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Cassy And Carol – Episode 15

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Chapter Fifteen



Theme: Church (1)











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Mr and Mrs David were both sleeping in the master bedroom, after the cockroach incident Mrs Diana never returned back to her room and Mr David never said a thing. Mr and Mrs David lays down in each other arms, when a loud disturbing sound wakes them up, they both sit up and looks at each other confused, wondering where the loud noise is coming from.


“I’ll go check it out.” Mr David says standing up from the bed and puts on a shirt to cover his bare skin.


“I’ll go with you.” Mrs Diana says, Mr David was about to protest but decided against it, he has been getting along with his wife and he didn’t want anything that would ruin the relationship between them.


Mr and Mrs David walks downstairs and heads into the living room where the loud noise is coming from, they walked into the sitting room and was surprised to see their daughter standing in the middle of the sitting room with a remote in hand.


“What’s going on here, Cassy?.” Mr David asks.


“Oh you’re here father and you’re also here mother, I’ll tell you what’s happening when those little rats, Marcel and Marcella joins us also.” Caro says and pressed a button on the remote, and the loud sound fills the entire house again. Mr and Mrs David with Justin who’s sitting casually on one of the couches had to close their ears will their hands due to the loud sound.


“ugh, where’s that awful disturbing noise coming from, someone turn that off.” Marcella groans walking in to the sitting room, with Marcel trailing behind her.


“Great the whole family is here, now I’m really sorry for waking you all up up but today is Sunday and…”


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“You woke me up from sleep cause today it’s Sunday.” Justin asked annoyed.


“Would you let me finish my sentence, brother and don’t cut me off again.” Caro says rolling her eyes at him and Justin sighs tiredly, relaxing into the couch.


“Now I was saying, today is Sunday and Sunday is for worshiping God, to praise him and that’s why we are all going to go to church today and worship God.”


“Since when do you care about going to church.” Justin asked in a bored tone.


“I don’t know, since this morning. Now everyone I need you to go to your various room and get ready, we are leaving in 2 hours.” Caro announced clapping her hands.


“There’s no way I’m going to church, you can’t make me.” Marcel says stubbornly.


“Oh dear little brother, I don’t need to make you to go to church, all I need to do is get mum and dad to say yes and everybody will be going to church.” Caro replies smirking at Marcel.


“And how do you plan on doing that.” Miss Diana asked eyeing her suspiciously.



“Cassy I appreciate the fact that you want to go to Church and no one is stopping you but everyother person has a right to go with you or not and if your siblings don’t want to go along then you’ll can’t force them, neither can you get my permission.” Mr David says.


“So does that mean if I mistakenly tear apart this very important documents I found in your office, you wouldn’t mind.” Caro asks in a very sweet voice, showing him the document.


“Cassy those documents are very important documents, they are worth millions, hand them over.” Mr David says frantically, stretching forth his hand to take the document.


“I’ll give it back after everyone of you go to church with me, and if you don’t I’ll tear the document to pieces.” Caro threatens.


“Do that and you’ll be grounded for life, I’ll cut off your monthly allowance and also take your car.”Mr David threatens.


“Okay.” Caro replies simply, in her mind she was thinking, ‘look at this man ooo, wants to ground me, me that in Nigeria my mama go use turning garri take beat me, if I do anything, na this one was use grounding scare me, hahaha.* Caro laughs at him inwardly.


“What!” Mr David utters shocked.


“I said okay.” Caro repeats.


“You mean you wouldn’t mind getting grounded for life or actually having your monthly allowance getting cut off.” Marcella asks shocked.


“Yeah, now are you guys gonna follow me to church or do I need to…..” Caro says


and act as if she was going to tear the document apart.


“Okay, okay, fine, we will all go to church with you.” My David yells out.



“Yayyyy, now that’s a very good decision father, come on everyone go upstairs and get ready, we are leaving in 2 hours, mum please don’t take more than 2 hours.” Caro says and everybody sighs before walking out of the room to get ready for church.




After church


Caro walks into Justin art studio, Lucy had mentioned it to her and she’s been dying to see his drawings.


“Great the coast is clear.” She whispers excitedly, Lucy had also mentioned that Justin doesn’t let anyone in the studio and he hates it if anybody gets in there.


She walks to the first painting and uncovers it, it’s a drawing of a little boy, a man and a woman stands tall above the child, the drawing shows the man and woman were on some kind of discussion while the little child is trying to get their attention.


Caro couldn’t really understand the drawing so she moved on to the next one, the next drawing shows a beautiful song bird in a cage, the song bird’s head is out of the cage and the rest of the body is in the cage, Caro didn’t have time to decipher the painting, when she heard an angry voice right in front of her. “What are you doing in here, Cassy.” Caro flinched at the intensity of the voice, she turns around and sees Justin standing in the doorway staring at her angrily.


“First you drag us to church and now you’re in my studio, what happened to respecting each other’s personal space, huh?” Justin yells at her, he really hates it when someone else’s goes into his art studio.


“Sorry Justin, I….. I was passing by when I decided to stop by and check on you, I


would leave now.” Caro says smiling timidly at Justin, she walks in hurried steps but unfortunately for her she missed a step when she was almost at the door and Justin was quick enough to catch her from falling.


Caro holds unto his shirt to keep herself from falling, her eyes meets with Justin dark eyes and they both got lost in staring into each other eyes.



Justin eyes travels to his sister’s lips and he couldn’t understand why he felt a great urge to kiss his sister, hell in the past few days he has been having this weird feeling watching his sister joke around, behaving crazy, like there’s the one time she sprayed water on him all because he refused to take her on a drive in his new car.


But this time the feeling is different and stronger, like is it weird he really wants to kiss his blood related sister??




Cassy and Caro


Two girls Two diffrent worlds A wish An Exchange



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