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Wild Obsession – Episode 9

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As soon as Inspector Lukas entered Gina’s ward, he called Ken aside and briefed him on the recent development


“We leave this hospital by 5am. I’m going to meet the doctor now, then I’ll inform the D.P.O. we’ll act like Gina is dead and take her away in an ambulance. Don’t worry about the oxygen, she’ll still breath from it inside the ambulance,” he concluded and left the ward.


Ken found it difficult to believe his father could harbour such evil. He regretted ever having him as a father but would he blamed entirely for everything that has been happening? He glanced at the wall clock and it read 2:15, then he remembered the night of that morning was the night Gina was supposed to be sacrificed, he felt a bit happy she was with him, at least in that way, he’s assured she’s safe.



Gladly and lucky for them, the doctor accepted the patient’s transfer and at about 4:30am, everyone except chief was set to leave the hospital and by 5:00am, their car and the ambulance drove out of the hospital premises without chief…




Gina was taken to another hospital which the doctor in charge was the inspector’s friend and in a jiffy, she was well taken care of and Ken was asked to go home and freshen up, then eat something but he refused leaving Gina’s side and so, Richie offered to go home, then get him his toiletries and a change of cloth.


However, the inspector left too after making sure Gina was in safe hands. He told Ken to be calm and that everything will be alright, then also informed him that he will be coming back with Gina’s mom. “She deserves to know the truth,” he said painfully, touched Gina’s forehead to feel her temperature before walking out with the policeman that drove Ken the previous night.

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While alone, Ken kept on caressing Gina’s palm while singing their childhood song for her and the more he did that, the more he felt something deeper for her. He never knew what it felt like to like or love a woman but he believed what he felt for Gina was more than love and thoughts of loosing her scared him.


“You’ll be fine. Just stay strong for your mom and I,” he said and kissed the back of her palm…




Inspector Lukas, after leaving the hospital went straight to pay the D.P.O a visit.


He narrated everything that happened, leaving nothing out.


The D.P.O sighed, “We’ve always know Chief is deadly and evil but we never had any concrete prove against him so he could be charged to court and prosecuted but now, I think his time his up and his days are numbered. Once Mrs. Albert is dropped at the hospital, we’ll get work and before dusk, we should be able to find out who knows what could kill chief,” he said



“Yes,” inspector Lukas nodded in affirmative. “He deserves to die. God! What bloody hell of a man that almost made me denounce my job,” he frowned while the D.P.O laughed heartily


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“You signed for this and you can’t back out now.”


“I know,” the inspector looked down as thoughts of his family flashed his mind. “I need to go see my wife and children.”


“Yes, right,” the D.P.O stood up from where he sat, moved towards the inspector who was already on his feet and gave him a friendly pat on the back, then walked him to the door…




Inspector Lukas returned to the D.P.O’s house two hours later and together, they set out to the police station.


On getting to the station, they headed straight to the interrogation room and ordered that Rose be brought out. When she had settled on the chair, the D.P.O began to question her.


“What do you know about Chief Dapo?”


“Governorship candidate,” Rose replied shivering due to the D.P.O’s statue and unsmiling face. Her face was bruised and she had received more than enough torture so she wasn’t willing to receive another


“Numb skull,” the D.P.O fired. “What’s Governorship candidate?”


“That’s the only thing I know about him,” Rose said, scanning faces.


“Who do you think know something private about him?”


Rose thought for a while and the only name that came to her mind was Okay but she was scared of telling them. If Ola finds out, she might kill her, so she kept mute.



“Are you deaf?” the D.P.O thundered. “I said who’s the closest to chief in your gang?”


The way he shouted almost made her urinate in her pant and in fear, she mentioned, “Ola”


The D.P.O raised his head and exchanged glances with the inspector, then faced her again. “Her address?” he inquired and Rose obliged. He ordered that she should be taken back to her cell before walking towards the door.


“Please, don’t tell her I told you,” Rose pleaded while the two men nodded and walked out…




Inspector Lukas and the D.P.O first went to take Mrs. Albert to the hospital before heading to the address given to them by Rose.


On getting to the place, everywhere was busy with quarrels and shouts here and there. The place was a ghetto with face me I face you houses and they had difficult locating Ola’s room. When the finally did, the moved to the door and knocked twice.


Ola was busy packing up her belongings. She needed to get out of the country as soon as possible. She heard from a reliable source that Chief had been caught and since Rose was in prison, she decided not to take chances.


When she heard the knock on the door, she paused to listen and sure it came from her door, she went to open it.


“Hei!” She shouted in surprise as the D.P.O pushed her inside while the inspector shut the door.


“Looks like someone has plans of running away?” the inspector smirked as he caught sight of the open box with well arranged cloths in it



The D.P.O turned to have a look as well, then tightened his face. “If you cooperate, I won’t harm you,” he said and brought out a gun from his pocket.(Join Group) More stories @ www.generalloaded.com


“Please,” Ola shifted backwards. “I’m the bread winner of my family and I can’t afford to die and leave my poor mother and five siblings,” she pleaded sadly


“Oh! Poor thing,” the D.P.OD.P.O mocked. “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you, I just need an information about Chief,” he said and placed his left leg on the small table in the middle of the room.


Ola relaxed a bit and looked at him expectantly. “What information?”


“We want to know what can kill chief Dapo?”

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Ola shrieked as Goosebumps appeared all over her skin. She remembered the night Chief was circumcised and she was made to swear to always keep that secret to herself. She remembered how the Oracle had told her in a very serious tone that if she ever told anyone what could kill chief, that she would die. Scared of risking her life, she shook her head in the negative


“I’m sorry but I have no idea about that.”


The D.P.O gave her a stern look, “ You have just one minute of Grace. Please, don’t waste my time. I ask again, what can kill Chief Dapo?”


“I said I don’t know,” Ola replied almost shouting


The D.P.O grinned wickedly, and before she knew it, his fingers squeezed her throat, almost choking the life out of her


Ola struggled for breath as the grip tightened. “Please, re…Lea…see…me…,” she stammered.


The D.P.O released her and she started coughing. “Start talking,” he thundered as anger flashed his eyes…

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