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I Loved The Wrong Guy – Episode 20

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Episode 20


*Stephanie’s POV*


Mom owes me an an explanation and possibly an apology. We both had breakfast and there was silence, only the sound of cutleries was heard. I finished my breakfast and cleared the plates,I sat on the couch waiting for her to be done so she can drive me to school.


She finished eating and grabbed her keys heading for her car.


There was silence in the car too but finally she spoke up,”are you fine Steph?”


“I’m fine mom”


“Well,if you say so”


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So she’s acting dumb now?


Mom?why did you act like that towards Jeffrey? I deserve an explanation.



“Your relationship with him is terminated and no more questions please,obey my order!”


We arrived at school and I alighted from the car.


During recess I couldn’t even eat,I was lost in my own world of thoughts forgetting that humans were with me Jes and Anna.


“Hey Steph,are you okay?” Anna asked


“Yeah, I’m good’


“Are you sure babe? You’re not eating.”

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“I’m fine,see you girls later’ I said walking out.


I knew they were talking about me but it was the least of my comcerns now. I headed to the library


I sat down quietly and took a book to read.


“Hey, what’re you doing here dummy?’ Fred asked When did we even start calling each other names.


“What else does a person do in a library you fool” I retorted


“I’ve been reading anyways and I saw you so I’m going to join you” he said smiling “Please don’t join me Fredrerick Mccalls” I warned politely


“You know, I’m trying to be friends with you but you’re just too jealous of my relationship with Jessica aren’t you? You’re green with envy”


“Jealous? Of what? Your lying ass? Your cheating skills? Or the fact that you’re stupid! I’m only being friendly with you cause you dating my best friend and nothing else”.


I could see anger all over his face and I’ll stop at nothing to irritate him more. “You’re a Man whore,You disgusting son of a bitch! I won’t b the one to ruin your relationship with Jes. Wait till she finds out her so called beloved boyfriend is a Snitch and a betrayer”.


“Hey what’s going on here! The librarian asked .


“I think Mr Fred Mccalls needs a doctor, he’s having anger issues” I replied smiling “Please leave the library,Mr Fred”


I smile as he left with those *you haven’t seen the last of me* eyes.


School was over and Jes was no where to be found but then I saw Nora running towards me


She hugged me,”hey Steph”


“My little best friend, how’re you doing?”


“I’m good you?”


I saw Bella and then I stopped to ask


“Hey Bella!”


“Hi Stephanie”


“Please have you seen my best friend around?”


“Oh yeah! I saw her heading for the dumbsite with her Fredrick”


“Oh, thanks”


Oh my God! It better not be what I’m thinking.


I rushed to the dumbsite and heard disgusting moans as I was heading up


“Steph!” Jes shouted with fear


Oh my fu.ck! What is this Jessica!


You now have sex in school?!


She pulled her panties up while Fred only pulled his shorts up.


“Are you crazy Jessica! Do you really love this scum bag that much?! Can’t you see he’s using you Jes!”


“Oh stop it Stephanie, where I choose to have sex is none of your concern” “You could come join us if you please” Fred said. I slapped him with disgust


“Hey Stephanie” Jes shouted


“Now you shut up bitch! I’ve been way too lenient with you going around acting like a whore. Get this into your fu.cking head,I won’t hesitate to kill this son of a bitch if he tries being corky”


“How dare you raise your filthy hands to me?!


Fred asked in anger


“Oh shut up you Moron! You’re the one with filthy hands not me ingrate, now both of you get your lousy ass downstairs before I change my mind and report you. And you Jessica? I’ve got no words for you”.


I was actually so mad ,I had my mom to deal with, Jeffrey’s relationship with me being terminated and now Jes and her stupid boyfriend. I wonder what’s next. *Susan’s POV*


Was I really doing the right thing by hiding this secret from my children and even their father,well fathers.


Steph will be so hurt to discover that the guy she’s loved all her life is her half brother. She’ll be so devastated if she finds out. I was panicking


and my hands began to shake,I brought out a container and took some capsules. I didn’t count how many I took what was important was I took my medication. *******



It was a Saturday and I was home alone,mom had seized my phone after she caught me talking to Jeffrey, pardon me if I forgot to tell you that. Just then the intercom went on,I went to check who it was. “Hey Steph!”


Oh my God! It was Annabel,she came right on time. I hugged her so tightly. “What’s up babe? I’m so glad you came over like.. I’ve hella bored”


“I left a message some days ago saying I’d visit today and you replied with “fine! *No boys allowed*”


“What! That means my mom cracked my password and possibly had read some of my chats. She seized my phone over a week ago”


“Wow,so you’re bursted now” Anna said laughing. So how was the exams? Heard your scores are out” “Yes girl! I passed and I got a scholarship in Australia” “Wow! I’m so happy for you babe” I said hugging her.


She added,” Fred was the third winner! He won a cash of $70,000.


Not that I’m a hater but he didn’t deserve anything,that fool! I said in my mind. “I’ll miss you Anna,but surely I’m going to visit a lot” I said smiling “Please do! Visit a whole lotta times!”


And we both laughed.


“No! I don’t chat naughty but of course I do clear my chats. Just for security


reasons!” I added


“Reason like that?”


“Yeah” and we both laughed.


I offered her some pasta and pineapple juice and we planned on going to grab ice cream later when her phone rang,I sensed her countenance change. “Is there a problem?”


“No, I’m fine. It’s just my mom, she’s always worried sick”


“C’mon Anna! Pick it,this is the fourth time it’s ringing. It might be urgent”




Her voice was irritated as she talked


“What! Where … I’ll be there shortly”


“Is everything fine? I asked concerned.


“Yeah, I’ll talk to you later”


She gave me a brief hug and left.


*Susan’s POV*


Oh my! Nuel what are you doing here? I asked smiling


“I came to give you a day off of work so I’m taking you out!”


“C’mon Nuel, I’m busy”


“Shut up Lady! You’re always here so today is a day off!”


“Fine,but I can’t go dressed like this?”


“I know I got you covered,have this”


“Oh this is fine but it’ll be too tight!”


I know! Just wear it!!” “Fine!”


We both left and she drove us to a club,well an exquisite club”




*Stephanie’s POV*


Why’s mom not back yet? I was worried sick about her even though we were not in talking terms but she’s my mom and I love her.


I went over to the security man and asked if mom had called him but he answered negative. I asked for his phone and then tried her line but she wasn’t picking calls. I looked over the fence and saw that Ma’am Nuel’s car was parked. So she was back and mom wasn’t, strange!


I kept pacing up and down till I heard tyres screeching are the entrance of our house,I opened the gate for her myself. She came down after parking and I rushed to hug her




“Oh my baby! I’m so sorry I forgot to call you”.


“You seized my phone remember? Oh true! Please go take it,it’s in my drawer”.


I took her bag and watched as she walked into the house,I noticed the dtess. It was hot but that wasn’t my mom.


“So where’d you go mom?”


“Oh! Nuel took me out,that Crazy lady” “To the club?”


“Yeah dear!”


“Hope he’s cute” I said laughing mischievously “Oh God!! Steph!!!”


She said laughing.


I took out my phone from Mom’s drawer and called Jeffrey and of course in a low voice.


We talked for a while and agreed to meet tomorrow at Jessica’s house. He told me Annabel was in the hospital.


‘oh God! What happened to her?!”

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