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Confessions Of An Escort – Episode 24

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I looked in Francis’ direction and noticed that he wasn’t even paying attention so I used this opportunity to get away and go to where Urah was.


‘Babe I need your car keys.’ I tell her


‘Are you okay?’ She asks


‘I am, just give me your keys.’


She hands them to me without any questions, I know she is worried sick but can’t show it and I don’t blame her.


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The drive to Radison is a mixture of emotions, I have never been with anyone after Ezra and I still remember how that pain hurt. I can’t begin to imagine what he must be feeling being stood off.


I quickly walk into the reception and look around to see if she is there, I notice her at the far end when she lifts her hand signaling me to go there.


She is wearing a peach dress with sandles, one wouldn’t even know that she has stood up someone.


‘I see you made it.’ She says sipping on her tea


I sigh


‘You are not going to order anything?’ She asks


‘I am fine but thank you.’


‘Suit yourself.’ She says dipping her croissant in honey


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I watch as she puts it to her mouth without a care in the world, then licks the little drops of honey on her palms.


‘Ezra has always thought this habit disgusting.’ She says dipping it again


I don’t know how to respond so I just look at her.


‘Mer’vis what do you want?’ I ask when I can’t hold it anymore


‘Patience dear, patience.’ She says sipping from her cup


I watch on as this continues; she dips, eats, licks then sips.


A few minutes later I see her smiling beyond me, so I turn around to look at what she is smiling at and I want to puke.


‘You must be kidding me.’ I say shaking my head


‘You managed to get her here.’ Jo says settling into a chair


The two ladies don’t even look each other in the eyes, I can tell they don’t like each other but because they have a common enemy here they are here.


‘I don’t want to beat around the bush so I will get straight to the point.’ Jo begins


‘You will stay away from mom and dad, my husband and myself. Whatever relationship you have with Francis will come to an end because being in his life means you will be in ours too and we don’t want that.’


‘Done.’ I say



She looks taken back, maybe because she thought I was going to put up a fight but I don’t have the time or the energy.


‘And what role do you play?’ I ask Mer’vis who is done having her food


‘We all know here that Ezra knew about your pregnancy eight years ago and yet he didn’t want anything to do with you, so I don’t see the reason why you are back in his life.’


‘I am back in his life?’ I ask her with a raised eyebrow


She wipes her mouth


‘Katie I want you to know something about me, I might be foreign in this country and might seem dumb but the last thing I will tolerate is anything coming between Ezra and I.’


She says this and looks at Jo as well


‘I have worked way too hard to just lose it all and I won’t even risk it.’ She adds


‘Is there anything else?’ I ask


She removes some papers and hands them to me.


I want to laugh, because it looks like these ladies have been busy digging into my life.


‘I will destroy you and your career, I will make sure your son sees you for the prostitute that you are and trust me I will finish you to the end.’


I chuckle, impressed at her findings.


What I have in my hands is evidence of me being an escort, I am not surprised that they have it because I mean anyone who is looking for dirt on a person always ends up finding it. Am just surprised it took them this short while.


I stand up from the table.


‘I don’t want to release these papers to the media, because if I do you will be sorry and your career will go down. Your son will hate you too.’


‘Do I scare you?’ I ask looking at the both of them


‘I mean what you have in your hands are things that could ruin me, if you hate me as much don’t you think it’s wise that you just publish them?’ I say picking up the car keys from the table


‘And no, I won’t stay away from Francis. You can have your parents and husband.’ I say to Jo then walk away


I immediately call Francis and ask him to meet me by his place, but I tell him to leave my car with Urah and ask her to go with Sean because I need to talk to him about something important.


By the time I am getting there he is already waiting for me.


‘Urah told me you left abruptly.’ He says


I crush into his arms and allow the tears to fall, as much as I was acting strong in the presence of Mer’vis and Jo; I am scared. I don’t ever want my son to know the kind of life I live at night and I have worked so hard for my career to get to where it is just for it to collapse.


‘Babe you are scaring me.’ He says holding me close


‘I am finished.’ I manage to say in between sobs


‘What is the problem?’ He asks


I cry some more before he leads me to the couch, I explain everything that happened and he just sits there listening to me.


‘Let them publish what they have.’



I look at him




‘What’s the worst that could happen?’


‘But Sean and my career.’


‘Your life at night and the the one by day are different, besides Sean is your son and he might hate you now but trust me he will come around. Your career, you can make it anywhere, it doesn’t have to be in Zambia.’


‘What if Ezra claims Sean? What if he sues for custody and the court rules in his favor claiming his a better person to take care of him?’


‘He will sue but he will lose.’


‘How are you so sure?’


‘Because I will be your lawyer and I have a lot of dirt on him.’


‘You are a lawyer?’


‘You never read my profile or asked what I do.’ He says


‘But you have been friends forever I wouldn’t be okay with my self if anything happened to you.’


‘Katie I am not leaving you, and that means your needs and priorities come first. In this case Sean is a top priority and I will make sure I fight for what is yours, besides it won’t be against our friendship. It’s my job.’ He says kissing my forehead


‘I am not sure about this Francis.’



‘We will be fine, in the meantime; let us go and get Sean. He needs to know what’s coming.’


‘And your parents?’


‘You are my woman and you don’t owe them an explanation, what’s okay with me should be okay with them. They will get over it.’


‘I don’t know.’


‘You midget of little faith.’ He says and I laugh

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