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Gay High School – Episode 13

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Episode 13




By Destiny Godfrey









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Everywhere was silent. My heart pounded aloud and my ribs shuddered. My intestines hugged themselves. My whole body became stiff.


Fred’s dad exchanged knowing glance with the principal.


“come!!” the principal said to me. I looked at Fred but he’s face was blank.






I stood front of the assembly hall with over a thousand students looking up at me.


Students asked questions amongst themselves.


From where I stood, I saw Alex looking at me with pity, Mason scolding Fred, and


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Eric, putting on a mischievous grin .


The principal came up and started his announcement which was all about my mishap.


“In the quest of an individual who represents the brand of immodesty, homosexuality and foolishness, Oliver Wealth, a grade seven student, went viral, kissing the senior prefect boy in the midst of the latter’s parents.”


before the principal could continue, students were already murmuring and said derisive things to me.


The greatest embarrassment of my life. I swallowed hard and tried holding back tears. What would be my punishment?, would I be detained?.


I was lost in thought that I didn’t hear the remaining parts of the principal interminable “speech”. But am sure I heard the last part.



“Oliver Wealth, you’re hereby Expelled from the school.”


My ear drum vibrated like the string of a guitar. The world spun before my very eyes. I became temporary deaf. Am expelled. Dreams chattered.


Fred caused this, no, those triplets caused it… I would have been with Jeffrey if I knew such a thing would happen. Am expelled.


The principal dismissed the students and everyone started walking out amidst jeers and side talks.


“you have 10 minutes to pack your things and leave the school.” the principal said and start walking out. Unable to believe that it’s reality. I pinched myself continuously, hoping to wake up from the dream.


But it’s not a dream. It’s reality. My life is ruined, no more education for me.


I walked outside the hall and saw Fred arguing with his dad and the principal.


“this is so partial, am the one who kissed him. You made it seems like its him who started it. ” Fred yelled.


“He made you to kiss him, why did he jumped on your body?” his dad retorted.


“cause he was scared, you know what Alex sisters are capable of doing, they made him scared and I have to calm him down with a kiss.” Fred expound.


“but you know, that isn’t right, kissing a boy is an homosexual act.” the principal said.


“Yeah.. I know, so I ought to be punish too.. You gotta expel me now. ” Fred yelled as his anger build up.


The principal fidgeted.


“you.. Can’t be expelled, you’re the senior prefect and you commited no offence.” he stuttered.



“damn you… Stop defending me…since I commited no offence then I wouldn’t mind commiting one, now! ” he slapped the principal.



I ran to my room and started packing up my things ignoring the consolation from Alex and Mason. Jeffrey also rushed into the room.


“Oliver!!” he said breathlessly.


I ignored him and packed up all my things.


I held my bag and faced the trio.


“thanks Alex, thanks Mason, thanks Jeffrey, for always caring for me. I won’t ever forget you guys.” I said and forced a smile filled with pains.


“Atlast, my dreams are coming true.” Eric said happily as he breezed into the room.


“Kisser boy…” he teased.

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I ignored him and ran out, but Fred caught me on the way. “Don’t take it serious, my dad and the principal are just being crazy.” he said.


“let me go..” I yelled as he grabbed me, dragging me back to the class.


“you’ve succeeded in ruining my life.” I yelled amidst struggle and he left me.


“no, you ruined my life, you made me demean myself by kissing you front of my parents!” he yelled back.


“Why must you kiss me, knowing fully well that the implications is severe.”


“why must you clung to my body, arousing my erotic organs and your lips are irresistible.”


“I hate you Fred and I


won’t forgive you for this ” I said lowly and started heading out, not looking back.


But he yelled after me.


“I love you Oliver.”





I can’t go back home, it would be a shame. I’ve ruined my scholarship. Maybe I should go to Queen’s High School, admission is free, but the school is for girls only. Maybe I should disguise myself.





By the the time I got home, just as expected, no one was around. The house was still the same.


The door was locked. Damn. But I know were keys are being his.


I raised up the foot mat and brought the key. I got inside and ran straight to my twin sister’s room.


Yeah… I’ve a twin sister




I started packing the necessaries





Queen High School




I catwalk into the school hoping no one would discover that am a boy. Well, I’ve


slender body, slim biceps, no muscles , no facial hair. No one would suspect.



I went to the administrative block and did the necessary signing. Surprisingly , the principal wanted to toast me but I quickly escaped. I was assign to grade nine. I got to start a new life. I just hope Queen High school would be more better than Gay High School.


I walked into the class and scanned the pretty girls. I nearly fainted when I saw those three witches. The triplets, oh Goodness.


“hey, newbie. ” Alexa asked.


And the whole class looked at me. “wow… She’s so handsome. ” a girl exclaimed.




The boys in gay high school said am beautiful but it seems girls had different eyes.


“Wow… Baby… I feel like fingering your pussy.” A girl said and I nearly shouted. Trouble everywhere, here lesbians, the other school, Gays. Does heterosexual still exists? .


“Benny you are so crazy for saying that, not everyone is like you.” Alexa chided and stood up.


She dragged me to her seat, and the triplets surrounded me.


“Your name?”


“Oliver.” I said absentmindedly and they scowled.


“a boy name?”


“I said Olivia .” I defended and they exhaled.


“Oliver, Olivia…Oliver is a boy but looks and act like a girl, while Olivia is a girl, but looks quite like a boy” Alena grimaced.


“who is Oliver?” I asked.


“oh.. He’s Alexa’s boyfriend. ” Ariana said and Alexa scoffed.


“he’s attending Gay High School and he’s quite a gay.” Alena augmented.


They are talking of me… “Oliver isn’t a gay, maybe something is wrong!” Alexa defended.


She’s in love with me…oh.


“well, tomorrow, I’ll take time to speak with him, if he’s a gay, I would advise him to change. ” Alexa muttered.


I took time to look at her, she’s beautiful, no doubt but I can’t fall for her.








Because I love Fred,

am a gay




But wait, she said she’ll talk to Oliver (me) tomorrow, where? How?


“we’ll be having a competition tomorrow With Gay High School. A quiz. And it would be held at their school, I will use the opportunity to talk to Oliver.” Alexa added and i scowled at her perception.


A competition tomorrow.


At Gay high school.


I would have to see the FAME again.


Would they recognise me?











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