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Three Empty Words – Episode 25

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At thirty six she had no idea that she would meet a man that would change everything she ever knew, that at her age there was someone capable of loving her and wanting to spend the rest of his life with her. Let’s face it, at that age it is quite impossible to meet either a single mature man or one that isn’t divorced or just someone that doesn’t come with a lot of baggage with them.


But here she was, looking into the eyes of a dark skin good looking man. One that was still waiting for his perfect one; her. One that was truthful and had shown a sense of responsibility towards her and the kids.


Thrilled? Nah, she was ecstatic. And scared and just everything came rushing at once, she wanted to say yes to not only the ring but the man too. She wanted to jump on him and tell him that she would be spending the rest of her days with him, but also she wanted to say no. because she was scared, she wasn’t sure if at their age it was possible to start a life together. She was scared because she wasn’t sure if he wanted kids or not, if he would love the girls like his own or that he would totally become uncomfortable with them hence it bringing havoc in their marriage. She didn’t realize the tears that were streaming down her cheeks, this was just too good to be true.

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‘I am not perfect Francie.’ He said as if reading her mind


This time she allowed the sea of tears to just pour out of her eyes


‘Yes I am not perfect, I don’t come with billions or wealth that will last us a life time but I promise to always work hard so that we don’t have to go a day without a meal. I don’t come with all the good morals in the world, I am yet to learn so much not only from you but the girls too. And yes some days I will not always get along with them but trust me before anything else I want to be a great part of their life; not to win favors from you but because they need a father figure in their life. I am not the perfect man but I promise to take a step at a time until they can proudly recognize me in their life.’


‘Say no more.’ She said also on her feet


‘Does this mean?’


‘Yes Kangwa I will marry you.


‘Oh my word Francie.’


‘Yes I will marry you, I am not perfect too, I don’t have it all figured out. If anything the girls got their madness from me, but I don’t want to die insane alone.’ They both laughed through their tears

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‘I want to wake up next to you every morning, and crazy enough yes I want to be a mother to your children Kangwa.’ She said pulling him close and embracing him he held her close and kissed her hair.



‘I love you Francie and I swear I will love only you and the girls.’ ‘I love you Kangwa.’ She said


They were lost in each other’s arms that they didn’t realize they had company. ‘So.’ Xeno was the first to speak


They both got on the feet, Francie’s face was still stained with tears. So was Kangwa’s


She held out her hand showing off her ring.


‘Oh my word.’ Xenia said moving close


Xeno moved close as well and both girls stood there admiring the ring.


Kangwa moved forward and removed a three matching bracelets.


‘I am a hopeless romantic.’ He began


The girls looked at each other then at their mother.


‘I know your mother has already accepted my proposal but it won’t carry much weight if I don’t ask the both of you.’ He began then got on his knees again


‘I met your mother in the most unfortunate situations but I am just glad that we did and now that I want to spend forever with her, I want to ask that you accept me into her life; your life as well. Remember I am coming in as your father hence you have to treat me as such and I will work towards earning your respect and trust thereby reciprocating it.’


‘You are so romantic.’ Xeno said holding out her hand This made him laugh


‘Yes we accept you, we have never seen mum this happy. Meeting you has just shown us a side of her that we didn’t know existed, we were given to her at a time when she was supposed to be enjoying her youth and now that life has accorded her a second chance; we say yes.’ Xenia said


He helped them put on the bracelets and embraced them.


‘Thank you.’ He said


They all went to the living room to chat as they drunk hot tea and snacked on freshly made hot popcorns. They talked the whole night that by the time the sun was coming out they were tired.


‘I need to sleep.’ Xenia said yawning


‘So do I.’ Xeno responded getting up


She went to where her phone was charging and unplugged it when a message notification flushed


She unlocked it and almost dropped it when she read the text ‘Is this true?’ she asked looking at Xenia ‘What?’


‘Are you having an affair with Nthando?’


‘Excuse me?’


‘Xenia are you having an affair with Nthando?’ ‘Of course I am not.’ She responded


‘Did you want to go to Livingstone with him?’ Xenia kept quiet


‘Oh Lord.’ Xeno said allowing the tears to fall


‘And you knew about my abortion and yet you still wanted to go ahead and date him.’


‘I wasn’t going to date him.’ She defended


‘You were pregnant?’ Francie asked also on her feet ‘That doesn’t matter.’


‘Oh hell yah it does.’


‘I got rid of it.’




Xeno walked out of her mother and went to her room


‘And you knew about it but kept quiet?’ she furiously asked looking at Xenia ‘Babe not now.’ Kangwa said holding her


She whisked herself from his grip and walked to her room making sure to bang the door


‘It wasn’t in my place to say anything.’ She said looking at Kangwa ‘I know it wasn’t.’ he said embracing her


After a while he led her to the couch.


‘What is going on between you and Nthando?’ he asked

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