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Three Empty Words – Episode 3

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There was a point in my life when I used to love my little sister, she was fragile and needed a big sister to always take care of her. But that was over years ago, whilst growing up I noticed just how mum put in her all to make sure that Xenia had everything she needed. I was forced to grow up faster than my age because when mum was supposed to be bathing me, or making my breakfast; she was in hospital nursing Xenia or travelling in hopes that someone had donated a heart. But we all know that heart donors are almost zero to impossible unless you begin to pray that someone dies so that you can have that heart; but that is quite selfish, so anyway at one point mum even forgot how to take care of herself all because the weakling Xenia needed her most times.


People told me I was supposed to love her regardless, but trust me it was hard. I found it difficult to love someone who was the reason for my mother not loving me so much. Xenia didn’t have to work for anything in her life, whilst I had to go to school and get bullied; she was home schooled.



I had my heart broken by boys I thought loved me when in actual sense were just after my body, which I gave away and there she was, heart never broken and still a virgin. I hated that she didn’t have to try to look good, even though she didn’t see it, she was a beauty. She had this thing about her that drew the coldest heart to her and she didn’t even know this. So when I figured this all out, I decided to create an avatar of myself. I decided to work extra hard not only in school but in getting a skill too so that I would have people proud of me. I made sure to always stay clean and wear the most sophisticated clothes. Being a yellow bone was an advantage in many ways but I needed to work on almost everything so that I could be perfect, and I must say I did.


I felt my heart shutter when I discovered that Xenia had managed to talk to dad, I had never thought of this but after a while of mopping around I decided to use it to my advantage. She was a sickling after all and mum wouldn’t allow her to get out of her sight. So I used the opportunity before he came to study him, I used it to learn his ways. What he liked and what he didn’t, the language he spoke and the figurative he used. I made sure to know what he eats, the sports he attends and I must say I was supper proud of myself because all I wanted was to be the perfect daughter who would be loved by her father.


I couldn’t believe my eyes when we drove into his apartment in Salama Park, it was more than I had anticipated. The house was a two storey building, it was painted grey and the architecture that had made the plan must have been heaven sent. The front part had a lawn which was very green and the rest of the place had pavers.

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‘Welcome home.’ He said when he parked in his space in the garage I smiled


Someone that I assumed was the help came and got my bags out of the vehicle.


‘Good morning Martin.’ He said


‘Good morning Sir.’ He resonded


‘I presume this is one of your daughters?” he asked now looking in my direction ‘Yes, her name is Xenosah. But call her Xeno.’ ‘Welcome Xeno.’ He said


I already despised him, firstly for saying one of his daughters. I didn’t want to be referred to one of but his daughter. Secondly because I didn’t want him to call me by my first name.


‘Thank you Martin.’ I said faking a smile


‘You are just in time for breakfast because Madam Zaria is here with Ms. Vanessa and her son.’

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‘Oh.’ Dad responded


We walked into the house with his hand on my shoulder, it felt good when he did that.


‘Sorry who is Ms. Vanessa?’ I asked not wanting to be left in the dark


‘She is Zaria’s best friend and her son Nthando is the person behind this house.’


He said with a smile


I smiled back.


The place inside was just five times better than the outside and I just wanted to leap with joy, it was decorated expensively. Not too extravagantly but anyone with taste could tell the elegance.


‘Baby.’ A white sophisticated lady I guessed was Zaria came to kiss him on the lips lightly


‘Hey honey.’ He responded letting go of my shoulder She turned in my direction


‘And you must be Xenosah.’


‘Yes I am.’ I responded


She took me into an embrace


‘I am glad you are here, Lord I have been yearning to do girly things with my daughter and God has just answered my prayers.’ She said grabbing me by the arm I looked back at dad but he shrugged his shoulders


‘Come I need you to meet some people.’ She said still pulling me


We entered the living room and found an older lady seated and a younger son who I instantly liked


‘This is Vanessa my best friend and her son Nthando.’ Zaria announced ‘She is beautiful.’ Vanessa said with a smile Nthando didn’t even bother to look at me


‘Nthando don’t be rude, where are your manners?’ his mother asked spanking his head lightly


‘Mother!’ he screamed with shock causing dad and Zaria to laugh


‘See why I always tell you to go out with him more often, now he doesn’t even know how to treat a lady.’ His mother complained looking in dad’s direction ‘I am sorry.’ He responded


He got on his feet and took my hand then kissed ‘How are you?’ he asked with a huge smile I felt my insides turn


‘I am good thank you.’ He responded


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‘Please show her around the house.’ Zaria suggested


It was like they were trying to pair us or something and I didn’t mind despite his African name; he was a yellow bone too and good looking.


I walked behind him as we got up the stairs, the second floor looked bigger and more spacious.


‘You can check out the rooms.’ He said back to his phone ‘Excuse me?’ I asked


‘You really thought I would show you around?’ he asked before chuckling

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