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Beauty And The Beast – Episode 4

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***  INSERT 4  ***  “Trust no one. she’s not what she appears to be”  *  “What’s wrong?”  “Nothing” I said with a smile “Nothing at all”  I replied still looking at the paper.  Chad stared at me obviously feeling confused about everything.  “I need to go” I tell him standing up from my seat.  He stood up too.  “What’s in that paper?”  “Nothing”  he scoffs “nothing? then why did you act so off immediately you read that thing?” he asked pointing at the paper in my hand. “It’s personal so yes I’m leaving”  I tucked the paper inside my pockets as I outside to where my bike was parked. I took a quick look at the environmental to see if Maybe I can catch a glimpse of him but I didn’t.  it’s like he just disappeared into thin air and what does he mean by Trust no one? gosh I’m so confused.  He is perhaps talking about Tasha and Denisha?  And if he is then how does he know her?  Are they friends?  gangsters?  I don’t know yet but this letter just confirmed my suspicion that something is just not right about her.  she’s definitely up to something. she’s hiding something. the Aura around her is just not encouraging.  There’s something underneath that goody good shoes character she’s trying to hide. But what!  I quickly started the engines and headed home.  I need to talk to dad and quickly too.  .  I arrived home and rushed inside the living room.  the place was oddly quiet.  where is everybody? where is Tasha and Denisha?  I quietly walk upstairs to Tasha’s room. when I got closer, I started hearing voices.  they were coming from Tasha no doubt.  “Not yet, I think it’s too early for that. and besides we’re not married yet and I don’t want people to start pointing fingers at me. it’ll be very suspicious” I overheard her telling the person she was talking to.  “Yes sure. she won’t be a problem trust me. I can handle her” she added handle who? is she talking about me?  “Denisha is fine and Carl has been trying his best to make her feel comfortable” she says again  “I love Carl and I want what’s best for him”  why is she sounding different now?  she was obviously planning something and I heard her.  Feeling defeated I walked away to my room.  Few hours later, dad came back from work and I rushed to meet him down stairs. “Daddy I need to talk to you” I tell him immediately he stepped into the living room “please” I add when I noticed the uncertainty on his face.  Just then Tasha and Denisha both rushed down to say hello. “Welcome back honey” she said kissing his cheeks “Welcome home Daddy”  “How are you Denisha? hope your day was splendid?”  she shrugs before saying “It was kinda boring though. I just stayed home all day doing nothing”  “Maybe you can come and visit the office tomorrow. it’ll give me a chance to show you off as the new member of our family or better still you could go shopping.” he suggested  “I’d like that. thanks Dad” she said hugging him.  “that’s not a problem honey. you’re part of the family now and as your dad, I owe you that don’t you think?” he asks and she nods  “Honey you don’t have to do all this”Tasha comment. what a liar.  ” You’re my wife to be and I think it’s part of my responsibility now.”  “Dad I told you I need to talk to you” I said with a frown. he’s totally forgotten that I’m standing here.  He looks at Tasha and then back to me.  “OK whatever about?”  “Not here. in private” I said stressing on the ‘private’ “Okay” he said and led the way to his bedroom.  “What news do you want to tell me about Tasha now?” he asked immediately I shut the door.  “Daddy I know it’s going to sound strange but–”  “when it comes to you, nothing sounds strange. so you’ve done a background check on Tasha and you’re here to tell me that she isn’t good enough for me”  “Daddy it’s not it. I know you won’t believe me but yes, she is up to something. she’s hiding something. look at this” I say handing him the piece of paper that was given to me.  “someone out there is trying to tell us something dad”  “I got this paper earlier today from an anonymous person.” I explained “Amber. please tell me you didn’t write this to frame Tasha and make me leave her”  “What?”  “It’s obvious that you don’t like Tasha at all and maybe you wrote this to make me see her as a bad person and maybe cancel the wedding”  I gaped at my dad. he doesn’t believe me. he thinks I’m trying to frame Tasha. how sure am I that that’s even her real name?  “Daddy I would never write this intentionally to frame Tasha. you know me” I said trying to defend myself  “That’s the point Amber. I don’t think I know you anymore. everyday you give me more reasons to doubt you”  “Daddy you’re not listening to me” I half yell taking him by surprise  “you’re right and I don’t think I will if all you’re going to do is try and ruin Tasha’s name. she’s my fiancee Amber. your mother to be and you have to start respecting that” he said with finality.  I watched him walk out of the room without sparing me a single glance. this can’t be happening.  I’m not about to loose my dad to this woman.  I quickly chased after him.  “Daddy please you have to listen to me. I know I’ve not been the best daughter all these years but please just once don’t do this” I beg tears evident in my eyes. “I’m sorry Amber but no”  Tasha and her daughter walked up to where we stood.  “Daddy you’ll have to choose. I won’t let you ruin your life. it’s either you send her away or I leave instead. so who’s it gonna be. me or your fiancee” I asked hoping that maybe, just maybe he picks me. but the look in his eyes, the longing, told me that he’s not willing to let go.  “Dad?” I call again but he takes in sharp breath before looking at me.  “I love you Amber but I also love Tasha and I want you both with me. don’t make  me choose between the both of you”  “Dad I don’t trust her please”  “Fine Amber, you can leave if you want to. I love Tasha and I’m going to marry her whether you like it or not. you shouldn’t judge people. I raised you better than that and if your mother were here…” he stopped talking like he’s just remembered her.  she still has that effect on him.  “I’ll be in my room” he said and walked away to his bedroom. I stood there trying to console myself but what I didn’t understand was why I saw a smirk on Tasha’s face.   she quickly composed herself when she caught me staring at her but she’s just proven to me that she’s not who she says she is. .

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