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Big Girls – Episode 1

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Episode 1




“Matilda darling, you don’t have to accept the gibberish Joan is spitting from her orifice, all because you are 27 and should be married already according to our Mrs married woman’s calculations.” Becky said obviously picking on Joan while she advised her best friend, Matilda.




Becky had always been friend with Matilda since childhood. They had been through a lot together but their friendship had survived still. Even though the survivability of their friendship is more on the conscious effort of Becky in most cases, Becky will never let Joan take the ‘ Best Friend’ title.




Becky had disliked Joan right from the instant Matilda introduced her as her very good friend and roomie when they were in school. Matilda was a year ahead of Becky, and it was during this period that Matilda became friends with Joan. She had become friend and remained with Joan only for Matilda’s sake, even though they quarrel more.


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“Madam ‘single’, sure you can make your futile points without throwing tantrums like a spoilt brat that you truly are?” Joan shot back with anger that is visible in her look.


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I thought you are more mature and experienced than us all, how come you can’t hold your temper in check tonight? Are you loosing it already? Maureen said apparently enjoying the rise in Joan’s temper.




“For the fact that you know that I’m more knowledgeable mature and experienced than you are, I will just dust off your unruly speech and act, while I focus more on why I’m here” Joan said.




Matilda had already gone to the door holding it’s handle as her friends where getting at each other as they often do.


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“I asked for your help, and it’s obvious I’m not getting any… Please can you get the hell out of my house this instance” Matilda shouted at the top of her voice.




“We are sorry” Joan and Becky said concurrently




“Well, I don’t have strength for your drama today. I think I now understand the saying that ‘if you want something done right, do it yourself’. You guys have been here for over 30 minutes and all you do is counter each other’s opinion leaving me more confused than when you had not come. I will help myself this time around and get back to you on my decision. But for my sanity sake, I need to be left alone.” Matilda said.




I’m sorry darling, I shouldn’t have stooped so low to her level. Do think through on this and call me when you need a real friend” Joan said as she pecked Matilda and left.




“Did you hear what she said? I will just let this slide for your sake baby. Now back on what we were discussing before, I will like you…” Becky was saying before she was abruptly interrupted.




“I asked you both to leave, and you’re definitely not blind to see that I’m still holding the door wide open for you to leave.” Matilda replied her insolently.



Becky got the point, took her bag and stopped right before Matilda could close the door and said ” babe, what about the bag you promised to give me when we see today?” She asked.


“Just get out” Matilda yelled pushing her slightly with the door.


“Gosh, how can someone be this worthless and shameless. And to imagine I’ve been friends with her for over 20 years is really …” Matilda stopped as she returned to her room.




Matilda is a rich lady born with silver spoon and also doing all it takes with hard work to maintain her status. She is very temperamental which is mostly the cause of her frequent break up in her love life. Being the last and only girl in the family of four, she had always hoped she married and started her own family early. The sight of her parents evergreen love always make her love, but unfortunately for her she couldn’t hold on to any relationship to last in marriage. Or maybe the men out there are not just responsible enough for her. Men like her father obviously do not exist anymore.




Joan is often termed as the most intelligent is a married lady but without issues yet. She’s newly married to Muzo, her high school lover and they live a little above average. Muzo had been her first and only love, and she had always pride in this making her friends a little uncomfortable.


She’s meek and understanding but Becky will always do everything possible to infuriate her, and she sometimes find herself fighting back. Although they are friends, they fight approximately 80% or more whenever they are together.




Becky on the other hand is a rich but dependant lady. She depends on her parents, older siblings and guys sometimes older men for things.


She doesn’t have any particular thing doing at the moment but she’s always stable financially.


To add to many more of her vices, she lacks contentment. She will always have eyes for people’s things and she doesn’t mind begging for it. She has borrowed more of Matilda and Joan’s things which she will never return. She has even



borrowed less expensive ear rings from Joan. But amidst all these, she has a good heart. She’ll always call and check on her friends. She doesn’t keep malice and she easily forgives as well.




Matilda let’s some stream of hot tears run down her cheek as she entered her room. She purposely let it flow hoping it will mend a little or more part of her broken heart. Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon below.




“Is it possible I have a problem? Of course not. Or maybe I’m not just lucky with men? How can I have all that a man can need and yet none of them will be responsible enough not to misbehave with me? It seems the present generation of men are cursed never to appreciate good and responsible ladies.


But Joan is married to a responsible man who practically worships her and Becky has a whole lot of guys ready to walk her down the aisle but for the fact that she isn’t ready to quit spinsterhood. Why’s my case so different? Why can’t I just get a man who will love me completely for who I am. I will be 27 in few weeks time and I am still single with no relationship. I’m just so tired of all these. ” She moaned as she thought.


Her moan later became a loud wail before she drifted in to the Dreamland.




The sound of her alarm woke her up the next day and she had to struggle out of the bed. Nothing comes between her and her job in the office, not even after a hurtful breakup. She loved her job no doubt, but she wasn’t just feeling too good that morning. Her head hurts and her stomach aches but still she prepared for work.

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She left for work forgetting to take her usual breakfast of bread and tea. She started work as soon as she settled in. While many ladies hate accounting, Matilda enjoys every bit of it especially the error free aspect which is her specialty.


She has halted her work to attend to the secretary who had just brought in files belonging to VFF Concepts Company to work on their payroll. Right in the



presence of her secretary she felt uneasy, and started sweating profusely even with with the Air Conditioner that was on a full blast.




“Are you alright madam?” the secretary asked and before Matilda could reply something happened.

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