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Big Girls – Episode 7

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“Who am I to you Kamulaza?” She asked tearfully.


“This isn’t time for stupid questions, you should have figured it out already. Now let’s find” where to keep you


“Are you crazy or what? Keep who, Matilda? You have totally lost it if you think am going to hide for the b*tch outside”. She said furiously.


“We can settle this later, but please she mustn’t see you. This is more for your good than mine. “Kamulaza pleaded gently when he saw that Matilda won’t oblige.


“Worry less about my good then just get this straight, it is officially over between us” she said and then walked into the sitting room and found herself in the hands of Jennifer, Kamulaza’s fiancee.

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“What’s going on here Kamulaza? Jennifer asked sizing up Matilda with her eyes.


“Baby, she’s already leaving, just let her go. I will explain everything to you later” Kamulaza begged.


“Where is she going to? Why is she here in the first place? I need an explanation from this b*tch” Jenny yelled


“Hey, I’m not here for you okay. So do yourself a favor by getting the hell out of my way” Matilda replied.


“Like seriously, you still have the guts to speak back at me even when you are in my home, with my man. Oh you are really star-crossed today. By the time I’m through with you, you will never ever come near someone’s home and man, you cheap slut.” Jenny yelled


“Your home? Your man? Really. I must confess that I’m amused by the level of your dumbness. Jeez, how can a lady in this 21st century be this clueless to call a man her husband who’s not married to her, and even calling his house her home? My dear, like I said earlier, just get your disgusting self out of my way.” Matilda replied.

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On hearing this, Jenny started laughing and then clapped on the women’s way.


“Oh oh, nala kuma elo walanji shiba efyo napena (I will beat you up that’s when you will understand how crazy I’m). Jenny said rushing to the bar to pick a bottle.




Kamulaza had to quickly push Matilda out and locked the door from within to avoid stories that hurt.


“What kind of embarrassment did I just receive? Matilda, getting involved with a razz girl all because of a man? you have suffered girl, you have really suffered. But what if Kamulaza had not pushed me out? Was she intending on using the bottle on my head? Even the scar I have on my head is yet to heal and now I want another one. Girl, this is the very last time you will think of Kamulaza, if you ever think of him again, I swear I will curse you. It’s over Kamulaza” Matilda thought aloud before entering her car and zoomed off.




Joan couldn’t sleep, she stayed up waiting for her husband who eventually did not return. She has been blaming Matilda but finally realized that she was the one who messed up. She hasn’t not been wise enough in handling serious issues especially those involving her husband.


“Just come home darling and I promise to be the best wife ever” she said sobbing silently.


As early as 5:00am, Musonda drove into the compound. He opened the door with his key and let himself in only to see Joan on her knees crying and asking for forgiveness.


He by passed her and entered the bathroom for fresh up. He dressed up for work without looking at Joan’s face who’s still crying. After concluding his preparation, he dropped a weekly upkeep on the bed and let himself out of the room without saying a word. Joan ran after him crying and begging, but Musonda never answered.


He entered his car and Joan held the door crying.


“Please my husband, forgive me. I’m truly sorry” she said.


“Oops sorry, I almost forgot.” He said and picked up a bag.


“Have it” he said


Joan quickly dried up her face with the back of her hands. She felt a little hope resurfaced in her. She collected it and was about to check it then Musonda said


“In case you ever get tired of being sucked and fingered by your friends, you can use that dildo (Artificial male organ) to satisfy your sexual urge cos I won’t be available for the timetable sex, not any time soon.”


Musonda Immediately closed the door and drove out leaving Joan in a transfixed state. She collapsed on the floor and wept profusely as it has completely dawn on her that her man is not coming back soon.


She cried out there in the open space for a very long time before the gateman eventually helped her up. She went inside with her package and continued crying. She had emaciated just within 24hours. She wanted to call her mother, but decided to call Becky who didn’t pick up the call until the sixth time.




“Becky, I am finished” Joan said over the phone crying. “Your case can’t be as terrible as mine” Becky replied. “What? What Happened?”




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