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Big Girls – Episode 10

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“Becky dear, you can tell your friend to excuse us so we can be able to think of ways to get back your hard earned money from that worthless bastard who thinks he can get away with your money” Matilda continued but stopped when she saw the look on both Becky and Joan. She didn’t really care about Joan’s look, but that of Becky got her worried at that moment


Becky was disappointed by Matilda’s response. She has now seen her in the image of the adjectives Joan had qualified her with. She never knew she could be this ruthless not to care about her friends marriage.


“Who have I been friends with for all these years? If she can be this cruel in words with Joan who is more matured and disciplined than I am, then what will be my fate in her hands if i eventually find myself in a messy situation, like that which I am in now. I can’t believe I have been friends with Matilda for this long and didn’t see this inhumane part of her. I think I’ve seen it countless times, I just chose to



overlook it and contend for the bestie title with Joan who I should be closer with. Now that I have seen her true colors, I think I’m ready to terminate my friendship with her as well.” Becky thought.



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“Ain’t you got something to say?” Matilda asked Becky who she was expecting to ask Joan out of her house.


“I have a lot to say, but there will really be no use for it because you are too selfish to think or care for anyone else. I know that I have weaknesses but they can’t be compared to you and I am willing to become a better person and for that reason, I also will end my friendship with you but I promise to help you also when I become better” Becky explained.




“What?” Matilda shouted


“Even you, Becky you can’t do anything on your own. Why should I be surprised? You don’t even have your own mind. I know you will come back soon, just like you always do but believe me, I will make you suffer before accepting you back.” Matilda replied in visible anger and then left for her home.




Joan advanced to Becky and gave her a great hug. Like I said, Joan is now a hugger too.


“Now that we’ve successfully sorted out one of our problems, let’s sit and think of how to get your marriage back” Becky said.

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“What about your money? Your hard earned money? Don’t you think you should get that fast while I try to work on my marriage? Joan asked


“First and foremost, I need to correct this notion, That is not hard earned money though it belongs to me. I never worked for it, but depended on people for all that I have acquired. And also, your marriage and happiness is more Paramount than my lost money which I know I now possess the right mindset to work for. So your marriage and happiness comes first my darling.” Becky explained bringing Joan to tears.


Why haven’t I seen this good part of Becky all this while?


It has taken my almost collapsed marriage to notice that Becky truly is a good.


She appreciated Becky and promised to help her get to become better.




“Madam, I have found this in your pocket as I am about to wash your clothes” Luyando, Becky’s maid said stretching out an envelope to her.


“What’s in it?” Becky asked.


“I have not opened the envelope madam but I hope it’s something that will bring you happiness” Luyando said.




Becky collected it and looked at Joan and Luyando then back to Joan who confirmed with a nod for her to open the envelope.


She slowly opened the envelope and then saw something that looked like a cheque leaf. She opened an envelope and saw K40,000.00 written boldly on the cheque prepared by Ben. She shouted in excitement and showed the cheque to Joan and Luyando who had been smiling and waiting for her to explain things to them. They were equally happy that she got her money back with interest.


She then explained to Joan on how she felt Ben put something in her pocket when she said she has forgiven him. She would have eventually checked it but for the bad turnout of that night, she was so grateful to God that Ben never deceived her but only wanted to test her. Suddenly, a bad thought crept in her mind and she voiced it out to Joan




“What if Ben has bounced the check today after he discovered that I have been cheating on him, remember he gave to me before the shameful discovery. I think I have lost out this money, and I shouldn’t put it in my mind anymore to avoid greater hurts” she said down casted.


“We will do nothing but hope for the best. With the little I have heard from you today about Ben, I think he’s a good man who would never take advantage of your good act even when he isn’t in a good relationship with you. Let’s just hope dear” Joan said.



“And I hope your husband forgives you also bringing peace in your home” Becky said.




Before Joan left, Both (Becky and Joan) were hopeful that tomorrow will bring nothing but happiness and joy to them, Matilda on the other hand was also hoping that her friends will come back to her.

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