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Wild Obsession – Episode 4

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Rose walked majestically towards the company of four that surrounded Mrs. Albert’s car. Ken allowed her some minutes of pleasantries before bombarding her with questions and of cos, she denied knowing Gina’s whereabouts. Immediately Mrs. Albert heard she was with her daughter the previous night, she held the tight jean skirt she wore and shook her vigorously, shouting and screaming that she returned her daughter
“Are you sure you know nothing about her disappearance?” Ken asked as he calmly pulled away Mrs. Albert away from her and made her sit inside the car, then stared deeply into Roses’ eyes for any clue that could expose the truth and of course, She was unable to maintain eye contact with him
“Gina has never been to a club and why would I even be in possession of a grown up lady like her. Besides, I came here to find out if she has been able to secure me a job as promised,” Rose explained, taking her time and talking in bits so as not to give herself away but it was already too late for her because Ken wasn’t willing to let her go just like that and the way her hands shook and her chest heaved, she was already labelled a suspect
To prevent her from escaping, Ken held her right hand firmly and pinned her to the car. Soon, Inspector Lukas arrived and Ken, being very sure that despite trying to sweet talk them into believing her, Rose was the prime suspect, asked the inspector
to arrest and take her to the station for further questioning. Mrs. Albert too was invited over to make a statement of which she complied, crying profusely while Ken tried his best to calm her down
“Can I come along?” Ella asked as they entered the car amidst Roses’ struggle to be freed and plea of innocence. Lust were written all over her face as she focused her gaze on Ken while asking the question
“No, dear,” Inspector Lukas smiled and opened his car door. “We’ll take it up from here,” he added, entered and after making sure the door was shut, he ignited the engine. Soon, the two cars were seen speeding towards the police station…
Gina opened her eyes and blinked severally, trying to get grip of herself and where she was. She felt very weak and tired and her head pounded very hard with a severe headache. When she finally opened her eyes fully, it dawned on her she was in an uncompleted building. The only good thing about the building was that there was a zinc above to protect her from the scourge sun. She looked around her and noticed something was covered at the corner of the room. Curiosity itched her but it was difficult for her to satisfy it because her hands and legs were tied.
“She don wake!” a croaked voice said and more footsteps were heard. Within seconds, she was surrounded by three hefty men who looked deadly. Each of them held a gun and a stick of cigarette sticker slightly in the corner of their mouth.
“Hey! Beauty!” another of the three men smiled at her, exposing his brown teeth and dirty-looking gums.
“Please…” Gina tried to speak but her voice cracked. She cleared her throat and tried again. “Please, can you until me? The rope hurts,” She pleaded.
One of the men who looked like the group leader beckoned on the man closer to him, “Oboy, free her hand,” he ordered and the man who was the smallest but very stoutly build obeyed immediately.
Gina felt a bit free when her hands were released. She asked that her legs be freed too but the request wasn’t granted. The same man that ordered her hands to be
untied also ordered that she should be served food. On hearing the word “food” her mouth watered and her stomach grumbled but when the “food” was presented to her, she stared at it with disgust.
“Ew, Nwanem!” one of the men said as he removed the stick of cigarette from his mouth, then puffed smoke from the corner of his mouth, “You no dey chop dry bread. Biko, manage am o, we no fit waste money cos na still die you go die,” he concluded and sat on the dusty ground.
“Die?” Gina repeated slowly, looking from one face to another. She then tried to remember what happened and the previous events came pouring into her mind. She remembered, “Rose, the offer of help, the club, Ken and the rest room where she passed out.”
“Please help me,” she pleaded, switching her mood to that of soberness. “I’m willing to do anything you ask of me.”
The men exchanged eye contact, muttered something amongst themselves, then one of them stepped out and squatted in front of Gina. “You know say you fine we’ll and you package,” he began in pidgin English as he used his left fingers to pull her nipples. Though Gina felt disgusted by that action + the foul smell that escaped his mouth, she kept mute and played safe. The guy continued, “ This mission you see so, na no go area o because say you be virgin. You suppose die tomorrow night but if you gree make all of us here enjoy your body wella with plenty styles, my dear, we go free you,” he concluded and smiled, while licking his lips and waiting for Gina to digest what she just heard, then give approval but Gina was too dumbfounded to speak and so she just sat there, mouth agape…
Meanwhile, at the police station, Mrs. Albert had finished making a statement which was recorded for future use but the Inspector was having a hard time with Rose was still claimed to be innocent. The Inspector, obviously getting tired of her, tapped Ken on the shoulder, gestured that they speak outside before walking out of the interrogation room.
“I know your kind,” Ken breath, staring directly into Roses’ eyes. “They always want to claim loyalty but trust me, as long as I’m involved in this, you won’t get away with this!” he threatened and made to leave but Rose called him back.
Hoping to hear something positive, he turned and rested his elbow on the desk in front of her. It was so sudden that he didn’t see it coming and before he knew it, the milky mucus splattered all over his face coupled with some smelly saliva
“Mind your business and learn how to stay away from other people’s business,” Rose glared, feeling very satisfied with what she did.
Ken was furious but acted gentle. He brought out a white handkerchief from his trouser pocket and wiped the mucus off his face, then smiled. “Nice try, Lady. He who laughs last, laughs best,” with that, he spread the stained kerchief, covered Roses’ face with it before walking out of the room to meet the inspector.
“What took you so long?” the inspector asked when he got outside the room.
“Nothing, sir, that girl just seem tough. So… what’s the way forward?”
“The club house,” said the inspector. “We’re going there right away and if on getting there, we can’t find a clue, she will be released cos you have no concrete prove against her. Go ask the victims mother to go home and relax, we will try our best,” he concluded and walked away while Ken followed quietly in deep thoughts.
“How on Earth did he get so hooked with this Gina of a girl?”
“Chief!” Ola called out immediately she was ushered into Chief Dapo’s magnificent and spacious sitting room. “There’s a problem. Rose has been arrested and according to one of our accomplice who works at the station, the Inspector is heading to the club right now to gather information as we speak.”
Chief gave a wicked laugh. “I knew it would come to this and I was fully prepared. Ask my gate keeper to open the gate. I vow to kill any body that stands in my way this year,” he said and walked to towards the door while Ola followed.
“And chief, your son, Ken, is involved.”
Chief stopped and turned when he heard his son’s name, then as an afterthought, he added, “It doesn’t matter who is involved. Be it my son or brother, I will kill them all!” he fired, opened the exit door and walked out angrily with Ola behind him…
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The police van sped across the road like a van which had lost it’s brakes. Its tires screeched as they moved along the rough road that led to the club house but just when it was about taking a U turn to enter the path that led directly to the building, it was overtaken by another car which almost caused an accident.
Inspector Lukas stepped out of the car to see what’s going and chief also stepped out at the same time.
“Chief! What a pleasant surprise!” Inspector Lukas smiled, moved closer to him and stretched his hand for a shake but Chief, instead, put a check book in his palm.
“Write your price and I’ll pay double of it,” he said and arranged his agbada while Ken walked up to them in his gentleman fashion…
To be continued.

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