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Wild Obsession – Episode 1

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Written by Noble Queen Josh’Ny
The alarm sweetly romanced her ear drums with a cool tune but she still turned and covers her ear with the pillows that supported her head “Another Dawn of strange feelings,” she sighed and removed a hand to switch off the alarm which unfortunately fall off the bedside table causing her to sit up. While in the states, she never had issues with her alarm but it seems alarm clocks in Nigeria dislike her or Nigerians generally dislike alarm clocks. She stared at the alarm like it’s the cause of her strange feeling, getting out of bed, the alarm was in for an abusive show down. Picking up her slippers, she hits it so hard. “This is the third time you’re falling and you think I’m gonna replace you, no! No! No!, Not anymore. No!!!” she half screams
A knock at the door quiets her, immediately. For a moment, she’d completely forgotten where she was. “ Gina, are you alright?” her mom’s voice sounded hoarse from outside. She ignored at first, glares at the alarm clock then stared at the door like an expectant mother lying on a delivery bed
“Gina?” another knock.
“Mom! I’m fine, please.”
“Alright baby. Hurry so you won’t be late.”
She heard her mom walk away from the door. Her weird footsteps could be detected anywhere with the way it hits the tiled floor like the boot of a soldier hitting the ground with brute force. Gina hits the alarm clock again, wondering if her mom was a soldier in her previous life. Making sure the alarm had received enough beatings, she stood and kicked it under the bed, then pulled off her nightie. With her standing breast and look-wella well packaged ass that is known for causing lustful wonderment, she removed a small mirror from the storage cart and dramatically walked to the bathroom. Inside the bath tub, she spread her legs so wide like a woman in labor whose baby head is at the verge of tearing out. Examining her genitals was what she did every other morning and today wasn’t an exception. She touched her clitoris like she had seen a girl do in an erotic movie she saw the previous night but felt nothing, thinking she saw something reddish, she bent to have a full view but a crack on her neck made her throw the mirror out in frustration. The Monday morning weather wasn’t friendly and the water too, no joy. She smiled widely as she remembered the hot water tap and reached for it. Though it responded but just turned limply without result. “Mom, shit!” she suddenly screamed, remembering the tap had issues that was yet to be fixed. Deciding to manage the cold water, she stood straight and turned it on, first washing her legs before her body to ease off cold just like a teenager would on crazy harmattan days…
Applying lotion on her soft skin is what she always do with so much passion and
intensity. She takes more time dressing up than bathing. Glancing at the mirror
minutes later, she was very much satisfied with her look – a tight, fitting handless
red gown with black half jacket to go with and a huge black feathery hand bag to
match with shiny black stiletto. She loves heels because they make her look taller
than her age and wearing them gives her the vibes and confidence of a high class
woman. She finalized her makeup, picked up her bag and walked majestically out
of the room.
Mom was at the dinning table, pouring tea from the mug into the teacups. “Good morning, mom,” Gina greeted cheerfully as she dropped her bag on the table, pulled out a sit and sat gracefully.
Mom stared, “Isn’t this dress too short and tight?”
“The tea is warm and milky,” Gina smiled and took a sip.
Mom knew her stunts and this time, she wasn’t buying any. “This dress needs to be changed, Gina. You’re not a slut.”
“Urhm, how many cubes of sugar did you use?” Gina asked further, forming American accent, an accent she loved using to taunt her mom.
Mom was obviously getting upset now but just trying to put herself in check lest hell broke loose.
Gina stood and arranged herself. “Relax now, will you? Anyways…,” She bent to take another sip, then picked up her bag. Kissing the poor woman’s forehead, she whispered, “This typical Nigerian mom attitude isn’t good for your health. Worry less and eat more,” and with that, walked towards the exit, shaking off her buddy in a twerking fashion.
Mom put her hand into her bra and brought out her left breast, then heldit like she wants to breastfeed. “You sucked this breast to have sense and because I didn’t borrow the milk, you will not kill me because I did not kill my mother,” She concluded, put the breast back inside and sat, using her elbow to support her jaw.
Gina smiled yet again and stopped by the door, her right hand on the handle, “You should be a Nollywood star, ma’am and besides no sane person would kill nor harm the source of his/her joy. Lock the door, momma and don’t forget to take your medication. Byee, I love you!” Stepping on the pavement, she half closed the door and then as an afterthought, she pushed it slowly and poked her head inside, “I’m just smiling but deep down, your daughter isn’t a happy woman.” Despite her frown, a grin still found way to over power the mom’s face. Gina angrily slammed the door and walked towards the garage. She knew alright that no one would believe her, not even her mom and that doubled her determination of getting help anywhere, no matter what it takes.
Getting to the garage, it dawned on her that she’d forgotten her car key on the
dining table. Dreading going back in to behold her mom’s frown, she opted to use
a taxi. Since their house was very close to the main road, she was comfortably
sitting beside the driver in a taxi, few minutes later. Mom had no idea she wasn’t
heading to the office, rather, to a stripper friend’s house who had offered to help
her feel like a woman. Gina sincerely hoped and prayed that something positive
comes out of the visit.
She barely knocked when Rose ushered her in. “Waoh, babe! You look slut… sorry, sexy and beautiful!”
Gina pretended not to detect the sarcasm in her tone as she walked to the couch and sat comfortably.
Rose chuckled as she joined her on the couch. “What happened to your car?” “Mom’s rant made me forget my key and I couldn’t go back to get it.” “Oh! I see,” Rose became silent for a moment, then stood “Come!”
Gina obeyed as she led the way to the room.
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Inside the room, Gina was instructed to pull off her pant and dress, then lie on the bed which she obeyed without questions. Rose then set to work by kissing her and smooching her. She let her fingers trail all over her soft skin, making sure to be gentle as possible. Soon, the kissing stops and she began to caress her boobs, licking her and leaving trails of saliva on her smooth skin. Getting intense as expected, she stopped licking and started sucking her nipples. While on the nipples, she ran her fingers down to her clit and caressed it slowly and seductively. Five minutes into the act, much to her surprise, she was the one getting turned on while Gina lay motionless and worst of it, no single drop of liquid like stuff could be seen on her genital.
“Dah! Babe! You’re as dry as raw eba. Even eba contains small water but you, dry land, dry bones…” Rose said annoyingly and bit her left nipple hard in frustration. She found it difficult to believe her eyes as she stepped down from the bed, arms akimbo.
Gina sat up, looking confused and dejected, “I still feel nothing. Seems like you never did anything on my body,” She calmly said
Rose stared at her for a second, then walked out and came back with a full cup of water which she emptied on her friend’s genital, not minding if her bed will get wet.
“What did you do that for?” a surprised Gina asked, looking from the soaked bed to an angry Rose who threw the cup down.
Rose hissed loudly and walk towards the door. “All hail the queen of wilderness,” she said sarcastically, eyed Gina before stepping out and slamming the door behind her
Gina looked downcast as she pulled the duvet to cover her would be failed self. Her eyelids blinked and she felt the tears coming. “Maybe I’m not human but you need to help me, please. You can’t leave me like this.”
“No man would ever marry a lady that can’t be sexually aroused by anybody or anything,” Rose soliloquized as she walked towards the sitting room behind the closed door. “Bitch, I should use you to make some cool cash lest you commit suicide, someday and die uselessly..” With smiles, she remembered a deal with a colleague and one big politician. In a speed of light, she entered the sitting room, picked up her phone and dialed a number.
“Hello, babe. I have the real package right here with me and guess what? She’s awesomely thick and have never known a man since birth…”

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