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Confessions Of An Escort – Episode 40

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There is tension, I can see how everyone is looking at Jo and for a second I almost feel pity for her but she asked for this and it was only obvious that one way or the other she would get what she bargained for.


‘I am not going to stand here and pretend as if I did not hear the right thing, why would you show up from I don’t know where just to try and destroy our lives?’ Mer’vis asks


I look at her feeling nothing at all.


‘You just don’t like it that my husband refused responsibility for your child and now you want to come between us.’ She adds when I don’t say anything


‘Why are you not saying anything?’ Leonie asks before rolling her eyes


‘Katie you coming back into our lives was a very bad idea, I know I didn’t take responsibility for Sean but if this is how you are going to get back at me it won’t work.’ Ezra says


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‘Shut up! All of you just shut up.’ Dad yells speaking for the first time



‘Is Katie your friend?’ he asks looking at Mer’vis


She shakes her head


‘Is she your friend?’


This time it’s Leonie he is asking and she also shakes her head

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‘Then why in God’s name are you asking her all these questions and accusing her of things? Joan here is the right person to ask because if indeed Katie is lying then why in God’s name is she quiet and not defending herself?’


He turns to Ezra.


‘And you, I know how bad I have been to her.’ He says pointing at me

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‘I have never been a father figure in her life, I have never a day in my life looked out for her even when the world was shutting her out but one thing still remains. I am her father and if it means using this little life in me left to make things right with her and my grandchild I will. the last thing I will do is allow you to make a total fool out of her. Any of you!’


I look away when he turns in my direction, I can feel the tears building up. They were days when the only thing I ever wanted was approval from him, days when I wanted my son to be recognized as his grandchild but he looked at me as if I was just some piece of trash.


He looks at his watch.


‘The surgery is supposed to happen in thirty minutes, Joan will you tell us who the father to Brianna is?’


‘Daddy.’ She cries


‘I don’t have time for your tears Joan, your daughter’s life is hanging on a thread and the last thing I want is for you to give me all these your crocodile tears.’



‘Ezra is the father.’ George responds


‘I wasn’t talking to you.’ Daddy says giving him an evil eye


‘I don’t want to repeat myself.’


‘Ezra is responsible.’ She manages to say still in tears


‘Ezra was in Germany with me, so how did he pregnant you?’ Mer’vis asks and everyone turns to look at Joan again


‘I had his sperm brought into the country.’


‘You did what?’ Ezra asks


‘I am sorry Ezra, but when you left me years back I never let go of you or what we had, I just couldn’t accept the fact that you and I were done. I couldn’t, I loved you then and I love you still.’


‘You are sick Joan, you are really sick you know that?’ he asks with disappointment


‘Ezra you used me, just like you knew about Katie’s pregnancy and yet refused to take responsibility is the same way that you left me.’


‘That doesn’t even make sense, you forced me to be with you. I never loved you and you knew that, you are the one that told me that Katie was having an affair with another boy and there was a possibility that the pregnancy wasn’t mine.’


‘Don’t you put all this on me, because in the depth of your heart you knew I was lying. You knew I wasn’t telling the truth and yet you stuck with me, this is not entirely my fault because even you are at fault.’


‘And Brianna? How does she fit into this puzzle? Because you have been married or was that fake too?’


Joan keeps quiet


‘I asked you a question God damn it!’ Ezra yells, showing a part of him I have never seen.


‘I wanted to have something of you that I could call my own.’ She says a little scared


‘What sort of a person are you?’ this time its mum who asks


‘You have been blessed with a man who loves you a whole lot and yet you still continue to do wrong by him, what is it that George hasn’t done. Even when we were all aware that it’s Katie that he loved, he still married you and treated you like you were the best thing that ever happened to him. This man has been faithful to you, he has gone out of his way times without number. He has put up with your arrogance and attitude for the longest of time and this is how you had to repay him? I don’t even know if you are my daughter anymore.’ She adds


Dad holds her lovingly


‘You know what, I am tired of being the villain. Why are all of you treating me like this messed up person and you are all perfect?’ she asks wiping her tears with the back of her hand


‘You.’ She begins pointing at Mark


‘Urah was wrong yes but you never gave her the chance to explain herself, you trashed her when she needed you the most and brought back home a blonde.’


‘No offence.’ She says to mark’s fiancé


‘We all know you genuinely loved Katie, hell you still love her and yet somehow Mer’vis and I managed to poison her and because you care so much about what people think what did you end up marrying? This snake who will never take a bullet for you. I guess this is God’s punishment to you for letting go of a good woman.’


‘Joan stop this.’ Dad yells


‘I won’t, what do I have to lose after all this. Brianna might die anyway and my marriage is done as we speak.’


‘Mer’vis you never stopped conceiving because of the abortions.’

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‘Joan stop it!’ mum yells


She laughs


‘The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree so just wait for me to get to you.’ She says

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