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Big Girls – Episode 5

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…Becky on the other hand, has been at home with one of his boyfriends, James.


They had some rounds of sex and were lying na.ked having a chitchat.


She suddenly remembered she’s yet to see Ben, another boyfriend whom she had given her Master card since Friday. She quickly discharged James and dressed up to go and look for Ben.


Ben had complained bitterly about his need for money. She gave him her card to cash a K1000.00, as she often does. Surprisingly, yesterday she got a debit alert of 6000.00, and earlier today making the total of K12000.00 against the agreement of K1000.00


She felt he needed more, and he’ll come and explain to her this evening. She was carried away when James came over, but now she needs to go and get her card back.


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Right before she stepped out, she got a debit alert of K31,000 from her bank.


Becky died a million times after reading the message for the 3rd time. Her head hurts, her stomach churns, the sitting room was moving fast and she was sweating profusely. She rested her hand against the wall to get some balance and then Luyando, her maid walked in.


“Madam, are you alright? She asked.


“No, I’m not. I’m not alright, I think I have been duped” Becky replied.


“Have your seat madam” Luyando said.


I can’t sit. Get me the car key” Becky said.


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This is one of the reasons I asked you to sit, you are holding your car key madam” Luyando said pointing to her hands. “Oh” Becky sighed


“Now, all you need is a sit, while I get you a cup of water and then explain what really happened to me” Luyando said.


“Ok” Becky replied whilst thinking of how she has been fooled.




Becky had a good relationship with her maid, with almost every one. Although she had shortcomings, but she doesn’t look down on people and often times, she helps people.




“Don’t let her out of the gate” Luyando shouted as she returned to the sitting room and could not find Becky. She heard the sound of ignition and then the gate opening. She shouted and rushed out but unfortunately her boss, had driven out speedily.


“Oh my God. I pray nothing bad happens to her. Please God, save and bring her home safely” she prayed and then walked inside to continue with her chores.




“Let this be a dream. Wake up Becky, wake up. How can Ben do this to me? How can he take me for granted? He wanted some money but I couldn’t go to the bank because I needed to see Matilda. He went for shopping with my money. Oh, I can’t take this, I will kill him.” Becky thought aloud while driving to his place.




She got to Ben’s house safely and knocked. She kept knocking without getting any response for over 5 minutes, she was going crazy. Her generosity has landed her in trouble. Becky continued knocking on the door until the neighbor from the next door came out.


“Good evening madam” the neighbor greeted.


“Good evening sir. Please, I’m here to see Mr Ben. I have been knocking without getting any response. It’s imperative I see him now. I hope he isn’t in your flat?” Becky said hurriedly giving no breathing space.


“Calm down madam, are you Miss Becky…” The neighbor was asked.


“Yes, I am Becky, Mr Ben’s girlfriend” she answered even before the neighbor could finish with his question.


“Then, I have a letter for you. I will be back soon” he said and went inside to get the letter.



“This is not a movie, I’m about to read the letter that confirms what’s already in my head. Oh Becky, you have been duped.” She thought while she waited for the neighbor with trembling knees




She opened up the letter immediately it was handed over to her and she read it out.


“I’m sorry I moved out without giving you a prior notice. I know you need some explanation and that’s why I’m giving you this location to meet me.


See you soon baby, Love you”




“This is a very good way of expressing your love for me, I swear I love you too and I’m willing to prove it to you when I see you tonight” she said as she cut out the address part from the letter and trampled the other parts on the ground.


She left the compound without uttering another word to the neighbor who stood surprised with the way she was acting.




She got to the said location easily with the help of Google map, around 8:00pm.


She entered into the compound and the security guard directed her to the apartment she was looking for.


Ben came out before she could knock and knelt down before her.




“I’m sorry baby, I truly, I know you love me that’s why you trusted me with your money. I should have let you know about my plans but I feared you wouldn’t give me if I asked outrightly. Please don’t hate me for this. I promise to return the money to you as soon as possible even with interest. Please forgive me honey” Ben said tearfully.


All the hurts and betrayal she was feeling where gradually easing off, the moment she saw Ben in a sober mood.


“Damn it Ben, you could have told me. I would have giving it to you cos I loved you so much but now I’m deeply hurt, and it might take some time before I can finally forgive you” she said crying.



“I know baby and understand. I will do everything possible to make you forgive me quickly” he said.


“Just get up please” she said helping him


“You didn’t even use the money for business Ben, instead you used it to shop for electronics and furniture which I guess are for this new apartment. I might not be able to forgive you if you ever do this again.” She said as she opened her hands while Ben filled them with a hug.




Whilst hugging, Ben slipped something into her pocket without her knowledge and went inside.

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