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His Nurse – Episode 15

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Chapter 15


Monica’s POV


I was done with my shift at the hospital. I headed to Ron’s house, with the mind of doing anything he wants me to do.


I don’t care f**king Ron to make Sharon pay and leave Donald.


I walked down to Ron’s street thinking of any ideas to bring Sharon down.


I got to Ron’s house and I went in without knocking, that is how I do always.


The house smelt of alcohol and weed but I ignored it.


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“Ron.” I called out.


“Monica? Is that you?” He replied happily.


“Can you please be serious for once!” I yelled rolling my eyes.



“I can never be when it comes to you.” He said running out of the kitchen and sweeping me off my feet kissing me deeply making me giggle.


“I missed your troubles.” I said giggling as I disengaged from the kiss.


“I bet your did.” He said kissing my neck.


“Ron hold on, at least listen to me.” I said pouting my mouth.


“Not until I get into these pants.” He said sliding his hands into my thighs making me moan slightly. He took his hand to my ass pressing it slightly.

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“Ron you will never change!” I said giggling.


“I can never change.” He said biting my earlobes. He went ahead to kiss my lips and reciprocated immediately wrapping my legs around his torso.


He deepened the kiss as we both moved into the bedroom.



Donald’s POV


I opened my eyes staring at the ceiling blankly.


I blink twice and I got a better view of my ceiling, I looked around me and I saw Sharon sleeping beside me.


I looked at my body and I saw more attachments to my bed.


What happened? I remember falling asleep on Sharon’s arm, I had a sharp pain in my chest.


“Sharon.” I called tiredly. I looked at her expecting her to wake up but she didn’t.


“Sharon.” I called again and this time she opened her eyes.


“Donald!” She called hugging me tightly.



“Thank God you are okay. I thought I lost you, thank God!” She said kissing me hard on the lips catching me unaware.


“Sharon, did you just kiss me?” I asked in shock.


“I did? I am sorry, I was too happy.” She said shyly.


I pulled her to me kissing her again, I really love the way she called my name now, not that crazy Mr Donald she calls me.


I felt her tears touch my face making me cut the kiss.


“Why are you crying?” I asked staring at her.


“I was scared. When I saw that lump in your lung, I couldn’t explain how I felt.” She said touching my cheeks.


“Lump? What are you talking about?” I asked confusingly.


“Donald, when you went unconscious this afternoon. I examined you and I saw a lump in your lungs, tho it wasn’t big that is why it didn’t affect your breathing much.” She said fondling with her fingers.


“What? What cause it?” I asked.


“The spray you inhaled. An expert was sent here to examine you, so he told me it was caused from the spray but he has injected you and the lump will dissolve in 2 days.” She replied smiling.


“I never saw that coming.” I said sighing.


“Don’t worry, you will be okay.” She gave me a reassuring smile.


“Wait, did you just call me Donald? I mean not Mr Donald just Donald.” I said furrowing my brows.


“I am sorry Sir, I was too happy. My bad Mr Donald.” She said fearfully moving away from me. God she is really scared of me.



“Come closer.” I said calmly.


“What?” She asked bowing.


“Come closer!!” I yelled making her flinch. She ran to me in great speed making me want to laugh but i cautioned myself putting on a cold face.


“Sit.” I added pating the bed and she did immediately.


“Do you like me?” I asked narrowing my eyes.


“Me? Like you? No I don’t.” She replied shaking her head like she was fighting with an unseen spirit.


“Yeah, a murderer like me.” I said sadly looking away from her.


“No Mr Donald, not that.” She said.


“Then what?” I asked looking at her beautiful face.


“I.. I.” She stammered fondling with her fingers.


“You can’t love your Murderous, kidney cancer Patient right.” I added smiling.


She was about replying when I groaned aloud holding my tummy.


I closed my eyes a little so as to see her actions.


“Mr Donald.” She yelled fearfully, I could see tears in her eyes again. She is so fragile, why is she crying now?


She ran to the heartbeat reading machine and she saw I was stable.


“What is happening.” I could hear her mumble in fear, she was shivering already.


I increased the tempo of my groan making her run to me.



“Mr Donald, how are you feeling.” She yelled in tears. I kept watching her as I groaned but I couldn’t any longer, I was starting to feel guilty.


“I am fine.” I sad rolling my eyes and I saw her look at me in shock before changing it to a disgusted look.


“Mr Donald! You scared the hell out of me!” She yelled standing up from beside me.


“I was just playing around. I thought you wouldn’t care because you don’t like a murderer like me.” I said.


“You are still my patient! You are my responsibility! If anything happens to you now, my profession as a nurse is as stack! Don’t you get it!” She yelled angrily storming out of my room.


“Ouch, didn’t see that coming.” I smirked scratching my head in regret.




Hmmm I love this


Monica shu stay with Ron na

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