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Three Empty Words – Episode 26

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I sat there fidgeting with my fingers, this was worse than I had ever imagined it would get. I mean yes I had once liked Nthando but that was all gone and I appreciated and liked very much the friendship I had with my sister. If anything I



thought she was a very nice person who had just not received so much love and now thinking about it; she had all the rights to get angry.


‘I asked you a question.’ Kangwa said


I took a deep breath

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‘At some point I did like Nthando, at some point I wanted the thrill and fun. Not because he was going out with Xeno but because I just wanted more.’ I said but even as I said it, it wasn’t making sense to me.


‘And where were you putting Kelvin in all this?’ he asked


I swallowed hard, I had been selfish and now more than ever I was realizing it. ‘I.’ I said stammering


‘Yeah, where were you putting me in all this?’ I heard Kelvin ask behind me


I turned to face him and for a moment I couldn’t recognize the man standing before


me, he looked angry. He looked upset, he looked hurt. He was just so many things


and I couldn’t put a finger to it.


‘Babe.’ I began now on my feet

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I went close to where he was and put my hands on his chest but he had his in his pockets and the way he looked at me, it was like I was a totally different person. ‘I will leave the two of you alone.’ Kangwa said


There was silence between us, I decided to go back to the couch since Kelvin was being cold towards me.


‘I can explain myself.’


‘Of course I am waiting for an explanation.’


‘Remember when I told you that I was going to Livingstone on a tour with my friends?’


He just looked at me without a word.


‘I was going to go with Nthando.’


He kept quiet again


‘Kelvin please say something.’ I begged when the silence was killing me He sighed, then scratched his head.


‘What do you want me to say Xenia? That I am happy to hear all this? I mean you


know that I am not.’


‘Babe but I didn’t go.’


‘That is not even the point, the fact that you even considered it is what makes this whole thing wrong.’


I kept quiet and allowed my tears to fall, I had never thought this day would come. ‘I will make it right, I will make it up to you. I promise it will never happen again.’ I begged but he was shaking his head


‘What babe?’ I asked


‘You can’t make it right Xenia, look at you. You are a very beautiful girl who has just found her wings and I am afraid I can’t tame you. Or cage you.’ ‘Babe.’


He moved closer to where I was and held both of my hands.


‘Xenia I love you, a whole lot but I am a simple guy. This is me, I can’t promise more. If I tell you that I will start going to the gym so that I look a certain way, I would be lying. I am not even going to get lighter than I am. I won’t start to go out or drive show room cars just so I can compete with all these men after you.’ ‘Babe.’ I said not believing a word he was saying


‘Xenia you want to be free, find yourself then maybe; just maybe. You will find the man that will take you to your highs and lows.’


‘Kelvin?’ I asked in disbelief


‘I don’t want to make this harder than it already is Xenia.’


‘I will not seat here and allow you to insult me.’ I said anger building up ‘By that you mean?’


‘Everything you just said, you indirectly called me a gold digger for lack of a better term.’


‘Did I?’ he asked with a raised eye brow


‘I will not seat here and watch you degrade me! If a break up is what you want fine, but never should you ever insult me again.’ I yelled


He was quiet, as if calculating his next words carefully.


‘I would never insult you, I would never call you names. But what do you call someone who is willing to go out with a man that is engaged? And not only that but that very man got your sister knocked up and asked her to abort?’


I didn’t know where I got the guts but I slapped him hard across the face. ‘I never want to see you ever again, this is the last of us.’ I yelled


I watched him walk out of the house, his words still playing in my mind. ‘When did you become me?’ Xeno asked when I had just settled into the couch Her eyes were sore.


I didn’t respond.


‘You have, well had a man that loved you and you just allowed that to go to waste for what?’


‘I don’t want to be with a man that disrespects me.’ I said


She walked to the bar and got a bottle of scotch, poured its contents into two gla*sses and stretched her hand to hand me one but I shook my head since I never took alcohol.



‘You will need it for what I am about to say.’ I got it from her.


‘Do you know why I have never had a stable relationship? I mean why I jump from one man to the other?’


I shook my head


‘Xenia you need to show a man that he can respect you; how you carry yourself mostly will set precedence for how he treats you, what you accept from the beginning too.’


I turned to face her


‘You had to show Kelvin that he could respect you, that even though you want to find yourself you are still the same woman he fell in love with.’


I took a sip from the gla*ss as her words burnt my insides, the scotch not doing any justice too.


‘You wanting a thing with Nthando just says a lot of wrong things about you.’ She said


I took another sip


‘I guess I have lost a good man.’ I said with bent lips


‘I don’t know about that but first we need to put Nthando in his place. I don’t want to know why you did what you did but honestly I like what we have and I am tired of living like I am alone in the world; I don’t want to lose us over a man.’


I embraced her real tight.


‘Let us put him in his place sister.’ I said


(Let People Know) More Interesting Stories @ (TOPSTER STORIES) ‘None of you is doing any of that.’ Kangwa said ‘Oh shit.’ I said under my breath


‘And you are never to take alcohol whilst we are here.’ He added holding mum’s hand


‘And no profanity in the house.’ Mum added


I and Xeno looked at each other, they looked together and were just a beautiful sight.


‘Yes mum and dad.’ We said at the same time with smiles

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