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Confessions Of An Escort – Episode 23

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Having known about Katie’s pregnancy left me shattered because my mother has always told me she will disown me if I ever failed to follow what she wanted, she sent me to Germany to separate me from Katie because in the first place she never liked her for me as she would say,so I had to stay in Germany to try and forget her but hey!! Who was I fooling she was my first love the woman who I found pure as snow,I still remember how I found her still a virgin and I was happy because she gave her virginity to me, how she moaned for me that night felt like a morning bird singing with sweet melody, after learning that Mer’vis can’t give birth brought back old memories and I didn’t know if Katie had aborted our child, because even Jo had hidden the truth from me. What she didn’t tell me the one year I was home dating her is that Katie had been disowned, I had wanted to find her and ask about the pregnancy but my mother’s words always lingered and I knew my future had to come first.


But when Jo cheated on me with George, I knew I was done with their family. I cursed ever getting involved with her in the first place because it was only then that it became clear that she had always been spiteful of me and Katie but it was too late. I had lost the love of my life and I had to find my way away from Zambia and everyone else.


I left for Germany and I was so sure that I would never forget about Katie but along the way the wounds began healing and I met Mer’vis, she was different. Wild and carefree, she wasn’t afraid to jump with me. We were both mature and knew what we wanted and that is why the idea of spending the rest of my life with her didn’t seem like a bad idea. But who would have thought that coming back to Zambia would make me go ten steps backwards from my initial plans?



The day I saw Sean at Francis’ parents house I knew well he was mine, he had my blood running through his veins and I didn’t know how to tell my mom or Mer’vis but one thing I knew for sure was that I would be in my son’s future and will try to be in his life from now on

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I look on as Francis and Katie walk towards me hand in hand, from the way they lock fingers I know that whatever was there between Tem was deep. Francis was not the kind of man to give his heart away to anyone and if he was allowing Katie this close is because he was genuinely into her and this made my blood boil because I knew our friendship would be on the line.


‘Chomi.’ Francis says with little enthusiasm


I can tell that something is totally off


‘Hey.’ I manage to say hands in his pockets


‘I will be in the bedroom.’ Katie says kissing his cheek but he holds her by the waist and plants a kiss on her lips deeply


I notice how she runs out of breath and almost stumbles on her feet, then he kisses her forehead and smiles


‘Sure babe, I will be with you.’ He says and she walks away like a teenager


‘So, you are still paying her?’ I ask

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‘Not anymore, guess I have found the one.’ He says not even looking away


I want the ground to open up and just take me now but how can it when there is so much I want to know.


‘Chomi.’ I begin after much silence


‘Yes Chomi.’ He responds


‘You can’t be with Katie.’ I blurt out



He looks at me with no emotions on his face, this is the Francis that I know. Cold and guarded


‘Why can’t I be with her?’ He asks


I know what I want to say but I am not sure I can say it.


‘Katie is not the right woman for you, besides I have been with her.’


‘This is coming from a man who had something with her sister?’


I look at him.


‘Francis let’s just be real about all this, I dated her and her sister. You are my friend and you should know that we can’t do something like this.’


He looks at me with those piecing eyes


‘Ezra listen, I love you. Apart from Mark you are the other brother that I have but there are things I can tolerate and those I can’t.’


He pauses


‘I was never for the idea of you dating Jo, you know how I felt about her. She was bitter and she always talked about how her sister was never good for you, anyone who saw you then knew that you were only with her for the thrill. If you can remember clearly I did mention that times without number how you had lost yourself in dating her and you thought I was just being me until you met Mer’vis. Even then I told you to look for your child but you said you didn’t want to have anything to do with her mother.’


‘Don’t remind me of things that I already know.’ I say defensively


‘I have no idea why you came, but what I need you to understand is that Katie is in my life which makes Sean a part of my life too and if anything; I am willing to put our friendship on the line because I know what you are capable of doing.’



‘Sean is my son!’


‘I never said he isn’t.’ He challenges


I open my mouth to say something but close it ‘The wedding is in two days right?’ He asks ‘Yes it is.’ I say with slumped shoulders ‘You will be fine, I know you live Mer’vis.’


‘I just didn’t think things would go like this hey.’ ‘Karma is a bitch.’ He responds patting my shoulder ‘One ugly bitch.’ I respond


We shall a smile


‘I should get going, I don’t want to keep you away from her for too long.’ ‘Sure.’


‘And Chomi.’




‘I can’t promise to stay away from her.’


‘She is the mother of your child Ezra and my woman, don’t forget that.’ He says and I know he means it




I eavesdropped on their conversation and what I heard from Francis I know now that Ezra is a coward, he wouldn’t be man enough to fight for his child so just like I told his mother I hope he gets it too and never shows up at my place ,I had mixed emotions after what I heard so called I Urah to keep Sean for a night at her place all I wanted was to go home and sleep so I can digest what I went through today.


My father actually told me he is proud of me even though he disowned me, my mother pretended like I am just a total stranger, my sister dated my boyfriend and that boyfriend knew about my pregnancy and yet didn’t do jack about it. When Francis comes to the bedroom he insists I spend the night but I refuse.


So I reach home Francis decides to stay with me at my apartment and I can’t let him go because despite everything I am going through lately this man who would intimidate me has now become a huge source of comfort and his hugs are just out of this world, I take off my shoes throw my purse on the bed and take off my cloths without even realizing that he is still in the room.


‘What are trying to do to me?’ He asks eying me


I shy away and head towards the bathroom


‘Want to join?’


He smiles mischievously then walks behind me.

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