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Confessions Of An Escort – Episode 39

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I couldn’t get any sleep in the night, I had wanted to sleep at the hospital but mum and dad advised that I go to the lodge because they would look after Brianna for me.


I was worried, I kept turning and tossing in the night that I had even forgotten George who was in the room. He was doing so well ignoring me but right now he is the least of my worries because I have my child to worry about.


At five in the morning I call Dr. Clinton and I ask him what time the surgery is, he tells me it’s scheduled for 9hours and that seems like eternity to me.



I go to the bathroom and take a cold bath, I would have gone jogging but I am not familiar with the place so whatever would happen to me, would be on me. When done I settle back into my night dress and get my laptop. I try to search for Katie but nothing is coming up, even her number is not active on WhatsApp and I am beginning to wonder what kind of life she has been living.


Surprisingly I manage to get some sleep but I am woken up by a knock at the door.


I look at George’s side of the bed and he is not there.

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‘Good morning.’ Mer’vis says to me


‘Hey morning.’ I respond


‘How did you sleep?’


‘Enough.’ I lie


She smiles


With time we have created a friendship, not something that I can always count on considering how we became friends but at least we talk.


‘Breakfast is ready.’ She says


‘Let me just get dressed will join you.’ I say

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She walks away and I look at the time, it’s 7 and I am surprised at how much I have slept.


I change into comfortable slacks and a fitting body top, I don’t even have time to look at myself on the mirror. I mean which mother would do that with their child in hospital.


When I go to the restaurant, I notice everyone is seated. George too, I am not even shocked that he didn’t wake me up as it stands our marriage is done.


Leonie stands up when I get to the table.



‘Good morning baby.’ She says opening her hands


‘Good morning.’ I respond


I appreciate how everyone has come to support us but truth be told behind closed doors we all talk about each other. And after seeing Urah yesterday, I just realized just how blessed Katie is to have such a friend by her side. You know how hard times reveal your truest friends, I always thought I didn’t need anyone but after Brianna’s birth and her always being sick I realized I have been wrong all the while.


‘Hope you managed to sleep.’ She says as we both sit


‘I did.’ I lie


Everyone greets me and asks about my night but only George doesn’t seem to mind about me or what I am doing.


We eat our breakfast with the men talking about soccer, I see the only thing they are trying to do is remove the awkwardness from the table.


When done we drive to the hospital, it is forty minutes past seven.


‘Good morning.’ Mum greets when we get to the ward


‘How did she sleep?’


‘She is fine Joan, stop worrying yourself.’ Dad says but I just want to see her


I go to the little bed and look at her sleeping form, she looks peaceful and I just wish she could be like this all the time.


‘Good morning.’ Katie says when she arrives


I notice how perfect she looks even in the white coat, she has this glow about her that only shows she has been living happily.



I see the look on dad and mum’s face


‘How did she sleep?’ Katie asks


‘Just fine.’ Mum responds


‘Dr. Katie here will be operating on the child.’ Dr. Clinton says clearing the air


‘Is this true?’ Dad asks


‘She is the only one qualified in the country.’ I respond a lump on my throat


I see how he swallows hard, tears have formed in his eyes. He loves Brianna so much and at times I feel like he only does that because he is trying to satisfy his guilty for the way he treated Katie. He might not say it but he regrets ever trashing her because she has proved to all of us just how she was able to survive on her own without any of us.


‘I believe you have signed the papers?’ She asks


‘Yes we have.’


‘And the blood?’


‘The father is here so I am sure that is not a problem.’ Mer’vis responds




‘This operation is scheduled for 9hours and she can not go into theatre without the blood, I would suggest you do it now. The nurse at the reception will direct you where to go.’ She says


‘Excuse me.’ She adds then walks away





We made love almost everywhere in Arthur’s house, it’s like we were both starved and I must say I have never felt this good in my life. I promised him to try and make peace with my past and for the first time in years I managed to get down on my knees and just asked God to guide me through the day because I had no idea if I even wanted to do this.


There is a knock on my door.


‘Come in.’ I say looking at Brianna’s file


I can never miss the scent, it hits me and I look up.


‘Hai.’ Francis says


I look at him and memories of two years ago hit me, how he just left with no concrete reason. At a time when I needed him the most he just walked without even looking back, just when I thought I would feel pain or anger towards him I feel nothing at all.


‘Hey.’ I say with a smile


‘Can I talk to you?’


‘Sure take a seat.’ I say putting the file away


‘Katie I just wanted to apologize for how I left, I should have stood by you.’


‘It’s fine.’ I manage to say, surprising even myself


He looks at me as if expecting more but I don’t say anything else.


He sits there looking at me for a while then stands


‘I should be leaving.’


‘Sure.’ I say with a smile


He walks to the door but stands holding the door knob






‘You look really nice.’


‘Thank you.’ I respond then wait for him to leave before I go back to my file I am disturbed again when there is a knock at the door


‘Come in.’ I say and Jo walks in


‘Please seat.’ I say pointing at the chair facing me


She does and I notice the swollen eyes, I am guessing she didn’t get enough rest. ‘You wanted to see me?’


She cleats her throat.


‘I wanted to find out.’




‘What are the chances that Brianna will survive?’ She asks the tears that she was holding now falling


‘She will live.’ I say softly


‘Are you sure?’


‘I will do my best to save her.’




‘Have you told Ezra.’


She shakes her head


‘Joan are you okay? The operation is supposed to be done in less than an hour and you haven’t told him yet?’


‘Katie how can I?’


‘I don’t care how you will Joan, that is your child we are talking about.’


‘That’s why I am here.’




‘Sean and Brianna.’


‘Joan don’t you dare, get out of my office.’ I say


‘Katie please.’


‘Get the hell out of my office.’ I yell and I see how scared she gets, she keeps crying but I care less


Once outside I notice that Mer’vis and the others are coming towards us.


‘You are heartless, what have you done to her?’ She asks


‘I am the heartless one now?’ I ask not too loud so as not to draw attention


‘Mer’vis it’s fine.’


‘You know what, I am done pretending like I like any of you.’ I say


‘I am only doing this because it’s my job, but if you are going to come here and try to treat me like trash I swear I will mess all of you up. You really think just



because I let it slide two years ago I will again this time? I just want to perform this surgery and have all of you miserable people out of my life for good.’


‘Prepare him for the blood.’ I say to the nurse nearby pointing at Ezra


‘I am not the father.’


‘Of course you are, Joan will explain how.’ I say going back to my office

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