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Gay High School – Episode 6

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Episode 6.




By Destiny Godfrey








“Now, what would you say for your notorious act.” Fred asked sternly.


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I took my bag and made to pass them, Alex dragged me.


“Where the hell, do you think you are going to?”


“Not your business..” I said in tears and struggled to pass them.


Then Eric gave me a vicious slap.


Fred joined and gave me another one, more painful than that of Eric’s.


“I never knew you are so stubborn.” Alex said as he whacked me hard on my face.


“You’ve an innocent face but your self esteem is completely different…I don’t appreciate being bitten by a student.” Mason complemented and hit me hard on my head.


Making me fall down…


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I took courage and stood up. I looked at all, straight in the eyes and said.


“You can beat me for all I care…but Am leaving this school ..”


Eric angrily gave me a heavy blow.


And held my shirt.


“You ‘ll not leave until I deal with you completely. No one dare hit my groin and go free. So you are living this school, dead or hospitalized.” Eric seated and hit me again, making blood pour from my mouth.


“Stop Eric.” Fred said. Eric reluctantly stopped.


Fred glared at me.


“Am so disappointed in you, Oliver. I thought you were gentle, but it seems I was deceived by looks. You want to leave the school right? So be it.” Fred said and ordered them to pave way for me.


I clutched my bag firmly and started walking out.. though I didn’t turn back, but I can bet my teeth, they are all looking at me askance. *


The school gateman stopped me at the school gate.


“No one is to leave the school premises, during school hour.” He said.


“Let him go.” A voice said behind and I realised it to be the voice of Fred.


So he’d follow me.


The school gate opened and I walked out, not really knowing where to go.


I started walking deep in the lonely road. And I felt, someone was following me.


“Oliver!!!!” My name was shouted behind.


I turned to see Fred, standing by the school gate.


What did he wants?


I ignored him and kept on with my walk.


Then I felt his footsteps, behind me. It’s obvious he’s running after me.



“C’mon Oliver, are you really serious…to leave the school.” Fred said as he blocked my path.


“Go away.” I cried trying to walk pass him.


“Oliver…just tell me, what’s wrong…Who made you so angry.” Fred asked with


perturbation. I looked at his eyes and noticed, he was in tears. He’s crying because


am crying.


So crazy!

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“Look Oliver, am sorry for whatever might have happened…Please for my sake…don’t leave.” Fred pleaded.


And I found myself hugging him. He drew me tight to his body and hugged me like an his lost but found son.


“Seeing you cry, makes me cry.” He said as he sniffed air from my hair. While my tears soaked his chest.


“Now, tell me what happened.”


******************************************** .


I and Fred arrived back at the room. Alex was the first who jumped down from his bed. “You brought him back?” He asked Fred.




“Why?, why did you bring him back… A junior who gat the guts and temerity to challenge his seniors.” Eric fired angrily.


“Calm down guys…he has an explanation.” Fred muttered.


“There’s no explanation that’ll warrant him to stay in this room again.” Mason gnashed.


They are all furious.


“Oliver, explain yourself.” Fred told me.


I drew in a long breath, and blew it out.


Then I started my narration.




As I finished explaining, they were all silent for a while. Then Mason speak out. “Being violent wasn’t the best thing you should’ve done.” “You would have just explain to any of us.” Alex added.


“Am sorry, but ….” I said and paused when I found out that there’s no perfect excuse.


“So what’s you guys suggestion. Oliver, I know you did that out of anger, but it’s a huge crime for any junior to insult or fight a prefect. No matter how angry you are, you shouldn’t have done that. So now…is left for the prefects. They’ll all give you any punishment they wish to give. My own punishment for you, is that, ‘your freedom is limited in the school. You must not leave the hostel, or class unless there’s an urgency.”


Fred said and I nodded.


“And my own punishment for you, is… You are not allowed to communicate with anyone order than any of us. You are now solitary confine.” Alex said and I nodded.


“My punishment for you is….You Are bound from participating in any school


activity, whatsoever.” Mason snapped.




He glared at me…


Sat up. Rolled his eyes at Fred. Then spoke.


“Even if I say my punishment, you all won’t agree to it.” He said bitterly.


“Don’t say so Eric, Oliver hurt you by kicking you on your genitals, you have every right to give him whatever punishment you desire.” Fred said.


Eric smirked and looked at me.


“You are banned from staying in this room.” He said it in a voice which was accompanied with loathe and wickedness. “You’ll sleep outside as from today.” He added.


Fred, Mason and Alex exchanged puzzled glance.


“…Am not trying to dissipate what you said, but isnt it quite harsh for the little boy to sleep outside, what if ….”


Fred was saying and Eric cut in vehemently.


“I said it… whatever I said is always useless. You, Alex and Mason gave him a punishment which is quite too cruel for a boy, but when I gave mine, you’ll always oppose it.” Eric yelled angrily and I quite felt pity for him.


But he’s quite right, I prefer sleeping outside in the night to being solitary confined.


Avoiding everyone and not participating in any school activity.


“Look Eric, it’s not that way… The punishment which we gave him is for his own benefit. He need not to interact with people cause he don’t really know the good and bad.” Fred muttered.


“But my own punishment for him is the best and also good for him. Is better he sleep outside the hostel, than sleeping in a room with a gay. If you are to sleep in the open or to sleep in a bed with a witch, which would you prefer, Open of course.” Eric said.


“And what’s that suppose to mean..there’s No witch in this room, so what are you saying.” Mason asked and Eric shrugged.


“I used a witch as an instance. There’s no witch but there is a gay.” Eric added.

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Then everyone glared at him. “Who is the gay?” They asked the same time.


“I didn’t intend to call names, but you guys seem to be so curious. So i’ve no choice.


Fred and Alex…You both are gays. And Oliver isn’t safe living with you.” Eric said.


“You scoundrel, I’ve you ever seen me has sex with any student.” Alex jumped down his bed with fury.


Fred gnashed his teeth, trying to control his anger.


“Not everyone would tolerate such an accusation. Fred and Alex aren’t gays.” Mason defended.



“They are not ‘YET’ gays, but gradually, they will become gays as long as Oliver is concern.” Eric mumbled.


Fred rushed to him in anger and held his collar. “Are you willing to see the bad part of me.” Fred yelled.


“Let go of my collar before i…”


Fred left his collar before Eric could complete it.


“Am not in the mood for a fight, am respecting my position as the senior prefect, but the next time you’ll dare call me a gay, I won’t spare you.” Fred threatened as his face redden.


Eric laughed loudly.( I guess is the first time, he’s laughing).


“Toothless threat.” He implored.




The Next Day…






Breakfast on Saturdays was different from normal weekdays. All the students were to go to the school dormitory-hall. Where big long tables were set. .


I made to sit in one of the tables. But Fred call me. “You are not to participate in any social activities of the school, you are solitary confined.” He repeated his rule.


Then he gave me a flask.


“Go to the room, now. Your food is here.” He said.


I took it from him and ran to the room. I opened the room door and met Jeffrey and Eric in a serious fight.


I stood looking at them as they exchanged blows.


‘mind your business and ignore them’


‘Separate them’


‘Call a prefect.’



Which of my instincts should I obey














Blood will shed.


It’s gonna be hurt.

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