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Bupe Episode 1

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Bupe woke up at the middle of the night.her grandmother was fast asleep. They had nothing to fill their stomachs. She sat on her single mattress which was just on the ground. She looked at the roof. She then stood up to open the window. The moon was so Bright.


“I wish my life is so Bright like the moon,”she thought to herself.




She went back to sleep but couldn’t sleep. she went grandma’s room and she was sleeping. She pecked her grandmother and left to sleep.


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She was thinking about finding a Job,she did computer studies,so she thought of finding a job first thing morning.




In the morning,grandma was still sleeping.she did all the chores and made porridge to fill the stomach.she left some for her granny and a not on top of it.




“Don’t worry about me,there is no food but I have cooked porridge for you,pliz take,i am going to look for a job in town or Tazara market,”the note read.




She first went into town,near PJT super market,there was a stationary.she went and there was no vacancy.



She went all over the town but to no avail. She was so tired that she didn’t even have transport money. She used to stay in chisanga compound near mikoto market. On her way home,she saw a post for maids but the place was in chikumanino.she took the number and rushed home. She reached home and her granny didn’t eat anything. She got some of her clothes and took them for sale on salaula.

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Luck was on her side.she sold worth k20 and bought relish and charcoal.then the remaining,she bought talk time. After cooking,she gave granny food and went to see a friend Lewis in winburg.she asked for his phone and called the numbers.


She was given the address where she found a job as a maid. Lewis was like a brother to him and a friend but Bupe was a girl who didn’t want to depend on others. She believed in earning through hard work.




“Thanks a lot Lewis,i have to go,granny must be worried about me and it’s late,”she said and Lewis escorted her home.




She ate her food and made sure granny went to sleep.in the morning,she prepared herself to go and left food for granny. She told her everything and granny didn’t object to her working as a made.




She reached home following the given address.it was a big wall fence. She rang the bell and the gate man came out.he led her in and was given a seat.




She looked around,the house was so huge and beautiful.she waited for the owner of the house.




The young handsome guy came out with his younger sister. From the expression,the sister didn’t like Bupe but the young man was okay with her. He introduced himself as Miguel and the sister as Mariana Mutale.



She was given an attire and agreed on being paid K800. “Brother all that money and she has not started working.”Mariana said.


“Will you shut up and go to your room,”he said and she left in anger.




Miguel left for work.he was an accountant at Zanaco.


Bupe did her work. “Make sure you come back early in the morning tomorrow,i have date clothes,”Mariana said and she just nodded her heard in agreement.




She reached home tired and later on ,she went to tazara market and bought small Itel phone worth hundred kwacha for communication with the boss.




“Since you came back,you look so happy,and you seem to like your job as a made via huh,”,granny said and she was just smiling.


She bought staffs with the money that the boss gave her.

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