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Wild Obsession – Episode 3

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Rose had a very tough time dragging Gina’s almost lifeless body from the rest room to the room where chief and Ola waited patiently. It was obvious that her small statue was no match for Gina’s thick and fleshy self. When she finally got to the room, she pushed the door with so much force that Ola had to scold her.


“Won’t you be gentle or you want to spill our bean?” Ola said and helped her drag Gina into the room before shutting the door.


Rose panted heavily and moved to sit on the bed. “You should be grateful I could drag her here all by myself without prying eyes.”


“Hope she’s not dead?” chief asked as Ola examined her body, then shook her head in affirmative.



“She almost didn’t comply and I had to use forceful measures,” Rose explained. “But not to worry, in twelve hours, she should be awake.”


“You did well,” Ola appreciated while Rose smiled tiredly


Chief’s grin was wide enough to expose his poor, toughly stained dentition. He was happy his plans was going smoothly. At least, in less than two days, he’d have what it takes to run the election. He made few calls and soon, three hefty men came with a very large bag and bundled Gina into it. After giving Ola about six bundles of mint naira notes, chief followed the men and they went out of the club house through the deserted back door. Rose felt very happy like she had achieved her goals in life when Ola handed her share of money to her. She quickly put the money into her bag and walked out of the room… *

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Ken waited and waited. He kept looking around to see if he would sight Gina or the lady that earlier came to drag her away but unfortunately, none of them were in sight. Richie was angry that he wasn’t given any attention and his absence was preferred to his presence, so he emptied his glass and left Ken. However, he was determined to find out who that strange girl was so he could warn her to stay away from his man. Ken felt very relieved as Richie stood up and left. He now had the chance to walk around the club hall, hoping to see Gina or her friend but he wasn’t successful. When he was sure he had searched everywhere, he decided to go home as it was getting late.


Maybe coming home was a bad decision because Ken found it difficult to sleep and to make it worse, Richie wasn’t around so he could at least release some sperm to aid relaxation. He’d tried the numbers he saw on the complimentary card Gina gave to him but none went through. He paced round the house, thinking and scratching his head for a thoughtful option but none came. He couldn’t understand the magic or wonders that Gina of a girl had worked on him that he had to spend half the night thinking of her and why she never came back. Maybe, they had an hidden connection or he knew her before then? There must be something about her…





Gina’s mom, Mrs. Albert was restless as well. Gina never kept late nights, even though she was stubborn, she always made sure she got home on or before 9pm but here, it was 1am and there was no sign of her and all her numbers were switched off.


“What’s going on?” she thought as she stood behind the couch, her elbow resting on the handle and her body bent forward. “ Could it be because I scolded her earlier?… No, Gina doesn’t really take trivial issues to heart. Wait! Could it be she decided to spend the night with a friend?… No na, it’s unusual, she would have at least sent a text. Oh God!” She quickly unlocked her phone and realizing she had no one else to call to ask for help, she sighed in frustration and went outside to sit on the pavement, praying hard that nothing bad happens to her daughter…




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The next morning, Mrs. Albert didn’t even wait to shower though she brushed her teeth. She quickly directed her driver to drive her to Gina’s company, hopefully she could get a useful information about her daughter’s whereabouts. On getting to the office at about 6:45am, only the watch night was around to open the gate for her. All other doors were locked and the premises looked deserted. Even the cleaners were yet to arrive.


“Madam?” John, the driver called. “Should we wait or go home and come back later. You know say you dey sick?” he concluded in pidgin English.


Mrs. Albert ignored him and since she was already out of the car, she turned and entered the back sit.


Stupidly, John got behind the steering and was about igniting the ignition but the slap from Mrs. Albert that landed on his bald head seem to reset his brain and he quickly put himself in check and waited for orders.


It was about 7:30 am when the cleaners started arriving but none of them seem to have a clue about where Gina would be. At about 8:30am, Ella, one of Gina’s staff arrived and immediately got interrogated


“Do you have any idea where Gina could be?” Mrs. Albert began



“Gina?” Ella was surprised. “Isn’t she at home?”


Mrs. Albert was irritated. “If she’s home, I won’t be here.”


Ella sensed something was wrong and quickly apologized, then added, “She wasn’t here yesterday and honestly, I last saw her on Friday.”


“Friday?” Mrs. Albert exclaimed. “Three days ago? Ah! I am finished!” She turned and drummed the car roof.


Ella moved closer to comfort her. “Please take it easy, Ma! Nothing will happen to her,” She pleaded but Mrs. Albert was far from listening. She turned to the front of the car and covered her face on the bonnet


“John, take my phone! Call Inspector Lukas quickly… Ah! My rice has been mixed with sand. I am finished… I said I am finished… Ah!


“Please calm down. It will be fine, inugo?” Ella pleaded, chirping in a little bit of Igbo.


John was still on call with the inspector when Ken arrived the venue. He looked very charming in his blue jean and white polo with hard sole white sneakers to match. His beard though not shaved fitted his oval face perfectly. Despite the chaos and situation on ground, Ella still found time to check herself twice, then put up her best smile just so Ken could notice her. In her imagery and wildest imagination, she already envisaged Ken pulling her to himself and devouring her lips with a wild, passionate kiss


“Good morning, Ma!” Ken greeted Mrs. Albert respectfully when he approached but received no reply.


hmUhm, sorry,” Ella smiled. “She’s not in the right frame of mind. You see, her daughter is missing,” she sharp mouthedly pointed out.


“Oh!” Ken was moved to pity. “So sorry Ma!” he said and touched Mrs. Albert’s shoulder.



Raising her head to see who touched her, both were surprised to see each other.


“My son!”




They hugged


“How is your father, chief?”

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“Chief is fine. Though he’s currently running around, trying to put things in place due to the upcoming elections.”


“Hmm… my dear, it’s not easy, God will see him through.”


“Amen o, Amen!” Ken smiled. “Is it your daughter that she just told me about?” he asked, gesturing at Ella who was busy arranging and rearranging herself


“Yes oo, my Gina is missing,” Mrs. Albert began to cry again.


Gina… that name rang a bell. Could it be the lady he met at the club?


“You might not remember her, my dear. You both were very young when my husband took us to USA”


“Yeah, you’re right. What happened to her?”


Mrs. Albert sighed again, rested her back on the car and folded her arms across her breast. “She left home yesterday o. Ah! Gina, very stubborn. She left home since yesterday and till today, she hasn’t returned.”


“Really?” Ken exclaimed and collected the phone John handed Mrs. Albert. “This is serious. Where could she be?” he wondered. “I actually came here to check a friend I met last night. She told me her name is Gina and she gave me her complimentary card but I couldn’t get the chance to see her again afterwards and that got me worried,” Ken said as he brought out Gina’s complimentary card and gave it to Mrs. Albert.



“Christ!” Mrs. Albert raised her voice. “This is my daughter’s complimentary card. Where did you meet her?”


Ken was about replying when a voice interrupted him. They all turned their gaze to the direction of the voice. Lo and behold, the lady who dragged Gina away at the club the previous night, walked in from the gate…



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