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Falling For My Biology Teacher – Episode 7

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I walked home by myself.I’m just happy that everything went well.as for Tinashe she didn’t even dare to come close to me,today is like it was meant for me.


I being kissed by my Biology teacher I’m just happy on cloud 9 that’s how I feel.the whole world revolv


es around me.


As soon as the gate sensed my presence it clicked open and I walked in.as always everywhere was busy maids upside down.


“My lady.” Jackson my personal maid.


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Did I forget to tell you that I’m half Royal,well my mom she’s a daughter of late KING Alberto Banderas,she is a princess but now his brother Tim Banderas rule the whole Britain.cool right.


Sometimes that’s what makes me think why mom doesn’t care about anyone.but why did she fight her whole family if she never cared.


“Uncle please don’t call me that.” I smiled faintly.


And ran to my room.I did the actual routine.after I was done wearing my clothes. I walked downstairs but faint voices stopped me.I know where they’re coming from.I tiptoe to my parents bedroom.I peeked on the door.


“Marisa you can’t go to that trip.” I heard my dad’s voice.


“Why can’t i go,Anderson you can’t tell me what to do.” She fired.


“Yes i can and you’re not going,have you ever spent time with your daughter and have a mother and daughter bond a relationship.” I could feel a hint of pain in his voice.


Tears gathered on my eyes,daddy please let her go.


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“Don’t give me that she is 17 she doesn’t need a babysitter,I can’t babysit a 17 year old girl,I know you want me to satisfy your needs.” She said.


And i shut my eyes tight,tears rolled down my cheeks.


“Marisa I don’t,not even one bit I have lost interest Mrs Banderas.” After he said that.everything went dead silent.


“I’m leaving Mr Anderson tonight.” I hid well behind the door as she walked out. “I can see you come out baby.” I couldn’t hide my tears they streamed down unstoppable.


I came out behind the door and ran in to his arms.


“Daddy why me.” I asked.he hugged me tight.in comfort.


“Shhh Big girls don’t cry.” He said.and i cried more.


“Daddy it pricks here I pointed to his heart.


“It hurts daddy a lot.” I cried more.


He pulled away and we walked to the bed.


“Come sit.” He patted his lap.


I sat down.I’m sad but I can’t be sad like my dad.


“Kira baby everything will be fine,she might have her reason okay.” He said.


“Soon everything will fall into place.” He ran his fingers through my hair.


It felt good and I was feeling sleepy.


“Why does she hate me.” I asked faintly.


“Don’t say that she doesn’t hate you instead she loves you a lot.”


I can still remember clearly.




Flash backs


It was late in the evening,a 7 year old girl was standing behind the door holding a doll wearing her pink Barbie pyjamas.terrified the yelling and shouting was too much for her.


“Why do you always do this huh.” He said.


“I can do whatever I want this is my life.” She yelled.


“I’m not stopping you but think about us about our family.” He said tears rolled down his eyes.


“Anderson what do you want from me huh I have a meeting to attend.” She brushed her hair.


“Now Marisa what about Kira you promised to spend the night with her,she is your daughter for God sake.” He sniffed.


“Anderson not only my daughter she is your daughter too and she can wait but not the meeting.” She scoffed.


“You decided to leave your job because you’rea coward it was getting hot and you ran away leaving it for your dad.” She laughed mockingly.


“Marisa you can say whatever you want but don’t neglect Kira.” He said.


“Excuse me Mr I have to go.” She walked past dad.


And walked passed me as if I was invisible.


She was gone and never turned back even once.




Dad gave up her job because of me,he didn’t want me to be taken care of nannies.


He has been my pillar of strength.there’s this day where by dad received loads of insults from mom.


Because he was not working anymore.


“You’re a woman Anderson.”


“I feed you and Kira so don’t stop me.”


“I am the man and you’re a woman ,you should be wearing skirts not trousers because only real men wear that.”


That day I decided to let dad got to work,I spent three days not eating anything because he loved me so much he didn’t care about the insults that mom rained on him.


He cared about me only me.finally the doctors told him to do what I want or else my life will be in danger.


I suffer from ulcer.and I’m not feeling bad,whatever I did


was for my dad.


I proud of what I did,that day


****** End of flash backs




I opened my eyes,the room was dim and my dad was sleeping besides me.


And a smile crept on my lips.he was frowning my dad is not happy,I can see that he is not happy at all.


Tears escaped from his eyes and that made me cry.silently


Dad has done so much for me.now it’s my turn to do the same.I’m her daughter and I should fulfil my responsibilities.


I heard a soft knock.I placed my legs on the floor and dragged myself upright and walked to the door.


“Ma’am food is ready.” She smiled.


“Okay just bring the food here,only my dad.” I said and she nodded and walked away.


Carisa walked in with a tray of food and purified water bottle.


“You may leave.” She walked out rushing.because mom always shout at every maid that enters her room.


“Daddy wake up.” I tapped him.


“Marisa I’m tired I can’t do this again.” He said.


That breaks my heart in to pieces.how did they met this relationship is toxic and I don’t want my dad to fall ill or die.


I have to end this.I must end this relationship this marriage is not worth it.children wish for their parents to be together.


I might be the first child who wants to make her parents get divorced.





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