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I Loved The Wrong Guy – Episode 22

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Episode 22


*Susan’s POV*


I was enjoying the sumptuous meal I had prepared which was Stephanie’s favorite but she wasn’t touching her food. I wonder if it’s about her so called Jeff.


“Steph! Are you okay. You’ve not been talking neither are you eating. Are you alright?”


“No mom, I’m not”


“What’s it baby?”


“It’s Annabel?”


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“Who’s that?”


“C’mon mom!”


“I’m sorry dear but I can’t remember her. Forgive me”


“The one that asked for your permission so that I and Jes could follow her to a party”


“Oh ! Yeah! I remember now! What’s wrong


“She’s sick mom! Seriously sick and I feel it. She sounded so weak over the phone and I want to go see her.


“Sure! You can go after school tomorrow” “That’s the problem mom,she said she won’t be ar


ound then and that I should come earlier”


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“But you can’t skip class Steph”


“I need to! For her mom,I feel she needs me and I want to be there for her mom” I said almost tearing up.


I was feeling so hurt and I didn’t know why.


“Fine dear, I’ll send a chaffeur who’ll drop you and pick you too”


“Thanks Mom! You’re the best! This food is very tasty too” I added wiping my tears.


“I thought you’d never say that” she said smiling.




“Hi Stephanie”Anna said


“Oh my God! You look horrible Ann. What’s wrong with you” I asked


“That’s why I called you here, you’re the good friend I have and I want to tell you


this. The burden is too much”.


“Okay Babe, I’m all ears.”


“I’m pregnant” She said tearing up


“What! Are you joking?!”


“Yes Steph,I am”


“Wait! How did this happen? How is it….? Anna are you serious?”


“Yes,do I look funny?”


“Well who’s the father?”


This is going to be deep but trust me,”It’s Fred”


“What! How is that even possible?”


“I’ll explain”


“Fred came over for visiting and I liked him a lot. I thought he’d fix the gap I had cause I only had enemies but no friends but you and Jessica got to him before me so I hurt and decided to get him down in other to hurt you both. It was easy because he was a flirt too,we did at my house…but I took pills and.. and.. I don’t know how all these happened”


“What! Annabel how could you?! I said in tears


“I’m so sorry Steph but this is how I grew up. My parents had no time for me and well… I had a nanny with a son, Ma bukky,her son Daniel was my first crush and he took advantage of that. He forced himself on me,he raped me! He took away my innocence and we kept doing it. He made me feel loved and… Uhh he was always there to tell me sweet things and take care of me so I always loved him laying me. His Mom eventually found out and beat the both of us,she told my mom about it and resigned. My mom was too busy with her life and numerous lovers. She didn’t even know when I had my first period and when I lost my pride,my virginity!” She said crying so much


I rubbed her back trying to console her and encouraging her to continue


“I got pregnant and when my mom noticed it she made me do an abortion cause she didn’t want dad finding out. I was in pain for 2 weeks but I recovered and still yearned for sex. I saw our teacher masturbating in his office when I went in by mistake and offered to help him. He couldn’t control his urges so I made him have sex with me!! I’m evil! I’m so evil Steph!! She said crying,her face was reddened and her eyes swollen.


“What! Howw.. could you?! He’s an innocent man Ann! You framed him?”


“He’s not as innocent as you think! He made advances to me but I didn’t give in till then!


I’m sorry for breaking your trust, you and Jessica are the best I have and I don’t want to lose you both. Please tell Jessica am sorry. I deserve the worst and I’ll gladly take it! I’m so sorry!”


“Stop it Anna! You making me scared! Please stop!” I said crying too


We both hugged for a while after which I spent some time with her and left.


*Fred’s POV*


I just wish I wasn’t here! And how could that bitch Annabel take the first position?! What am I going to do with $70,000. I’m sure she manuevered her way through. My dad won’t let me hear it. I’m glad I’ll be leaving the country soon for Canada. I can’t keep up with my so called girlfriend and my family too damn!!


I took out a cigar and lit it up. As soon as I heard the tyres screeching,I blew out the fire and sprayed some air freshener every where. “Hey dad!”


“Why does here smell?”


“I don’t know,maybe it’s coming in from the windows or something”. “Okay fine! Here are your tickets to Canada! You’ll be leaving in less than 2 weeks!”


“Thanks for doing this for me dad” I said faking a good boy smile.


“Just don’t mess yourself up as usual Fred! Once you’re over there, you’ll be on your own so better be responsible!” Dad said walking out. Thank Goodness I get to leave here soon.

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