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Confessions Of An Escort – Episode 12

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Monday morning is busy, I have two surgeries to perform on children and they are all successful. But we had almost lost the first one and that got my nerves all over the place, I relate well to children maybe because I have one myself but as much as possible I try not to attach my emotions to my work.


I am done for the day and I just want to go home and rest because I didn’t get enough the previous night. I am about to drive out of the hospital premises when I get a call from Urah, almost forgot about the lunch date because I am too tired.


‘Hey babe.’ She says excitedly


‘Hey.’ I say


‘So I was thinking, instead of lunch why don’t we do dinner? I feel exhausted.’ She says


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‘Uhm, I really want to stay indoors today hey.’


‘Then dinner at your place, don’t worry about food because I will bring a dish.’


‘Even better.’



‘7PM right?’


‘Make it 6PM.’ I respond


‘I love you.’


‘I love you.’ I say and drop the line


I know she says I shouldn’t worry about cooking but there is a huge possibility Urah will just buy take away food and bring home, cooking is her worst speciality.

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I pass through East park Mall and get some vegetables and fresh meat before heading home.


Sean is already back from school and I have made it in time to join them for lunch. ‘Hey mum.’ He says when I walk into the house ‘Hey baby.’ I respond



I go to where he is and kiss his forehead


‘Hey.’ I greet Chisenga


‘Hai how was work?’


‘Two surgeries, both a success.’ I say with a deep sigh


‘We thank God.’


‘Amen.’ I respond


‘In time for lunch.’


‘Yeah, let me just change into something comfortable.’ I say



I walk to the bedroom and put my handbag where it’s supposed to be, then remove my clothes and put them in the laundry basket.


I fell to eat before bathing so I take a quick shower and wear a comfortable T-shirt dress then join Chisenga and Sean who look like they had stopped eating just to wait for me.


‘You two are still eating?’ I ask


‘We were waiting for you.’ She responds


I smile thankfully and join them, there is savory rice, greens and mince meat with green salads. It’s only after I have started eating that I realize that I was hungry.


‘How was school?’


‘Fine, we had a test.’


‘On a Monday?’


‘My thoughts exactly Mum, and the teacher brought things that we haven’t even learnt.’ He whines


‘But did he introduce the topic?’


‘He did but still.’


‘As long as you did your best and bring good results that is all that matters.’ I say


He sighs


‘I don’t want to fail.’


‘And you won’t.’ I say touching his hand


‘Tell her.’ Chisenga says


‘What? Am I missing something.’


‘Not now.’ Sean responds looking down




He sighs


‘I want to attempt.’




‘Mum I know it sounds absurd that I am in my fifth grade and wanting to attempt but please let me do it.’


‘Baby that will mean you have to study for two grades, do you know the kind of pressure you will be under?’


‘Mummy I know but I will do whatever I can, I will study, I will do extra lessons. If it means studying the whole night I will just allow me.’ He says strongly


‘Baby where is this coming from?’


‘I just want to be in my eighth grade next year.’


‘Lydia is moving to a different school next year.’ Chisenga says and I see how he looks at her


‘We are seriously still here?’ I ask putting my folk down


Lydia is a seventh grader who Sean has had a crush on from the time he enrolled into the school four years ago, at first I thought it was him being a child but now I don’t even know what to do.


‘Sean do you realize that Lydia is three years older than you?’


‘But her boyfriend doesn’t treat her right.’ He argues



My eyes are almost popping out


‘How did we get here?’ I ask Chisenga who has this look that she has heard this conversation before


‘Sean you are only eight what do you know about treating a girl right?’


‘Mum he talks to other girls, he doesn’t look at her like he looks at them. To him she is just another joy ride and I see her crying most of the times, I love her.’


‘Child hold on tight there.’




‘Um um.’ I say shaking my head


‘You love her?’


‘Mum you wouldn’t understand.’ He says looking down with teary eyes


This is not my son, Sean doesn’t cry. He doesn’t get this weak and I can not recognize who this child is.


‘Can I attempt?’ He asks




‘Maybe if I had a father he would allow me.’ He says standing up


I open my mouth to say something but stop


‘Sean!’ Chisenga tells


‘Leave him.’ I say with a heavy sigh



I have lost my appetite, I don’t think I will be able to stomach any more food so I stand up and help with clearing the table. It’s already 3PM and I know if I decide to rest I might oversleep so I decide to put all the hurt into cooking, at least I keep myself busy and stop all this.


I go to the kitchen and start washing the vegetables, I have decided I will prepare steamed vegetables, grilled chicken and t bone with mashed potatoes.


I text Urah and ask her maybe to just bring dessert and wine as the main dish has already been done.


By the time I am finishing it’s already 5PM and Urah has texted saying she is on her way. I am pretty sure she is coming with Mark so I have prepared just enough.


‘When Urah gets here let her know that I am bathing.’ I tell Chisenga


I haven’t seen Sean since and I am pretty sure he is locked up in his room.


‘Babe.’ I hear Urah’s voice calling me as I come out of the bedroom


‘Will I ever have privacy in this house?’ I ask her rolling my eyes


She laughs


‘You look stressed.’


‘Relationship pressure babe.’


‘Relationship pressure?’ She asks making a face


‘Ewww not me.’


‘But who?’




She laughs



‘Wait? Eight year old Sean?’


‘Talk to your child Urah, talk to him because I don’t know.’ ‘I will have a word with him before we go.’


‘Anyway, how was your appointment last night?’ ‘That too.’ I say


‘You know the person?’




‘No way.’


‘Yes way babe.’


‘But how?’


‘I don’t know.’


‘Anyway you have more problems.’




‘Ezra and Mer’vis are here, Francis too.’




‘They insisted.’


‘Lord take me now.’ I say throwing myself on the bed

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