah.


And has her mom been told?


Her mom’s advising her to get an abortion mom.


Oh my God! What type of woman and mother is she? And Jessica? Is she aware? Not yet mom,I said bending my head.


Hmmmm… This is tough Steph but I trust you to doing the best okay? Thanks Mom,I will.


Uh huh! Ben sent me a message yesterday, he’ll be coming over with his girlfriend in two days I think and so I want to shop for some groceries.


Ohh! That’s nice, I’ll like to meet her too. I said like I wasn’t aware already.


We both got dressed and left for our different destinations which you know.




Oh! Your noodles look yum! Can I have a bite?” I asked Jes looking babyish.


She hates sharing her noodles, she’s gat this special way of preparing it that makes it so unique and very tasty.


“Fine then have some* she said smiling


“Thanks babe*


So tell me why are you all lit up today? What’s Poppin?” I asked Jes


“Well,my dad’s left for New Orleans and something big is about to happen. We’re having a day break tomorrow!!”


“What! Don’t joke with me jessica! I said excitedly “I’m damn serious!! But here’s the spoiler


Urghhhh… Jessica had to ruin this moment with her spoiler?


“Mr Parker has given us lots of projects! He said it’ll help us be up and doing when reading for our exams” she said laughing.


Now you see why I hate him? He just had to ruin this moment. Arghhh….


“So how’s Anna doing? She asked


“Uhmm.. she’s fine and recuperating”


“That’s good to know”


“And your boyfriend?’


He couldn’t make it today. He’s got family issues” she replied


Yeah,a future family to deal with” I said almost in a whisper “Did you say anything?” Jes asked


“Oh no!” I denied.


“Guess who’s behind you babe” Jes teased It was Jeffrey


“Hey babe” he said kissing my forehead. “Hi hun


i, how are you doing? And you school with us now?”


“Ya ya.. I didn’t write my graduation exams neither did I graduate remember? So I’ll be writing with your set”he said


“Ohh wow,you look good in Your uniform” Jes complimented.


“Thanks hon” he appreciated


“Whatever” I said rolling my eyes.


So we talked for a while and he mentioned he won’t be coming to class as he will be taking private lessons to avoid silly gossips or rumours. ****


I got home and decided to do well most if not all of projects so that I could finish the few left tomorrow.


I grabbed some food from the fridge and warmed it. I ate all and then went to my room to finish the projects.

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