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Cassy And Carol – Episode 10

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Chapter Ten



Theme: The other side of the world









“Ah Caro, you don come back.” Mama Caro says the minute Cassy walks into the house.

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“Yes mum.” Cassy replies.


“Okay, but you really stayed long today, what happened?”


“There was no sales, today.” Cassy answers.


“Hmm okay, but this is new, anyway you’ll go and have your bath now and then you’ll eat so you can go and hawk the corns, have already cooked them.” Mama Caro says and Cassy eyes bulged out. Caro didn’t tell her she had to sell corns also. She barely made any sells in this morning, selling pepper and now she’s supposed to hawk corn under this scorching sun, how is she going to accomplish her.


“Mum, I don’t really think I can hawk the corns.” Cassy says in a small voice.


“Ah but why now, Caro are you not feeling fine.” Mama Caro asked concerned.


“Yes mum, I think it’s fever.”



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“Hmm, I think there’s small agbo in the pot, so I’ll warm it for you so will drink, ehn. How won’t you fall sick when you barely ate yesterday, ehn I don’t know what has gotten into you lately. You that love ogbono soup a lot, when I gave to you to eat yesterday you were forming Americana for me. Caro is there anything I should know, is there anything you’re not telling me.” mama Caro asks staring at her daughter suspiciously.


“There’s nothing ma.” Cassy says fidgeting, mama Caro stares at her daughter intently, she could feel something wasn’t right but she just couldn’t place her finger on it, she sighs a little before heading to the kitchen.


“Ah, this girl didn’t even sell anything ooo, she brought back the whole pepper, ah what’s wrong with my daughter ehn, God see me ooo, I’ve never done anybody bad thing before, why are people na targeting me na, ehn God. My daughter is not like this, am her mother and I know that girl inside there isn’t my daughter. God please help me ooo, only you can see what no other man can see, hmm.” Mama Caro lamented and then went on to warm the medicine.




Cassy takes Caro towel and looks at it with disgust, she couldn’t believe she would be sharing another person’s towel, even though the towel is technically hers. She sighs a little before offing her clothes and then went on to tie the towel around her body. She stares at her black skin body, fascinated by it, she has to admit but Caro does have a nice body.


Cassy picks up the bathing bucket, with the small bucket containing the soap and sponge, even though she’s very sure she won’t be using it.


She sighs a little before heading outside with the bucket, she walks towards the compound tap and sees a long line in front of the tap, not being able to wait that long she decides to beg her way to the tap.


“Please excuse me.” Cassy says tapping the lady next in line to fetch water.


“Ah Caro, na me you dey tell please excuse me, shebi you know no my name again.” Agnes exclaims looking at Cassy bewildered.



“Ohh I’m really sorry if I offended you, but please can I fetch water before you, the line is really long and I really need to go and have my bath now, please.” Cassy begs and every other person in the line exclaims staring at her shocked.


“Chineke, shebi na Caro be dis or I dey dream, na since when Caro starts to dey beg to fetch water, eh wetin person no go see for dis life ooo, you Caro you’re begging to fetch water before me, eh dis one don pass be careful.” Agnes exclaims and Cassy stands in silence not knowing what to say or do, now she realized living Caro’s life would be harder than she thought.


“There’s no need making a noise out of this, please can I just fetch the water so I can leave.” Cassy says simply, getting more irritated with every passing seconds she stands under the hot son.


“Yes of course you can fetch your water.” Agnes says shocked by the fact that Caro didn’t even once raise her voice at her or even insult her, the Caro she has come to know is trouble, and nobody dares cross her path.


Cassy thanks Agnes and went on to fetch the water, once the water was full she carries it and leaves the place.


“Ah, Agnes this is serious ooo, Caro saying please to cut in line and the worst part is that she’s even speaking English through out, there’s no need making a noise out of this please can I just fetch the water, so I can leave. Ehn, like please tell me since when does Caro have American accent.” Juliana, one of the girls in line utters.


“My sister na so I see am oo, you know see the way she dey carry the water wey she even fetch, like person wey never chop for a year. Na only God know wetin dey happen with Caro as for me I dey fetch my water commot from here, bye bye ehn.” Agnes concludes and carries her water and then leaves the place.




“God I can’t believe you sold only 50 naira pepper for over five hours, seriously Cassy. Caro sells the whole tray of pepper in 3 hours.” Mike exclaims staring as



Cassy, both them are currently sitting down on a bench outside, enjoying the evening breeze.


“Well, what do you expect, I’m not used to such life, I’m more like the person who asked other people to do things for them. Like seriously living your sister life is more difficult than I thought.” Cassy utters frowning.


“Well, what did you expect miss Americana.” Mike says in a mocking tone.


“Hey don’t call me that.” Cassy says glaring at him.


“Why shouldn’t I, miss Americana suits you better. Anyway jokes aside, what other things did you find difficult doing today.” Mike asks in a serious tone.


“I find every single thing difficult, like the part where I had to hawk.”


“Hey stop right there miss, you said it yourself, you sat down in one place and to worsen it all, you didn’t even shout to attract customer, like common how do you think people are supposed to know you’re selling pepper if you hid yourself away from the eyes of the people who are supposed to buy what you’re selling.”


“Hey, I was shy and I felt embarrassed.” Cassy defends herself.


“Why would you even feel shy or embarrassed, you’re in my sister body and literally everybody in these nieghbourhood knows she’s a hawker.” Mike exclaims unbelievably.


“I know that but it’s not your sister in her body, is me okay and I’m not use to hawking stuff in the streets, do you know what let’s leave that aside. Another thing I hated today was the part when I had to use the bathroom, gosh that place it’s disgusting.” Cassy utters, her face portraying total disgust.


“I will not argue that with you, even my sister, can’t stand it. But in a serious note, Cassy you need to start acting like my sister, your Americana way is making a lot of people suspicious, even my mum is already asking questions like come on she gave birth to my sister, so it’s only right for her to be suspicious.”



“I don’t know about that Mike, from all the information I gathered today, I got to know your sister is a troublesome person, and I’m not troublesome, I’m kind of the *hey you can walk all over me and I won’t say a thing*” Cassy says


“Wow, well I’m not asking you to be like my sister in character, maybe a little bit of her character but not that much, anyway what I’m asking you to do, is try to tone down your America accent, it’s getting a lot of people looking your way, the only reason no one has said anything yet is because everyone in this neighborhood knows my sister wants to be an actress, so they all feel she’s acting, oh and by the way, when are you going to start reading for the jamb exam I told you about.” Mike asked.


“Oh yeah, I totally forgot about that. Ugh your sister’s life is really busy and chaotic, back at home, I had my own personal maid to help me with whatever I needed to do. She keeps me updated with every little thing I had to do.” Cassy sighs exaggeratedly and placed a hand on her forehead.


“Well welcome to the other side of the world, where you have to make your own plans yourself and still keep track of them, cause guess what there’s no personal maid here for you.”


“Ugh I hate this other side of the world.” Cassy utters pouting her lips as she stares into the evening star. Mike looks at her and right there he felt the need to guide and protect her in this other side of the world. A warm feeling spread in his heart as he stares at her pouting her lips, staring at the evening sky.






Cassy and Caro


Two Girls Two diffrent worlds A wish An Exchange



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