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Wild Obsession – Episode 11

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People around and those concerned were informed of Gina’s recovery and before the three hours elapsed, so many visited her including inspector Lukas and the D.P.O.


At exactly three hours, the doctor came in again to examine her and was impressed by what he saw. She was more lively, her drip bag was empty and her eyes were bright than before.


He then informed them that she’ll be discharged in the evening since there were no complications of any kind.


Gina felt very happy. She couldn’t wait to get home so she could be alone with Ken. All the while people chit chatted inside the ward, she only listened with her ears but kept her eyes focused on Ken. She longed and craved for a private moment with him


Finally, it was time for her to be discharged. Most of those who came to visit had gone except the inspector and D.P.O. After she was discharged, she had a change of clothes with the one her mom had asked John to bring from home. Soon, all official signing and payment done with, Gina was taken home…




When they got home, Gina was led upstairs by her mom to freshen up while the Inspector and D.P.O decided to have a word with Ken outside before retiring to their homes


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“Your father, chief, left so much wealth under your care including quite a number of houses across the state,” The D.P.O began. “The papers are in my house. All you need do is to come sign some papers and all properties including money will be handed over to you.”



Ken sighed, “I have my own money, at least I wasn’t lazy. I don’t need my father’s blood money.”


The inspector patted his back lovingly, “You don’t just conclude yet. Take your time to think about it before making a decision and be rest assured, everything your father left for you will be untouched except you decide otherwise.”


“Thanks so much, sirs. I’m deeply grateful but for now, I’ll be staying with Mrs. Albert. I’ll let you know once my mind is made up.”


“Good, we’ll await your orders,” the D.P.O said and gave him a warm handshake. Inspector Lukas did same as well before bidding him goodnight


Ken stood and watched them drive out of the compound before going back inside the house.

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The night was fun as the trio- Mrs. Albert, Gina and Ken reminiscence with relief of a happy reunion. The story of how the two families met was as well told to Gina but she took it in good faith


Soon, Mrs. Albert who felt tired and sleepy kissed them goodnight and retired to bed and finally, Gina was left alone with Ken

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“Thanks for saving my life,” Gina appreciated and shifted closer to him on the couch so he could pull her into his arms. She savoured his scent as his cologne filled her nostrils.


“C’mon,” Ken smiled. “I couldn’t sit back and watch you slip off my fingers especially not after you got me attracted to you at the club.”


Gina smiled too and held him tight


“So, you never told us why you got yourself entangled with someone like Rose?” Ken asked


Gina contemplated for a while. She once told her mom about her but she’d waved it aside. “No,” she shook her head negatively.





“You won’t believe me. No one has ever believed me and I think that’s why Rose decided to harm me cos she thought I’ll never be cured.


“Gina?” Ken called and raised her head so she could look into his eyes. “I trust you and believe me, you can tell me anything.”


She heaved a sigh and touched his shoulder, stared at him for some seconds before shifting back into his arms. “I’ve never been sexually attached or attracted to anyone, male nor female. I think I have a problem with my genitals,” she said sadly.


Ken couldn’t help but laugh and it made her feel bad.


“I knew you won’t believe me,” she frowned and shifted away from him


Ken stopped laughing and made to pull her back to himself but she shifted again so he wouldn’t touch her. “See, I believe you but trust me, it’s just funny that you chose to go ask a street girl for help instead of visiting a doctor.”


She felt bad, “I realize that now but I was too ashamed of myself.”


“I understand,” he smiled. “But you know you have no issue with your genitals. Just that you’re a demisexual.”


“Demisexual? What’s that?”


“A demisexual is one who doesn’t feel sexually attached or attracted to anyone except one he/she has formed a strong emotional bond with. Though cases of this is rarely seen but it does exist and there are people who are living with it till date,” he explained


“Wow! So, it means I’m a demisexual?”





“I don’t feel right about it at all and…” she paused. “Can a demisexual get wet, like feel horny?”


“Yes, but only when sexually aroused by the person she’s sexually attached or attracted to and the attachment can only happen if a strong emotional bond is formed.”


“Wow! I can’t wait to feel the wetness drip between my thighs someday,” she smiled and placed her head on his laps while he stroked her hair. “Enough about me now. What’s up with you? Ever been in love?”


Ken swallowed hard. He felt his heart skip and beat a thousand and one times. The only person he had ever been intimate with was Richie but how on earth would he tell her he’d been having sex with a fellow guy.


“Are you okay?” she asked


“Yes,” he startled. “I’ve never been in love and I’ve never had sex.” Though the lie flowed freely from his mouth, the guilt he felt was deep.


“That’s hard to believe though but I trust you cos you trust me as well,” she said and stood up from the couch. “Let’s go to bed, I feel sleepy.”


Ken felt relieved as he stood up too. Truth be told, he was already feeling uncomfortable. To help ease his discomfort, he romantically carried her up the stairs while she giggled happily…




The next morning, after a breakfast of bread and eggs with tea, they moved to the sitting room to have a nice family time. Mom sat on a single couch, facing the television while Gina lay on the double one, with her head on Ken’s lap. She wore bum short, that fitted well on her ass that was known for causing lustful wonderment, with a tank top and no bra underneath



“You know,” Mom began. “I really had plans of slapping Gina when I first lay my eyes on her after the inspector told me she had been rescued.


“Ah!” both Gina and Ken said in unison. “Why na?”


Mom smiled as she picked her teeth with the tooth pick she held. “Because she’s stubborn of cos.”


They laughed. “But when I saw her at the hospital, I couldn’t help but faint,” she added


Gina chuckled. “My God pass you…”


Ken chirped in, “You needed to see the way she lamented at your company… Ah! I’m finished… My rice has been mixed with sand o… ah!,” he mimicked and they laugh hard


“Mom is a real drama queen. I dunno why she’s wasting her talent instead using it to make money through Nollywood,” Gina said


“Exactly my thoughts,” Ken added


Gina laughed again. “So indirectly now, mom called me rice o. I just wonder if it’s boiled or raw…”

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“You guys are crazy,” mom said and they laughed again. The laughter came often and she felt truly happy to have her family back though she kinda missed chief because Ken constantly reminded her of him


“Anyways, I’m resuming work next week,” Gina broke the news


“Why!” Mom exclaimed


“It’s so sudden and early,” Ken disagreed


Just when Gina was about replying, a knock was heard at the door. Mom went to check and Richie was ushered in



Gina sat up and welcomed him. She made to offer him something but he declined. Mom went on to thank him for the part he played in saving Gina’s life and he just smiled.


After the pleasantries, he gestured at Ken, saying he wanted to have a word with him outside. Ken didn’t want to follow him out but Gina asked him to, so he obliged.




Outside, Richie dragged him to the pool side and started making sexual advances at him but he was reluctant


“C’mon,” Richie pleaded, acting like a possessed idiot. You know she can’t replace me in your life. I love you and I’ve missed you.”


Ken tried so much to push him away but his strength failed him. He hadn’t had sex in a long while and the way Richie caressed his body got him aroused, so he gave in and they began to kiss passionately.




Ken took so long and Gina decided to go check on him. She was already missing his company and warmth.




They’d completely forgotten where they were until Gina’s voice brought them back from pleasure land


“Ken! Richie! Unbelievable!” Gina said as she felt tears stung her eyelids. Unable to behold their sight, she turned and ran back to the house…






To be continued

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