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Wild Obsession – Episode 5

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Though Ken was surprised to see his father, he let it slide cos he was a public figure.


“What is going on here?” He asked, scanning the older men faces



Chief looked at Inspector Lukas with the eye of are-you-in-or-out? Completely ignoring Ken. He was very certain he would accept his offer cos he loved money.


Inspector Lukas smiled mischievously, opened the cheque book and removed a pen from his breast pocket. With it, he filled in the amount and handed it back to chief. Chief smiled too and gave him a handshake. He then entered his car and the driver drove away.


Confused Ken asked, “What just happened, sir? Is my dad involved in this?”


“You ask too many questions, young boy,” the inspector turned and walked towards his car. “Tell me your address so I can drop you off at home,” he said and entered the car.


Ken glanced at his wristwatch and it was 12:30pm. He then entered the car, quietly and buckled his seat belt.

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“Your address,” Inspector Lukas insisted.


“Drop me at Mrs. Albert’s house. I need to know how she’s coping,” Ken requested while inspector Lukas nodded and started the car…




“I’m sorry,” Rose was saying amidst tears while Ola was far too angry to listen.


“Why did you even go there in the first place? What were you thinking?”

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Rose shook her head stupidly. She couldn’t explain why she went to Gina’s company that morning and now, she regretted her actions.


“You’re dumb now, right?” Ola fired. “Fine! You’ll rot in jail, idiot,” she hissed and walked out of the room while the police officer that brought her in went after her with smiles on his face, very sure of the tip he was going to receive…



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Gina was lost in thoughts. She was scared of what would become of her after allowing three hefty men to take advantage of her. She feared sex but feared death more, so she decided to give in


“Howfar,” the man in front tapped her. “We still dey wait.”


Gina startled and shifted a bit. “Okay, I accept but that will be tonight, please.”


The excitement on each of their faces kinda scared her but she still acted strong. Each of them took turns to kiss her forehead before leaving her alone. While alone, Gina stared at the dry bread in front of her and her thoughts drifted back to Ken. She missed him and just thinking of the way he smiled at her made her shiver as Goosebumps appeared on her skin. “This phase too, shall pass,” she sighed and picked up the bread…




Mrs. Albert sat on the floor, resting her back on the down part of the couch. She was sobbing and frequently blowing her nose into her handkerchief. Soon, the front door opened and Ken walked in, then moved to sit on the floor beside her


“Mom!” he called softly, taking her in his arms and wiping her tears. “Don’t worry, everything will be fine.”


“Why Gina of all people?” Mrs. Albert sniffed. “I wish I knew this was going to happen, I wouldn’t have asked her to come back to Nigeria. Any positive news from Inspector Lukas?”


“It’s alright. Stop crying. She’ll be fine but no positive news yet.”


“I’ve tried calling chief to inform him in case he can help but he’s not picking up my calls. I think he’s still angry that I left him 20 years ago but what would I have done. Albert came for me and I couldn’t resist him,” she explained


Ken was understood but still asked, “Till date, I still think of why you chose to leave me?”


Mrs. Albert sighed deeply. “It’s really a long story, dear.”


“Make it short, please.”


“I need water, please.” Ken stood and hurried to get her water. After drinking, she cleared her throat and began. “You’re Chief’s son and Gina is my biological daughter…” she paused, then continued. “Albert got me pregnant and travelled out six months after, then I met chief in the seventh month of my pregnancy. I was all alone cos I was an orphan and Albert’s parent disliked me and so when chief came around with love and support, I succumbed to him. He had you when I met him and then, you were just a year old. According to him, his baby mama lost her life while giving birth to you. To cut the long story short, chief was very supportive in the course of my pregnancy and we cared for you together. He loved and cared for me but then, when you were five years old and Gina, two years old, Albert returned with apologies and since I was still in love with him, I decided to follow him to USA against Chief’s plea. Chief was very upset and when I left, he vowed never to forgive me. When Gina was about 20, I left her and came back to Nigeria to try hook up with chief again, then run her dad’s business while she completed her studies but he seemed too busy and paid no attention to me. Gina came in last two months to help run her father’s business but now, she’s no where to be found…” she concluded and started crying again.


Ken completely understood and there, the reason behind his sudden likeness of Gina became clear to him. He vowed within him to save her life. He just knew, when he first saw her, that they had a connection somehow but was kinda shocked to know Mrs. Albert wasn’t biological mom


Mrs. Albert stared into the space and smiled. “You too were so fond of each other and they way you played together… I thought you must have forgotten everything about me, I’m so sorry I left you,” she apologized soberly


Ken smiled and pulled her into his arms again. He remembered then, the way Gina would always come to him and in a little voice would say, “Sing for me” and he would happily start singing while she would smile sheepishly. “I still love and respect you as my mother and even though I was young then, I hold nothing against you now.”



“Thank you so much,” Mrs. Albert appreciated and held him tight. Few minutes later, Ken helped her up and led her to the bathroom to shower, then went to the kitchen to prepare her something to eat. Ken’s phone started ringing while Mrs. Albert was eating and it was Richie calling. He sounded urgent and demanded to see him concerning Gina’s whereabouts.


After informing her of the recent development and promising to save Gina, he quickly left for his house, promising to return with something positive…




On getting to his house, Richie was about going out. “I thought you weren’t gonna show up again,” he said, slightly angry


“I’m sorry. You know I left my car coupled with Lagos traffic,” Ken apologized and hugged him


Richie smirked, “Kiss me first.”


Ken chuckled and obliged even though he didn’t feel like it. “So, you said you know something about where Gina is?”


“Yes,” Richie moved closer to him. “I went into investigation when I left you at the club last night, and I found out something interesting.”


“Wow!” Ken straightened up.


“Your dad, chief is involved and if we don’t act fast, she will be used for ritual tomorrow night.”


“What!” Ken raised his voice.


Richie quickly covered his mouth with his hands. “Calm down na, walls have ears ,” he said and Ken swallowed hard and he continued. “You’ll inform the inspector and I’ll take you guys there tonight.”



Ken glanced at his wrist watch and it read 4:55.” Thanks so much, I’ll call him now,” he said and brought out his phone, then stopped and faced Richie again. “But why? I thought you hated her?”

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Richie smiled and wiped off an insect from his polo. “Call him first, explanations will come later.” Ken looked at him suspiciously, then dialed the inspector’s number


“I was about calling you,” Inspector Lukas said from the other end. “Something came up. Come over to Mrs. Albert’s house right now!” He said and hung up…


To be continued

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