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Cassy And Carol – Episode 25

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Chapter Twenty Five



Theme: Telling the parents











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“So what’s this impromptu meeting about.” Mr David asks walking into the sitting room.


“Yes, why did you guys disturb my perfectly amazing afternoon.” Mrs David asks in a sacarstic tone.


“I called this meeting, and we will begin once Marcel and Marcella shows up, oh here they are, please sit.” Cassy says, and Marcel and Marcella takes their seats.


“Oh I’m not surprised, you’re the one behind it.” Mrs David says rolling her eyes, and then goes over to sit next to her husband on the couch.


“Mum can you do me a favor and keep the sarcasm to yourself.” Cassy requests, smiling sweetly at her mother and her mother only glared at her in return.


“So family what I’m about to tell you guys, is totally unbelievable, it’s weird and also unexplainable, but you’ve got to believe me when I say it’s the truth.” Cassy says.


“Wow, just great, I left my tea in the garden, just for this.” Mrs David says, rolling her eyes at Cassy.



“Mum, I get it, you’re angry at me for quitting acting, but please can you try to behave mature about my decision and stop whining like a six year old child.” Cassy let’s out, really annoyed by her mother consistent, remarks.

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“What!, Are you calling me, your mother a six year old child.” Mrs David exclaims in surprise.


“Honey, please calm down and Cassy say what you want to say, so we can all go back to what we were doing.” Mr David says, hands on his wife’s thigh, trying to calm her down.


“Thank you father, now it all started on a very night, that I made a wish, last week to be precise.” Cassy says, and went on to tell them about her wish, how she woke up in a different girls body, her life in Nigerian, the whole exchange thing and how she exchange back into her body just this morning, and by the time she was done, her whole family(except Justin of course) were all staring at her like as if she was an alien from another planet.


“Cassy I know I’m mad at you for quitting acting, but as a mother i really do care about you, and that’s why I want to asks, should we be worried?.” Mrs David asks, standing up from the couch and then walks up to Cassy and place a hand on her shoulder, having a concerned look on her face.


“Worried about what?” Cassy asked confused.


“You know, what you just said can never be real and that’s why I’m asking if we should, you know call the doctor.”


“Mum there’s no need for that and what I just said really did happy, even Marcella here, knew that Caro wasn’t me.” Cassy says and everybody turns to look at her Marcella.


“Okay, I kind of suspected her, but I thought she was an imposter, not this crazy story you’re, saying.” Marcella says.



“Well isn’t that enough for you to believe me that all those craziness wasn’t me and okay if you don’t still believe me, you can ask Lucy.” Cassy says and Lucy walks into the sitting room.


“Seriously, you got your maid in on your crazy idea.” Mrs David asks, unbelieving.


“No ma, she’s not making me say these, it’s the truth, the girl Caro is real, she was the one who’s even responsible for the cockroaches in your bedroom, she had told me the truth, because she needed my help to living like Cassy.” Lucy explains.


“Cassy, what has gotten into you, are you trying to make a fool out of me and your dad, do we look stupid, how can you tell me that you exchanged body with a Nigerian girl, and you were living in Nigeria for a week, does me and your father look stupid enough to believe this nonsense.” Mrs David utters annoyed.


“Mum I’m not making it up and it’s the truth, fine you think I’m lying cause you are hearing this from Lucy my maid, but even Justin knows everything, he also found out.”


“Justin is it true, what your sister is saying.” Mr David asks turning to face his son.


“Ugh I told you to leave me out of this, since you wouldn’t just go along with my plan instead.” Justin says annoyed that Cassy involved him.


“Stop complaining like a baby and tell them the truth.” Cassy says glaring at him and Justin sighs exaggeratedly before standing up from where’s sitting down to stand in front of his parents.


“Mum, dad, Cassy is telling the truth, she was really in Nigeria, living in another girls body, and Caro was indeed here, living in Cassy’s body, okay how do you explain the change in characters or how do you explain your own daughter, shouting like crazy and calling you mum her role model, she even asked you to sign and autograph for her, have you forgotten that, and do you really think Cassy will sneak into father’s office and take his very important documents and threaten him with it, and beside you said it mum, that Cassy was really excited to act in that movie, why do you think she suddenly change her mind, it was bescause that was Caro and not Cassy. Father, mother, I know this is hard to believe but Its the truth,



your daughter here Cassy, made a wish and Caro also made one and unexplainably they both swapped bodies and just for the record I talked to Cassy while she was in Nigeria and I’ve also talked to Mike, Caro’s brother, now before I drop the mic, I would want to remind you the change in accent, if you listened very well you will notice the tone of voice changed back again, and now parents I don’t know what other evidence you want me to give you but that’s all I got, thanks.” Justin finished with his unplanned speech and went back to his sit.


“Wow brother, you totally rock at giving speeches.” Cassy says surprise.


“Okay, I’ve got to ask, do I need to rush the both of you to the psychiatrist hospital.” Mrs David asks.


“Mom!!!!!” Cassy yells.


“Don’t raise your voice at me young lady, all this cock and bull stories the both of you just said, only happens in the movie and as you can see we are not acting a movie here, or are we?.” Mrs David questions.


“Honey calm down, now to the both of you, let’s say I believe the both of you….”


Mr David says


“David!!.” Mrs David utters in shock.


“Honey, let me handle this. Now to the both of you, I only have one question for you.”


“Which is?” Justin and Cassy asked at the same time, curiously.


“Why are you telling me and your mum this, it can’t be because of you just wanted us to know that you lived in Nigeria, there has to be a reason for it, so what’s the reason.” Mr David questions.


“Well, Caro mum’s two kidneys are damaged, and she needs money to buy a new kidney, so she could get a kidney transplant.” Cassy explains.



“I knew it!!, So this is a plan the both of you cooked up to get money from both me and your father, the both of you know that if you withdraw a big amount of money, the bank will alert us.” Mrs David exclaims.


“No, that is totally not true, okay, this isn’t a plot, to take money from you and Dad.” Caro utters.


“I don’t know, Cassy, your mum has a point there.” Mr David says.


“Dad, come on, I can swear on my life that we are not trying to take money from you.” Cassy pleads.


“There’s no need to swear, Cassy. Now as a business man, I deal with fact and true evidence and that’s why I’m saying, I can only give you guys the money for the kidney transplant after I see this girl called Caro.” Mr David says.


“Dad, you do know she’s in Nigeria right, and that the only way for you to see her is by going to Nigeria.” Cassy says, narrowing her eyes at him.


“Then I say, everybody pack your bags, cause we are going on an impromptu journey, to Nigeria.” Mr David says, simply. Mrs David stares at her husband thinking if he has gone mad before she screams out “WHAT!!!.”




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