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Could This Be True Love – Episode 8

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Could This Be True Love (episode 8 )




The heavy punch Charles gave to Derrick made him stagger a bit, causing him to lose his stamina. I was shocked and immediately screamed Charles name. Derrick held his neck and immediately turned towards Charles direction, giving him a shocked look.




“Stay away from her, I’m not joking” Charles said, vibrating in anger. “You are lucky today’s a good day for me, otherwise you would be laying on the side walks of this street in no time, I choose my battles and apparently, this isn’t one of them” Derrick said and turned to me, “are you alright?” He continued.




I was devastated and was already in beast mode, waiting to devour Charles for laying his hands on Derrick. ” Charles what is wrong with you?” I asked, looking at him, “Leave Derrick out of this and face me” I continued.

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“Would you shut it Soso and where did you sleep all night?” He asked as he walked towards my direction in anger. “Hey don’t you dare lay your hands on her” Derrick warned, “Soso get inside the car” he continued. “I have to go to work” I replied.




Charles on the other hand, was still vibrating in anger as he walked out on us and drove off. I stood there dumbfounded and angry. “I’m so sorry Derrick” I said almost in tears, “I don’t want you to keep getting involved in these kind of drama because of me, please just let me go” I continued. “The only thing I am more concerned about now is your safety” he said, “I think I’ll be fine” I replied.



He had to leave few minutes later and I quickly dressed and headed for work too. While at work, I wasn’t concentrating at all as my mind was pre-occupied with all the saga going on in my life.




My secretary walked into my office some hours later with a bouquet of flowers, some chocolates and a card. “Who’s it from?” I asked, “a logistics company delivered it so I can’t say who sent them” she replied. I collected the gifts from her and said “Thanks” as she walked away.


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“Who could have sent these” I asked myself. I opened the card and found out it was sent by Charles. The card had an apology message written on it by Charles, he apologised for punching Derrick and requested that we see after work to talk things out.




I wasn’t interested in anything he had to say so I pushed his gifts to one corner of my desk and continued with work. As closing hours approached, I had to quickly tidy everything I had to do so I could leave early in order to beat traffic.




As I walked out of my office building, Charles was there, waiting in his car to pick me up. “What are you doing here?” I asked furiously, “I came here to pick you so we could go somewhere and talk” he replied. “I thought I told you that we would only have a conversation if Nnekah is present” I replied. “Soso please, I really want us to talk” he said.




I reluctantly said “Ok” as I entered his car. The drive was a silent one and I didn’t look towards his direction too. We finally got to a very nice restaurant and I asked him “why did you bring me here, what’s the occasion?”, “Must there be an occasion before I can take you to nice places” he replied. I ignored him and opened the car door.



He already made reservations at a very beautiful section of the restaurant. We sat and the waiter came to get our orders. “I’m not hungry” I said, “Baby please just make an order of anything” he pleaded. “I’ll have water” I said, “please get us a bottle of champagne and two glasses” he ordered.




As I sat there, I couldn’t stop staring at Charles. “Why did he break my heart? How did we come this far apart? When did our once beautiful relationship become this sour? I love him and still do” I kept thinking to myself.




“I’m still waiting for you to start talking about what you brought me here to listen to” I said as I rolled my eyes”, “I miss you so much and want us to work out” he said. “I think it’s too late for that and my life is even at stake here as someone is threatening me to leave you” I said as I removed my eyes from his.




“Baby I know I have messed up big time, I know you don’t trust me like you used to, I know I have caused you so much pains, I know I have broken your heart, but please find a place in your heart to forgive me and let go” he said with his eyes filled with tears waiting to pour down.




I sat there staring at Charles as I was lost in thoughts. Derrick just poured his heart out to me yesterday and to be honest with myself, I have began to fall in love with him. I was brought back to reality when the waiter walked in with our drink and Charles popped it.




I looked away as he popped the campaign to view the restaurant and the diverse people eating and laughing. I turned back to take my drink from Charles and after 3 sips, I looked inside my glass and saw a shiny mental inside. I dipped my fingers inside to pull it out and it was a beautiful ring.




My heart skipped several beats and I immediately turned to ask Charles what was going on. I saw him on his knees and he asked “Baby would you marry me?”

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