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Bupe Episode 5

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One part is lost








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People may say whatever they think and can call me all sorts of names.


I was so stupid and that’s why i did what I did. I couldn’t just see a girl in my house. Girls would fight over me. I thought I could get what I wanted with money. I thought money was everything. Even my sister followed my footsteps.




But with Bupe,it was a different thing. Immediately she entered my house for the first,my heart skipped and all I thought was being in bed with her.


She was a cool girl and very beautiful despite being poor. But she didn’t even look that poor. Sometimes someone may think she was just pretending to be poor.




I looked at her and she just smiled.she started work at my house but my eyes couldn’t go off her.


I just use to loose my mind even when my girlfriend was around.


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The day came when she needed money agently.i wanted her to give in order to have the money for free.at first she refused before her granny got sick.she used to push me away. Now I had chance to have her for myself.




She asked for money but I refused to give her because,i didn’t get what I asked. She refused but later she gave in. She was crying through out the act till I was done. I thought she was not pure but I was wrong. Blood everywhere on the bed.


I regretted immediately. I gave her the money and she left.


She came back after an hour saying her granny was dead.



I blamed myself for everything,and that’s when I realized money can’t give you happiness when you can’t make others happy. I was so ashamed of myself. I tried to plead with but she couldn’t let me speak.




People may think I was pretending.i tried by all means but all was in vain.


I hired another girl at home but I never even looked her in the eye. It was like Bupe caught my attention. Sometimes I could not even eat. On the other hand,mariana was going out with Mike even after my owning.




I kept on pleading,the next thing I heard was that,she was in police and needed k2500 to bail her out and sign police bond.




I knew that she was never going to accept my offer. First I visited her but instead ordered police to throw me out.




On my way out,i met Lewis and I asked Him to come with me. I went to the bank and withdrew k3 000.i gave him and told him not to mention my name.


I got his line to ensure her safety.




After a day,i went to see her.she was looking pale and had lost weight.i pleaded again and she chased me like a dog.




I went home and decided to talk to Mike.


“Miguel I think you are in love with Bupe,just admit it,the way you talk about,you feel excited when you mention her Name. I must say you are luck,”he said but I denied being in love.




Mike advised me on how to make her understand that I was sorry.


I was so happy that day that I got to talk to a friend.


I called Mike and he seemed so upset.


“Well Miguel, Bupe is sick and and has refused to go to the hospital please will you come,”he said but I wasn’t sure of what to do.


I drove off to her place and she was laying helplessness on the mattress. I didn’t talk to her,i just carried and put her in the car. Lewis came along.


I took her to the hospital. She was admitted at the hospital.


The results came out and found that she was pregnant. First I was happy but what was going to be her reaction when she hears this. That was my problem.




“Well sir, she is pregnant but she has complications,either she dies or the baby dies,we need a husband to sign these paper and to choose who should survive,”,she said and luck enough, Lewis didn’t see the results.


“Dr am her husband and I see what you can do,help both,i want them to survive please doctor,”I pleaded with the Dr but nothing was said.


I had no option but to let our baby die.




“This was supposed to keep us together,but her life is important,”I thought to myself.


I sat down thinking of what to tell her after an operation.




After some hours.she was discharged and she never said a word to me. I hid the reports and went with them at home since the doctor advised not to stress her.

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Days went by and she was back to normal.


I went to see her and she was busy cleaning the house. “Since I came back from the hospital,you didn’t tell me anything apart from avoiding stress.,”she asked and I choked.



“I will tell you only when you say you have forgiven and that we can be friends,”I said.


She smiled but I thought of what to say and how her reaction will be when she finds out that,she lost our baby.

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