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His Nurse – Episode 31

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Chapter 31


Monica’s POV


Frank and I trailed behind the cars in my own car feeling happy.


“Soon you will be the best baby.” I said holding his hand.


“I am so happy Monica. I can’t wait to see Frank in tears.” He smirked.


“I can’t wait to see Sharon’s face when you is confronted by Mr Smith.” I said giggling.


“She will be like, I am sorry I don’t understand you.” He said as we both bursted into laughter.


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“Thank you Monica.” He said smiling.


“Anything for us baby.” I replied kissing his hands.


The cars stopped at the planned site , frank and I came down and walked up to them.


“Guys move the guy to the next house while you leave the lady here.” I whispered and they nodded. They drove Donald to the second house while they carried Sharon into the house.


“Now guys you behave carelessly with her. Just drop her in the house and all of you move out. I know for sure when she is awake, she is going to try escaping. Don’t worry about that.” I said to the guys. “Okay ma’am.” They replied bowing slightly.


“And for the guy release him around 5pm. Just drop him on the streets, he will find his way home.” I added.


“Okay ma’am.” They said walking away.



“So everything is set. I pretend to have followed her here and then I rescue her and talk her into going to Mr Smith’s house.” I said to Frank grinning. “You are a genius.” He said hugging me.

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Sharon’s POV


I squeezed to life perceiving the smell of dust in my nostrils. I opened my eyes gently looking around me.


The room was empty and very large. I held my head trying to remember why I was there, then the memories rushed into my head. “Oh no!!!! Donald!!!!!” I yelled fearfully.


Oh God, where am I? Where is Donald? Who sent those people?


“Hello!!!” I yelled looking at the door. I waited to hear a response but I got none.


“Hello!!!” I screamed again but it was the same.


This is bad!! Donald was hit on the head. He needs to be taken care of.


I saw my bag close to me and I felt a little relieve. I quickly took it and opened it. “Thank goodness they didn’t take my phone.” I thought. I brought it out and then I saw Donald’s drugs in my bag.


“God how do I get this to Donald?” I asked feeling sweaty already.


I opened my phone and I saw it was already 4:30 pm. Shit!!! I ran to the door in haste and tried opening it.


To my surprise the door opened up to me, Thank you God. I ran out of the room and I met myself in the living room.


I met the main door open and I looked around well before running out. I got out and I saw a very unfamiliar place.


“What is this place? Where do I run to?” I asked myself in bewilderment.


I saw an open path and I decided to flow it. At least to find somewhere very far from here.


I was still running when I bumped into someone.




“Monica?” I called in shock.


“How are you?? Are you hurt?” She asked touching the parts of my body.


“I am fine. Why are you here? How did you get here?” I rapped feeling suspicious about it.


“I saw when you were attacked by those bad a==es. So I follow them carefully to this place. Where is Donald?” She asked.


“I don’t know, he is not in the house.” I said in tears.


“God this is bad. we need to go to Mr Smith now to report this.” She said pulling me.



I ran with her to her car and sat in it praying silently. Donald is supposed to use his drugs by 3pm and now it is almost 5.


Why did this happen!! Monica rode very fast to Mr Smith house and we got there in no time.


I rushed out of the car and ran to his door.


“Mr Smith!” I called barging into the house.


“Sharon?” He and his wife chorused.


“Sir something bad has happened.” I said admits tears.


“What happened? Where is Donald?” He asked jumping to his feet.


“Sir I don’t know, we were attacked by some kidnappers.” I said shivering.


“What!!!” His mother yelled in fear.


“Sharon this is all your fault!!” Mr Smith smacked angrily.


“What? I was also kidnapped.” I added.


“If you haven’t planned that outing with Donald today, and you two came here all this wouldn’t have happened!!” He yelled angrily.


“Sir I don’t understand. We were on our way here when it happened, I didn’t plan any outing.” I said feeling very confused.


“I think there is a mix up somewhere.” Monica said cutting in.


“Yes there is because I don’t know what he is talking about.” I said weeping profusely.


“Mr Smith please calm down.” Monica said and Mrs Smith fell to the ground unconscious.


“Mrs Smith!” I called puzzled.


“Sharon get out.” Mr Smith said rushing to his wife.




“I said get out all of you!!!!” He yelled and Monica and I ran out instantly. It is all gone, my job, the trust me has in me. All is gone, the one I love is in danger.

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