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Cassy And Carol – Episode 4

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Chapter Four



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Her back hurts, her neck hurts, literally every where in her body hurts like hell but she just couldn’t understand why?, why the hell does her bed feels so uncomfortable. Why does her soft, plushy bed feels so hard. Cassy turns on the small bed trying to find comfort in it but couldn’t find any, she grumbles words unheard as she turns again.


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“Caro! Caro! Caro! Ah this girl, so she’s still sleeping by this time.” Mama Caro shouts walking into the room, she shakes her head as she sees her daughter rolling on the small bed uncomfortably.


“Caro will you stand up from that bed now, before I’ll drag you out of it, lazy he-goat.” Mama Caro yells tapping the sleeping girl on her back.


“Lucy how dare you…….” Cassy stops in mid-sentence as she realized it wasn’t


lucy who had woken her up but a strange looking woman in her fifties woke her up, she looks at the woman confused and blinks her eyes trying to make sense of the situation, she looks around her and noticed she wasn’t in her room neither was she in her bed but if she isn’t in her bed then where the hell is she??.


“Caro don’t tell me you were busy dreaming all those your actress dream, I’ve told you to better put a stop to all those dreams of yours you don’t listen, now stand up from that bed and go and hawk pepper, oya stand up!!” Mama Caro says unaware of the things going on in Cassy’s minds.


Cassy looks at the woman in confusion and wondered who Caro is and if the woman is talking to her, she sits still watching the unfamiliar woman every move. Had she been kidnapped?? She wonders, after all she has heard a lot of things



about black people and the dirty deeds they do, her mum would always say their wicked and vile people.


Mama Caro couldn’t understand why her daughter kept on looking at her like she’s never seen her before, mama Caro went on and tries to place a hand on her daughter neck, probably to check her temperature but a surprise Cassy pushed her hand away and yelled, “Get away from me.” Cassy stands up quickly from the bed and runs out of the one room apartment, looking confused as hell.

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“Caro what’s wrong, why are you running, Caro why are you running from me your mother, Caro stop right there, hey oghenevo.” Mama Caro yells running after Cassy.


Cassy stops running noticing she was in an unfamiliar land, this place doesn’t look like a place in the United States, it looks more like an African country, but how did she get here, how did she get to this dump, the whole place reeks of dirty murky water, and not to say the place it’s disgusting. Cassy place a hand on her nose, trying to block out the disgusting smell, how the hell did she get here. She thinks.


“Caro my daughter what’s going on, eh my pikin talk to me, na wetin dey do you.” Mama Caro says stretching forth her hand to touch her daughter but Cassy only moves back and yells for her not to touch her.


“I want my mother, somebody call my mother, please give me a phone, I need to call my mom.” Cassy yells looking at the small group of people that has gathered around her.


“JESUS THEY DON SUCCEED, MY ENEMY HAS SUCCEEDED ooooo, EHH MY DAUGHTER HAS GONE MAD ooo.” Mama Caro shouts in a loud voice and then sits on the floor, crying out really loud.


“Ah, mama Caro, na wetin dey happen na, why you dey sit down for ordinary ground dey cry na.” Mama nkechi, Mama’s Caro neighbor asks coming out of her own apartment.


“Mama Nkechi, na my village people ooo, dey don succeed, see my pinkin dey tell me say she wan call her mother, mama Nkechi abeg na who be her mama if no be,



na which other mama my pinkin don go get, na. Jesus!!!!!!!!!” Mama Caro burst out into fresh tears and mama Nkechi walks over to Cassy to find out if, what mama Caro said is true.


“Caro, what’s going on, why are you asking for a phone to call your mum, is this not your mother right here on the floor, Caro! Caro!” Mama Nkechi says calmly and then tries to touch Cassy only for her shriek, “I SAID NO ONE SHOULD FUCKING TOUCH ME, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ALL OF YOU, WHY DON’T YOU EVER LISTEN, YOU’RE ALL DIRTY AND FILTHY.” Cassy growls and mama Nkechi immediately stands back.


“Eh, na true you talk oh, mama Caro your pikin don chop winch oh, see, dis one wey you dey sit down for ground, no be the solution oo.” Mama Nkechi says placing a comforting hand around a crying mama Caro.


“Wetin you want make I con do na, shebi you don see my pinkin yourself, you know see the kind words she dey use, my pinkin dey speak English, you’re all dirty and filthy, imagine. Ah the person wey do me dis thing I swear e no go better for you, my own daughter dey tell me say she wants to call her mother, help me ask her who be her mama, if no be.” Mama Caro lamented.


“Leave all this wan you’re saying, let’s go and call that pastor in the roadside, I heard his really good at deliverance, ehn make we send one of these yard children to go and call him, stop crying, I’m sure the pastor would be able to tell us what’s wrong.


“Hmm if you say so ooo, I’m still here, let them call him, let them call the pastor, I’ll not let any stupid person that did not follow me and train my child take her away from me, it’s not possible, it is not possible.” Mama Caro says shaking her head sorrowfully.


Cassy stood in the midst of the chaos looking confused, she couldn’t understand why the strange woman kept on calling her Caro, her name isn’t Caro but Cassy, or can’t anyone see she’s different from them all that her skin colour isn’t the same with them.



“What the hell.” Cassy gasp on seeing the skin on her hand dark but not the usual fair skin she’s used to, she looks around frantically for a mirror, she sees the house nearby has a window, she walks up to the window and stare at her reflection in the window, she touched her face confused by what she sees in the window, this wasn’t her, this person in the mirror can’t be her, she has long brown hair, what happened to it, she has pointed nose, red lips, who’s this in the mirror, who’s the person looking back at her.


No! No! No! It can’t be me, it can’t be. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”




Cassy and Caro


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