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His Nurse – Episode 9

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Chapter 9


Donald’s POV


I became so happy hearing Sharon will be moving in with me. Will I say that murderer helped me catch her or what?


“Ohhhh” I said touching my forehead tiredly. I still felt some pains in my throat but it didn’t hurt much.


“I am sorry for what happened earlier, I shouldn’t have left you.” She said sadly.


“It was so fast, I couldn’t even see the person.” I said trying to sit up.


She came close to me helping me up, I sat properly looking at her beautiful face.


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She is really beautiful.


“I understand Mr Donald, I will make sure I catch that person. But for now, I think moving you home is the best option.” She said and I nodded happily, tho I didn’t make it obvious.


Father came to me and after checking me they moved me into the ambulance. I was on the stretcher in the ambulance when I looked out the window to see Sharon talking to Frank.


“I so hate that guy.” I thought angrily.



I watched to talk to him and I saw he had a sad countenance on. I am very sure it is about her moving in with me that is driving him nuts. He should go to hell for all I care.


Sharon came in shortly and sat beside me smiling. Geez, she was really getting to me.


“You will be fine, I promise.” She said still putting on the most beautiful smile I have ever seen.


I nodded speechlessly as the vehicle started moving and I closed my eyes to relax.

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The incident that happened in my ward flashed into my head.


“He/ She came in from the door wearing an oversized overall dress. He/she had a nose mask on and also a face cap. He/she ran to where I was laying with some spray in the hand.


And before I could say anything or scream for help, he/she sprayed it. It has a great foul and shoking smell.


I started to have difficulties in breathing, and that was it. I went unconscious. ” I said and opened my eyes to see Sharon holding a phone close to my mouth.


I looked at the phone and then at her, and she quickly removed the phone from my face.


“I needed the information so I decided to record it.” She said concentrating on her phone.


“And what will you do about that?” I asked rolling my eyes.


“Play it for the cops of course.” She said boldly making me laugh.


“I don’t do cops girl. I kill anyone who messes with me, I don’t involve the cops,they are useless.” I said and I saw the shock on her face. “You kill? You have killed before?” She asked stammering.


“Yes I have.” I replied boldly. She stared at me and I saw her mouth moving but words weren’t coming out.


“Are you okay?” I asked mockingly.


“Yeah ..yea… I am good.” She said still staring at me making me grin widely.


“She didn’t see that coming.” I thought giggling.


A message popped in my phone and I saw it was from the slut I messages earlier.


She was asking I send her my address.


I ignored the message slipping my phone back into my pockets. I am not in the mood for b**chs now, who knows she may be the one that poisoned me.


Monica’s POV


I walked home after my work at the hospital. I couldn’t stop thinking about what Sharon said.



“How will Mr king allow her to live with him?” I thought angrily. This isn’t fair at all.


I thought I would make her cry but this even drew them closer. But not too soon Sharon, I should be the one with him not you.


He should be seeing my face not hers. I know what to do. I picked up my phone to call Sharon’s number. I saved her number with bestie.


Not anymore, she isn’t anymore. I edited it and changed the name to “B**ch”. I dailed her number and she picked up when the call was almost disconnected.


Hey Monica, sorry for picking up late.


I understand dear, you busy with Donald huh?


Yes, he is kinda scary but handsome tho *giggling*


You seem to like him already *rolling her eyes*


C’mon Monica. He is my patient *laughing*


Hmmm okay, called to check up on you.


Thanks so much. Would you love to come visit me sometime?


Sure!! *happily*


Okay dear. Will send you the address soon, see ya!!


Bye *smirking*


I hung up and threw my phone in my bag. Visiting her will be a good opportunity to get her fired finally. Maybe this time around, Donald will notice me.


“I will do everything to get him to notice and like me” I thought smirking





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