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Confessions Of An Escort – Episode 43

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He looks at his wife and he sees his whole world crumbling down, everything he had ever believed in is a lie. For twenty six years he thought he had it all not knowing his world was a circus and he was the clown.



‘I can explain.’ She begins but his heart is way too shattered to listen to anything she has to say



‘Please just listen to me.’ She begs but he walks away



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He takes one last look at Joan who has totally lost her mind, she is laughing and dancing whilst security guards are trying to hold her together. With a broken heart and slumped shoulders, he walks out of the hospital and stands outside allowing the tears to fall.



The last time he ever cried as a man was when his girls were born, he was the happiest man. It had been very hard for him and his wife to conceive and that is why when she finally fell pregnant he towed so that the girls got the best of the world.



Now how would he live with himself knowing that, the girls were not actually his but belonged to a man from a shrine somewhere? And that the woman he had been sleeping with was also sleeping with another. His daughter too.



Katie lost in her own world looks at the man that she has known to be her father, she has so many questions but what can she do. Right now she knows he is going through the same amount of pain.


‘Need a place to stay?’ She asks wiping her own tears



He just nods his head without a word as he gets into her car


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She drives for a while but instead of going to her place, she goes to the only restaurant in town. It’s not much but at least it has a very good atmosphere for them to sit and talk.



They find a spot to sit and she orders them some drinks, as they wait to be served; they sit there in silence none of them wanting to say anything.



‘So you are not my daughter?’ He asks looking at his hands, his head down.



She swallows the lump on her throat



‘You have always been my father.’



‘I was never good to you.’



‘That doesn’t change the fact that you are my father.’ She says strongly



‘And the man at the shrine?’



‘I don’t know him and I would never want to meet him or even hear about him, I don’t care what Mum did years back to have us. It’s just sad the price she had to pay but all I know is that you are my father, you are the only man I have known to be my father and I am not going to change that.’



He lifts his head to meet her eyes, she has the same zeal he has always loved about her and thoughts cross his mind of why he never went out there to look for her or even apologize to her when he had terribly missed her.



‘Katie I am sorry.’ He manages to say






He lifts his hand so that she doesn’t interrupt him.



‘Katie I never stopped being proud of you, as a father I watched you from the side lines and the greatest mistake I make was never acknowledging that I was wrong. I saw you strive from the bottom and at times I thought you would fall but your fighting spirit each time made me believe that you were a true daughter of mine and at the back of my head I always proclaimed “that’s my girl”.’



‘All this and yet you never showed it? Don’t you think if you had reached out maybe things would have been different? Maybe I would have turned out a better person? I longed to be called yours, I wanted you to recognize my accomplishments and just hear your words of congratulatory. But I guess that was a far fetched dream.’


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‘I am sorry for many things but not the way you turned out, you came out just fine and I am proud of you.’ He says touch her cheek lovingly like he did when she was a child



‘I missed you daddy.’



‘I missed you baby.’ He responds



‘Now can I meet my grand son?’



She nods her head with a huge smile



She pays for the drinks and drives them to the farm, she can’t stop telling him about Sean. He notices just how bright her eyes turn when she talks about him and she is not surprised, that is how he had once talked about her and Joan. How Joan had talked about Brianna, thinking about the little girl now he can’t help but feel pain. The hospital is ready to give them the body so that they bury on their own but how can they when Joan has gone cuckoo.



‘Mummy.’ Sean yells running towards the car



‘Hey baby.’ She says holding him really tight



Seeing Joan lose her baby has given her this fear, she has seen mothers lose their babies but because none of them directly affected her the pain was less but now she feels it.



‘Good afternoon Sir.’ Sean says greeting the old man



‘Good afternoon young man.’ He responds with a smile



They walk to the house and the little boy can’t stop talking about how his day was and she is just glad to hear his voice, she doesn’t want to imagine what she would do if she was found in Joan’s shoes.



A house help brings them some refreshments and Arthur joins them, he sits on the same chair with her and she is just glad that he is here with her.



‘Sean.’ She begins



‘Yes mummy.’




‘I want you to meet your grandfather, my father.’ She says looking at him




‘For real? I have a grandfather?’ He asks excitedly going to sit on the old man’s laps


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‘Don’t break my father’s bones.’ She says with a laugh and everyone else joins her



‘Sir.’ Arthur begins



‘Yes son.’



‘My name is Arthur and I have been in love with your day from the first time I saw her, I don’t know why I have been holding back but today with you here it just feels right. I would like to ask for Katie’s hand in marriage.’



‘Arthur.’ Katie exclaims



‘Katie I am not young, neither are you. I know all there is to know about you and trust me I want you still, I know this is absurd because we haven’t even been together long. Hell we are not even together but I have never been surer about anything in my life, I know what I want and it is you that I want. So please marry me, of course with the blessings from your father and Sean.’



‘You have my blessings.’ Sean says with a huge smile



Her father sighs



‘I haven’t been in her life for ten years, but I know a good man when I see one. At the end of the day it is about her and what will make her happy. If she wants you, you have my blessings.’ He says





‘Arthur you don’t know me.’



‘We will know each other.’



‘I have a messed up background.’



‘We will get through the mess together.’



‘I am a broken vessel.’



‘I will help you heal.’



‘Are you sure about this?’



‘Like my life depends on it Katie.’ He says with a smile



‘This is the craziest thing I have ever done but who says I want to be normal, yes I will marry you.’ She says with a smile and he removes a ring from his breast pocket



‘You bought a ring?’



‘A year ago.’ Sean responds as he Arthur slides it in her ring finger



‘You knee about this and you didn’t tell me?’



‘Men are better keepers of secrets, learn from us.’ He says and makes everyone laugh




‘I am not going to allow you to be sad.’


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‘I am taking this leap of faith with you and for you.’



‘Thank you and you won’t be disappointed.’ He says


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