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Could This Be True Love – Episode 6

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Could This Be True Love (episode 6)




Seeing Charles car, drive inside my compound made me panic but I quickly summoned courage and was ready for whatever would go down that night. The “Hot” stranger that dropped me off immediately sensed that something was wrong due to my reaction when I saw Charles car.




“Thanks for the ride” I said to the good samaritan, ignoring the fact that Charles was already walking towards us. “You are welcome” he replied, “can I get your number please?” he continued, and before I could utter another word to him, Charles interrupted us.




“What’s going on here and who are you?” Charles asked, “My name is Derrick” he replied looking at Charles without being intimidated. As Charles was about to ask Derrick another question, I interrupted him.


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“Charles why are you here?” I asked angrily, “I wouldn’t answer that question until you tell me who this guy is” he replied raising his voice. “The joker of the century goes to you Charles, Oh so you are angry now huh! How about we start by talking about how a strange lady is claiming to be engaged to you and that you guys would be getting married soon? Or the fact that you referred to me as your cousin? Can you please start from there” I said with rage of anger.




As things were blowing out of proportion, Derrick on the other hand was silently listening as he leaned on his car. “Can we just go inside and talk?” Charles asked, “You are never stepping your foot inside my house again and we would have a conversation only if Nnekah is present” I said with so much guts.




Charles was so pained and angry. He looked at me and said “You are mine and aren’t going nowhere! I’ll see you tomorrow”. He walked out on us, opened his car, banged the door and finally drove off.



“Are you ok?” Derrick asked in a concerned tone and I broke down in uncontrollably tears. “Come here” derrick said as he moved closer, giving me a warm hug. “I’m sorry for the embarrassment” I said, “Nah it’s fine, we have seen worst days so this is nothing” he said smiling.



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As I was still stuck in Derrick’s warm hug crying, he asked “Are you sure you are safe here or would you want me to take you to somewhere safe?”, “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine” I said as I pulled myself off his hot body.




“I will be going now but can I get your number, please?” He asked, “I don’t think that’s a good idea, cause I’m in a messed up state now and wouldn’t want to complicate my life more” I said. He smiled and said “I promise not to be a complication, we all need friends and someone to talk to”.




He is good with words and seems like a gentleman, I said to myself. “Ok fine!” I said as I brought out my card from my bag and handed it to him. “I’ll call and hopefully see you tomorrow” he said as he entered his car and drove off.


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As I entered Inside my house, I went straight to the bathroom, turned on the shower and sat inside with my clothes still on. As the water cascaded, I fell into deep thoughts of pain and a little excitement. Whenever I thought of Charles, I get pained and would cry but whenever I thought of Derrick, my cheek would swell with a Big smile.




I sat under the shower for over 2 hours still with my clothes on. I finally summoned the strength to take them off and bath. After I was done, I found out I was shivering as a result of cold.




In the morning, I found out I wasn’t feeling too well and had to call in sick at work. I laid back in bed all morning shivering. After a little while, my phone rang and I picked to know who was calling and it was Derrick.




“Hello, Goodmorning!” He greeted, “Hi derrick” I said with a low tone. “You sound down, are you ok?” He asked, “I don’t think so cause I feel cold and also have high temperature” I said. “Should I come get you and take you to the hospital?” he asked, “No don’t worry, it’s not that serious” I said. “Nahh It’s serious and you know what? I’m coming to get you” he said and ended the call.




20 minutes later, Derrick arrived and sat in his car while I got dressed. We got to the hospital and the doctor said I had a cold. As we waited at the reception for the nurse to get my medicines, I saw a lady walk in with a little boy of about 2 years. I didn’t see her face because she was facing the counter and backing me in the process.




I wasn’t paying much attention so I turned to look at Derrick who was sitting right next to me. I smiled as I looked at him but still thought about Charles occasionally as it was hard to let go of him. My happy mood suddenly changed when I heard a very familiar voice. I immediately turned to clear my doubts and saw the lady with the little boy. She was speaking to the nurse at the counter, still backing me so I wasn’t able to see her face.




This isn’t who I think it is, I kept saying within. The little baby started crying and she turned to tend to him and I got the shocker of my life. It was Nnekah!


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