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Wild Obsession – Episode 10

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Ola coughed some more and that caused her eyes to turn red and teary. The D.P.O waited patiently for her to stop coughing.

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“It’s a knife!” She cleared her throat and said


“Knife,” Inspector Lukas raised an eyebrow


“What knife?’ the D.P.O inquired.


Ola kept mute for a while, then moved to sit on the plastic chair that stood against the wall. “Chief is in possession of a powerful and special knife and only that knife can stab him to death and unless he’s stabbed with that knife, he can never die,” she explained


“Where can we find this knife?” the inspector asked


Ola shrugged her shoulders. “That’s the difficult part because chief goes everywhere with the knife and that’s why he wears agbada always so he can hide it very well.”


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The two men exchanged glances with the look of how-on-earth-are-we-going-to-get-the-knife-from-chief?


“Alright, thanks for the information,” The D.P.O appreciated and moved closer to Ola. He smiled and winked as he brought out handcuffs from his trouser back pocket and handcuffed Ola’s hands



“What! Wait,” Ola protested. “I thought you promised not to harm me?”


“I don’t agree to silly deals with the devil,” the D.P.O smirked and pushed her towards the door while Inspector Lukas opened the door. Amidst questioning eyes from the people around, the two men bothered not as they dragged Ola to where their car was parked. In few seconds, the car could be seen speeding along the road to the police station…




At the police station, Ola was thrown into the same cell as Rose and because she wasn’t willing to go down alone, she mentioned the name of one of their accomplice and he happened to be one of the police officers. He was arrested as well, stripped of his uniform and pushed into a cell next to Ola and Rose’s


As the Inspector and D.P.O moved out of the cell area, they could hear voices of Ola and Rose arguing and they were very sure they’d fight but they cared not. Their major concern now was how to bring Chief down, then cut the powerful wings he claimed to have. As they left the station, they headed straight to the hospital Chief was…



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The doctor in charge of the hospital Chief was went to check up on him and hen chief asked after Gina, he was told she had been discharged and taken out to somewhere unknown. He was so furious with the doctor that he ordered to be discharged immediately but the doctor refused and made to leave. Immediately, an idea struck him and he quickly put it into play


“Ouch!” he winced in pain and held his arm that was shot and the innocent doctor, unaware of his devilish plan ran to his side to check what went wrong. Chief, in his evil nature quickly, despite the pains he felt as he moved his shot arm, brought out the knife from agbada and before the nurse that had come to check him with the doctor could shout danger, he drove the knife deeply and directly into the doctor’s stomach, then withdrew it immediately, causing the doctor to scream and fall face down on the hospital floor and in like fashion, threw it at the nurses’ direction,



hoping it would get to her and stab her as well but the nurse was fast as she jumped and the knife fell on the floor.


Just as she was about picking up the knife, the ward door opened and the D.P.O barged in with the inspector


“There!” inspector Lukas cried in excitement as he pointed at the knife, “That’s the knife,” he said but was scared of picking it up


The D.P.O reeled forward and picked up the knife and stared at it. It was difficult calling it a knife because one side had the shape of a dagger and the other, a saw, then the handle was that of a knife. On the handle too, a red piece of cloth was tied.


Seeing the knife in the D.P.O’s hand, Chief knew his end had come. “Please spare my life, I’ll confess,” he begged earnestly


“You’ll confess to Satan in hell,” the D.P.O said and moved towards the bed. Then, without wasting time and without any iota of fear in his eyes, he plunged the knife into Chief’s chest, then stood aside and watched as thick blood pumped out and soaked the bed he lay. As chief lay lifeless in his pool of blood, the D.P.O turned to the right side of the bed where the doctor lay and bent to touch his forehead


“He killed the doctor as well,” he said sadly and strengthened himself. “But it’s over now,” he added and gestured at the inspector to make some calls while he brought out his small camera and took pictures…




Meanwhile, in the hospital Gina was admitted, Mrs. Albert, her mother was also admitted because she slumped immediately she saw her daughter in such a critical condition. It happened that the D.P.O and inspector, on arriving the hospital hand handed her over to the doctor in charge before leaving and because of the urgency of their task, they couldn’t wait to see how she’d react to the news.


So while Gina was in coma and breathing through the help of oxygen, her mother also lay half dead in another ward as she was been treated upon. In her case, her



eyes were open but she seemed to have lost her voice or rather chose to remain silent…




The D.P.O and Inspector Lukas left no stone unturned as they worked tirelessly on Chief Dapo’s case. The area commander had been informed and a court session fixed for the next day.


Like a speed of light, the day of reckoning arrived but unfortunately, Rose was found dead by the policemen asked to go bring them out from the cell. It happened that Ola had beaten her to death because she believed none other but Rose, betrayed her.


The Oracle too was later arrested with the help of Ola’s directive and was meant to be punished as well

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Soon, Ola and the policeman who aided the crime + the two men that were responsible for Gina’s condition, who were later searched for and arrested too were led into the court room.


After minutes of deliberation and arguments, and without further delay, they were sentenced to death by hanging.


Only the doctor killed by chief was given a befitting burial. Roses’ family for her dead body while chief was buried like a dead rat…






Following the death of chief Dapo and his accomplice, the election was put on hold for a while and everyone awaited Gina’s recovery which seemed like something that was never gonna happen but they still hoped for the best. Some of her workers even visited her and wished her speedy recovery



Mrs. Albert had lost her appetite for food and crying was the only thing she could do. It was even difficult for her to pray and soon, she joined Ken to sit always sitting beside her daughter. She regretted everything that happened, from when she left Chief to when she asked her daughter to come back to Nigeria so she could help manage her father’s business but what could she have done?


She was lost in thought when Ken jumped up and shouted, “She’s awake. Gina is awake!”


Gina blinked severally and opened her eyes slowly while Ken ran out to get the doctor. One look at her daughters face, the mom’s joy knew no bounds. Finally, she was gonna have her family back in good health.


When the doctor came in, everyone moved aside so he could examine Gina, then remove the oxygen tube from the base of her nostrils. “I’m glad the medications administered to her worked,” the doctor said as he turned to face the overly excited faces that waited in anticipation. “But, we’ll not take off the intravenous just yet till we’re sure she’s strong enough and please, for the next three hours, no food should get into her system. If there are no complications, she should be able to eat normal in the next three hours and probably discharged,” he concluded and patted Ken of the shoulder. Then turning to Gina, he smiled and said, “Welcome back,” before walking out of the ward.


“I’m so sorry, baby. Please forgive me,” Mrs. Albert apologized as she bent and hugged Gina from side, then kissed her forehead while Gina smiled weakly and shook her head slowly in a way of telling her to stop crying.


Facing Ken, she blinked while he stared at her passionately. “I’ve missed you so much. Thanks for not leaving me,” he said and kissed the back of her palm while she smiled again and turned her head to the left…






To be continued


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