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Confessions Of An Escort – Episode 6

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The drive to Mark’s apartment in Salama Park is filled with chatter about how our week has been, we sing along to some of the songs being played on radio then chat some more.


I have an unsettling feeling in my stomach and I know Urah has noticed it too; any other day I would have been so happy to do this but today isn’t the day.



The gate opens when we get there, I must say the house looks really polished from the outside. I have done well for myself but I can tell that this is different.


‘Your boyfriend is doing this well and you still want to be an escort?’ I ask

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‘No hunny this is your boyfriend’s house.’ She says unbuckling


‘What boyfriend?’


She laughs, I was almost jumping out of my skin as I asked that.


‘This place belongs to Francis.’


‘And Francis is?’ I ask with a blank stare


She shakes her head looking at me.


‘So you mean all this while you didn’t know the person we were coming to see?’


‘That’s his name?’

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‘Girl you won’t embarra*ss me like this.’


‘Urah you didn’t give me a profile, how was I supposed to guess?’


‘Because Kat is smart!’ She says walking away


‘Okay fine, what else do I need to know?’


‘Well I am sure he will tell you the rest, but Mark says he is a bit arrogant.’ She says opening the door


‘Hey baby.’ She greets kissing the man I am guessing to be Mark


I have never met him, just seen him on photos as he travels a lot to Germany and they have been together only for five months.



‘You must be Katie.’ He says coming to give me a side hug


‘And you must be Mark.’ I say feeling really small under his arms


‘It’s good to finally meet you.’


‘Like wise.’ I say


I am not a people person, I often wonder how I have managed to be an escort all this while. Or how I managed to handle my patients but I guess the universe has a funny way of doing things.


We walk to the TV room where another man is sitted, he looks bigger than Mark from the behind.


‘Dude they are here.’ Mark says on top of his voice as the music is a little loud


He nods his head without a word


I raise an eyebrow, if we are going to do this we at least need to be on the same page.


‘Do I really need to do this?’ I ask Urah who gives me a disapproving look


I walk past them and the man, grab the remote then switch off the music.


‘What the hell?’ He says looking at me


He stands up and I almost regret doing it because he makes me feel like a dwarf


‘Who is she?’ He asks Mark not even sparing me a second


‘That is Katie, Urah’s best friend.’





‘The girl who is supposed to play girlfriend.’ Mark says hitting his forehead with his palm


‘I don’t like her.’ He says walking to the kitchen


‘One less problem off my hands.’ I say heading for the door ‘Katie I am sorry, he is not always like this.’


‘No am not.’ Francis says appearing from the kitchen ‘Am always worse.’ He adds


I don’t respond, I don’t have time for all this.


‘Francis we both know that you don’t have much time, besides I told mum that our girls are friends.’


‘You did what?’ Francis and I ask at the same time


‘Well sorry.’ Mark says scratching his head


Francis grabs the nearest pillow and throws it at him


‘Sorry.’ He says again


He comes to where I am sitted and sits directly opposite me, he doesn’t stop staring at me.


‘So you are supposed to be my girlfriend for a weekend?’ He asks


‘Is that what you will be paying me for?’ I ask not once removing my gaze from his


‘It’s about the money huh?’


‘Then why else would I be here? Do I look like I like you?’



He opens his mouth to say something but closes it


‘Your job begins tonight, there is dinner at mum’s. She loves keeping time. Also she loves it if our girls go there early to help out in the kitchen, no house help cooks such meals and as such you are required to help.’


‘I am not going.’


‘Excuse me?’


‘You are paying me to be your girlfriend and not your mothers salad maker or dish washer.’


‘Where the hell did you get her from?’ He angrily asks Mark


Mark has this look on his face that spells out he wants to laugh but also trying to hold it in


‘On the first day you want to embarra*ss me?’


‘How about I do that and your mother won’t like me then you don’t have to be pressured about me going back tomorrow, you don’t even have to pay me the full amount.’


He shakes his head in defeat


‘But that is a good plan.’ Mark jumps in


‘Whatever.’ He says


‘I will buy you some clothes that you are expected to wear, my mother is a very particular woman and you just can’t go looking like..’ he pauses to look at me


‘Looking like a whore.’


‘You didn’t.’ Urah says



He looks at her, rolls his eyes then focuses back at me.


‘I am paying you a lot of money to do this so you will move at my command, the theme color is red and white. The press will be there, I expect you to be punctual and well dressed. Your nails should be done, your makeup too and your hair needs to be changed.’


At this point I don’t know whether I should laugh or get mad but I look on without a word.


‘I need your email address, I will forward you everything you need to know about me. My likes, dislikes. And all that nonsense. You can do the same and we can study that information before presenting ourselves to people.’ He says on his feet


I stand up too


‘I guess I will be seeing you tonight.’ I say walking out


‘One last thing.’ He says stopping me in my tracks




‘Wear some heels, you look like a midget.’ He says


I open my eyes wildly, without a word I walk out.


‘Babe I am sorry.’ Urah says rushing after me


I chuckle


‘You can pull it off right now and I swear I won’t even blame you.’


‘I am going through with it, Francis is arrogant and he thinks he knows it all. Well let me show him who is the queen of drama, he wants a polished girlfriend for his mother? I will give him one but also lessons that he will never forget.’ I say getting her car keys and driving off

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