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Bupe Episode 8

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Some situations can’t be shined away but to face them. Bupe had a day off from work. Miguel finally brought the results. He was hesitating to hand over the envelope.


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Miguel was avoiding Bupe because she was getting married to Lewis and he didn’t want to be the problem between the two.


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When he arrived,he looked so disturbed and he was ready for anything. He sat on the chair and Bupe sat besides him on the other chair. “I came unexpected and I want to tell you something before it’s too late,last time I gave you wrong results and the truth is that you have no gas,”he said.


“What!!!!!!! If I have no gas then why was I operated?”she asked but he was in tears.


Miguel couldn’t talk or say a word instead he handed over the envelope to Bupe.


She opened the envelope and got out the report.


She unfolded the report and begun to read it and she lost balance and fell down and was unconscious because of the report to top it up,miguel signed as the father of the baby.




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Miguel carried her to her room and sprinkled some water on her face so that she can regain her consciousness.


He didn’t know what to do. Few minutes later she regained consciousness and she was crying over and over. “Why did you hide this from me that we were going to have a baby,”she said.


Miguel thought that she was going to chase him but no. She kept on asking the same thing why he hid that from her.


Both were just in tears.


Bupe had never imagined loosing a baby and being pregnant out of wedlock.



She didn’t react because she knew what Miguel must have gone through after loosing his baby.


He didn’t blame him but she was just angry with him.




How was she going to face Lewis knowing the truth. She sat in her house with Miguel wondering if she was going to conceive again.


She couldn’t it anything.


Miguel tried everything possible to make her understand that he did that for her…




He hid the report because he never wanted Bupe to be sad and stressful. But as no one can tell his her fate.




It took days for her to get over the shock of loosing the baby.she couldn’t accept it either. She decided to go to the hospital to have more check ups before the marriage. She got all tests done and she was perfect.




She had decided to tell the truth to Lewis and she never never thought of the outcome.she thought of telling him when they start marriage lessons at church during the confession..




On the other hand Miguel had broken up with her girlfriend and her sister was missing. She reported to the police and gave statement to the police.


he called Bupe to let her know what had happened.








Despite all that happened to me. Loosing the baby was just unbelievable. I was so shuttered and blameless. I wondered what he had felt after loosing his baby.


I was so embarrassed. How was i supposed to face Lewis.


I never loved but I was marrying him for the sake of it.




On the other hand.i have been seeing Mariana passing with Mike going to only God knows.


Miguel told me about and had given a statement already.


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So I decided to follow their car and it went to kapongolo motel. I called Miguel and he came immediately. He went alone and I don’t know what really happened there.Share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons.




The next day.mariana came to apologize for everything and was ready accept my friendship with her bro.




Days went by and Lewis more than ready to marry me. “I wish I love you as much as you do,”I thought to myself.


The secret of loosing the baby and with Miguel’s was hitting me up. I thought I was going crazy.


I was not ready to marry him because of everything. I didn’t want to be blamed in marriage. Mariana advised me to tell him all about it since Miguel had told her everything.




Sometimes I felt like I was in love with Miguel but how could that be possible.


Marrying someone who i don’t love.which isn’t fair.




I missed grandma even more than anything. “Am I the first one to go through this? Noo am not,i have to face everything and overcome them.”I said to myself.

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