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Ca*ssy And Carol – Episode 30

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Chapter Thirty



Theme: Celebrate










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“Are you ready.” Ca*ssy asks Caro, they are currently standing right in front of the filming location.


“I say, let’s do this shit, babe.” Caro replies her back, having a familiar smirk on her face.


“Now, that’s the spirit. okay, let’s do this.” Ca*ssy says and walks into the filming location, Caro waits for a few minutes before walking inside to.


“I’m sorry but you can’t come in here, ma’am.” A security officer says blocking her way.


“I got permit, sir.” Caro grins showing him the white card Ca*ssy gave to her. The security man checked the card, and then let her in.





“Ahhhh, I think she’s dead, oh my god is she dead, how can….”


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“Cut!! Cut!!.” Mr Roberts yells out into the megaphone, angrily walking up to Ca*ssy.


“You can’t say I think she’s dead, if no one is in the room with you Ca*ssy, NO ONE IS IN THE ROOM WITH YOU!!!.” Mr Roberts yells at Ca*ssy really annoyed.


“I’m sorry, Mr Roberts, let’s redo it.” Ca*ssy says, smiling a little bit sadly but dancing in joy in the inside.


“REDO IT, Ca*ssY WE HAVE REDO THIS SCENE LIKE FIVE TIMES NOW.” Britney screeched, standing up from her seat.


“Do you know what I think, Mr Roberts, I think I should take her part.” Britney says, smiling.


“Please Mr Roberts, let me redo the scene again, just one more time please.” Ca*ssy pleads.


“Okay, I’ll let you redo the scene one more time, but that’s it, if you do not meet my expectations, I’ll give the lead role to Britney.” Mr Robert warns.


“Thank you, Mr Roberts.” Ca*ssy says smiling and then got ready to play her character.


She takes a deep breath and walks into the makeshift room, she walks over to the bed and then screams out loud.


“Cut! Cut! Cut!.” Now this wasn’t Mr Roberts yelling, nope it’s Caro, she yells cut and walks into the makeshift room and everybody attention was on her, now that’s what she wants.



“Are you daft, or are you just plain stupid, I’m pretty sure, I heard Mr Roberts explain to your lines, this is what you are supposed to do.” Caro yells at Ca*ssy and then breaths in and out before going into character, she smirks at Ca*ssy and walks out of the makeshift room and then said, “let me show you, how it’s done, now you there, the woman playing dead, get back to being dead.” Caro orders and the lady looks at Mr Roberts in surprise and he gives her a nod to do what Caro said.


“Sir, I’m so sorry, I’ll get her out of there.” One of the security officers apologize and made to walk towards Caro, but was stopped by Mr Roberts. “There’s no need to do that, I want to see the end of these.” Mr Roberts says, looking at Caro thoughtfully.


Caro takes in a deep breath, before walking back into the makeshift room again. “Good morning mother, geez it’s so dark in here.” Caro says and walked towards the window and opened it.


“Now, isn’t that better, mum. Hmm, mum you’re awfully silent, don’t tell me you’re still sleeping.” Caro frowns at the woman on the bed.


She sighs a little bit and then rolls her eyes at the sleeping woman on the bed before walking up to the bed to wake the lady up.


“Mum, seriously you have to wake up, gosh what’s gotten into you, you don’t sleep till this…. Oh my God, is this blood.” Caro utters panic, she rolls the woman over and then screams out loud on seeing the pool of blood.


“You see that, that’s how to act.” Caro says, smirking at Ca*ssy. “Wonderful, so wonderful, amazing.” Mr Roberts utters, clapping.


“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry Mr Roberts, I was at the back and i was just kind of furious at seeing my fellow actress fail so woefully and that’s why I decided to step in, I guess I didn’t really think it through, I’m so sorry for intruding, I’ll be leaving now.” Caro utters, acting really nervous, she quickly walks out of the makeshift room and was about walking out the shooting location, when Mr Roberts stopped her.


“Yes… yes.., sir.” Caro stutters.



“You mentioned earlier, that you are an actress, didn’t you.” Mr Roberts asks, curiously.


“Yes, like I dream to be an actress, I… I mean I want to be actress but have never got a part in a movie before.” Caro says ands sighs sadly.


“Well how would you like to act in my movie and as the lead role.” Mr Roberts announced.


“What!!!.” Caro, Ca*ssy and Britney yells out at the same time.


“You can’t just pick a random girl, who has never acted a movie in her life before and then make her a star in your movie.” Britney yells out.


“For once in my life, I agree with Britney.” Ca*ssy says.


“Well i can do that Britney, I’m the producer and this is my movie.” Mr Roberts utters nonchalant.


“But… but I’m your lead role, you can’t take that from me.” Ca*ssy yells.


“You were my lead role and now you’re not.”


“Ugh, I hate you, you will hear from my lawyers very soon, Mr Roberts.” Ca*ssy yells, and walked out angrily.


“Just forget her, so what do you say girl, is it a yes or a no.” Mr Roberts asks staring at Caro intently.


“OMG, of course it’s a yes, this is like a dream come true, I guess I didn’t steal that permit card for nothing, thank you so much Mr Roberts, I’ll be forever grateful.” Caro yells out in excitement.


“That’s good, Jane come over there and take her through the paper works, and for you, shooting starts tomorrow.” Mr Roberts says, and the lady called Jane walked up to Caro and did as her boss instructed.



“You can’t give her the lead role in your movie, she’s black and she’s inexperienced” Britney utters.


“I don’t think I’ll use the word inexperienced to describe her, didn’t you see her earlier performance, and with this #black_matters, going around that will make a statement and it will also give the movie a good hype, now if you have a problem with her taking theead role then you’re welcome to walk out that door.”


“Aghhhh.” Britney cries out, stomping her feet on the floor, and then angrily walks out.




“So….” Ca*ssy drawls as caro got into the car, Caro looks at her and grin before


saying, “Girl you make the perfect plan ever.”


“I know right, so how was my acting.” Ca*ssy asks, smiling widely.


“Girl it was perfect, you even had my jaw hanging low.” Caro replies her.


“Well I learned from the best. Anyway, Mrs Samantha here is the new client, I promised you, Caro meet Samantha Grey, she’s gonna be your agent and you know do all the stuff agent does, and Sam please meet Caroline Osaro, like I said, she’s from Nigeria.” Ca*ssy says.


“It’s nice meeting you, Miss Sam.” Caro says, shaking Miss Sam’s hand.


“It’s nice meeting you to, Carolin. Well, I was not happy with the fact that you’re quitting acting, Ca*ssy, but with what I saw inside, I think Caro it’s perfect to replace you, so Caro, welcome to Hollywood.”


“Thanks Sam.”


“So who wants to celebrate.” Ca*ssy yells.


“Me! Me! Me!.” Caro yells out.


“Then, let’s go celebrate.”






Ca*ssy and Caro


Two girls Two diffrent worlds A wish An Exchange



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