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His Nurse – Episode 5

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Chapter 5




Sharon’s POV


“Good day sir” I said as I entered into his office.


“Oh Sharon, how are you? Thank you for taking care of my son” he replied raising his gaze from his laptop and smiling at me. “I am not fine Mr Smith” I replied sadly.


“Take your seat dear. What is wrong?” He asked as I sat in front of him.


“Sir, I am appointed as a nurse to so many patients and I don’t think I can keep coping sir” I said sadly.


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“Sharon, you are the best here you can’t expect less than that. Okay, what do you suggest we do?” He asked leaning his head on his hand.


“I think we can appoint Monica as Mr Donald’s nurse. I mean, she is also very good” I said narrowing one of my eyes hoping he will comply. “Sharon, I want the best for Donald” he said sadly.


“Sir I promise Monica will do well. I will look after her work and make sure she is effective, please sir” I said with a pleading look.


“Fine, you know I can’t say no to you. But, we need to go to him with Monica to introduce his new nurse to him” he said smiling.


“Thank you so much her, I will tell her right now” I said happily jumping out of his office.


I am so sure Monica will be so happy. I ran to her leisure room calling her happily. “Monica!” I called storming into her room. She was doing something on her phone, she looked at me and rolled her eyes looking back into her phone. “Monica, he allowed it” I said moving to where she sat.


“Allowed what?” She asked disgustingly.


“Mr Smith appointed you as Mr Donald’s new nurse” I said happily.


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“Really!!” She asked with her eyes widened.


“Yes Monica, I did it!” I yelled and she drew me to a hug happily.


“I am so happy!! Thank you Sharon” she said smiling widely.


“Now we need to go see Mr Donald, so as to introduce you to him as his new nurse” I said and I saw her jump for joy.


“Right way” she said walking out of the room as I trailed behind her to his ward. We got to the ward and I saw Mr Donald Smith awake. His father was sitting close to him, we moved closer to where they were.


“Sir, Monica is here” I said and both of them looked at us.


Okay Donald, Your nurse Sharon complained she is too busy with many patients and said she need someone to fill her gap to take care of you. So she brought one of the best too, her name is Monica ” he said pointing to Monica.


Monica’s POV


“Hi” I said moving close to him stretching forth my hand so he could take it. He shot me a disgusting look and faced Sharon and his father.


“I don’t want her. She is ugly” he said and I felt tears heat up my eyes instantly. I felt like the ground should open and swallow me up.


I looked at Sharon and I saw her look at me with a sorry expression and it angered me the more.


“Donald can you stop behaving like baby?” His father asked rolling his eyes. “Don’t you get it?? I want only Sharon as my nurse not some monkey” he said looking at me from head to toe.


I bursted into real tears and I ran out of the ward in shame. Am I really that bad?? It is all Sharon fault.


If I was introduced as his nurse at the very beginning, all these won’t happen. “Monica!” I heard Sharon call behind me, but I didn’t answer I had hated her already and she will regret all this shame.


I ran to my leisure room slamming the door, locking it behind me before as I allowed the tears follow down freely.


“Am I really that bad?? Do I really look like a monkey?? ” I thought lowering my head on the desk.


I will make sure she regrets the day she accepted to be Donald’s nurse. I will complicate her and I will make her feel miserable just like I am feeling right now. “Monica, I am so sorry. I never knew he was this harsh and mean” I heard Sharon say behind the door.


“Go away Sharon!!” I yelled in tears. Donald’s POV



Daddy I will never accept that girl as my nurse. Don’t you see how ugly she is?” I said disgustingly.


“Donald shut up. You don’t talk like that” he said angrily.


“Dad, if you change Sharon from been my nurse then I don’t want any treatments anymore” I replied adamantly.


“Why are you so stubborn?? You heard what she said. She has numerous patients she is attending to” he said frustratingly.


“Dad, don’t you see how beautiful she is? Even if I don’t want to take my medications, seeing her face alone will force me to. But look at that Monica, if she is with me for more than five minutes, I am surely going to puke.” I said rolling my eyes.


“Okay fine, I will do something about it” he said sighing heavily.


“Good. Thank you” I replied coldly picking my phone which was very close to me. “I will leave now. Rest well” he said and walked out of the ward. I rolled my eyes again clicking on my Instagram page.


I have millions of followers and this is due to the fact that I am very handsome and I am the only heir of the great King Smith.


I saw numerous messages and I didn’t even feel like answering any until my eye caught a message.


It was a photo that was in it. I clicked on it and I saw a lady without any clothes in it.


She snapped it very close to her V and I felt hard immediately. She looked so hot and I didn’t know when I started lusting over her killer body.


I then sent her a message saying “hey b**CH I need you to come to King Smith hospital, I wanna f**k you right here”.


It delivered and I couldn’t wait for her to arrive. I am really going to bang her right her in this hospital. I need to enjoy my life, I don’t care about any cancer. TBC..

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